In which country is Google headquartered?

In which country is Google headquartered? Google is one of the largest companies that is present in all parts of the world. It provides many different services to all citizens around the world on the Internet. In recent years, the group of offices associated with (Google) has spread throughout the world with Its global influence has grown, as the headquarters of the company (Google), according to statistics from January 2022, has reached 69 offices in the United States and Canada alone, including this headquarters known as (Googleplex), with the presence of eight in Latin America, as well as 40 in Europe, and many others, and through it we will find out in which country the headquarters of Google is located.

What is google company

Google is an American company known as (search engine) and although the company started its name as a search engine and as a result most ads come from it, it has worked to expand into a number of different areas such as computers, cloud, software and hardware, with a recent transition to mobile phone market from During the production of its first phone called (Pixel).

In which country is Google headquartered?

The headquarters of Google is located in Mountain View, California, USA, and it is also known as the headquarters with the largest number of employees (Google) in the whole world, as these employees are called by this name, and the workspace is characterized by a series of cafes that offer free food for three meals a day, two swimming pools, two beach volleyball courts, a bowling alley, bicycles to ride from building to building, plus cooking and group fitness classes.

Who is the founder of Google

Google was founded by two senior executives, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two of whom co-founded Google about 20 years ago while they were graduate students in computer science at[Sveučilištu Stanford]and from what I’ve heard, in the last half decade, they restructured the company to create Google Alphabet, and then put Sundar Pichai in charge of the newly streamlined Google.

Google offices worldwide

Many employees who work in routine office environments dream of moving into office spaces filled with vibrant colors, plus sitting areas and kitchens for delicious meals, while for some people those dreams come true because Google offices have the resources to provide some of the best environments for employees doing the best I can, here are some Google office locations around the world

Dublin Ireland

It was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Dublin and includes about 4 buildings, the tallest of which is known as (Google Docks) and consists of 14 floors, with a lobby that contains huge letters representing the company’s name, which later became a beautiful reception venue. and accommodation.

Tokyo Japan

This headquarters was also established in 2013, besides the headquarters in Tokyo stands out with beautiful drawings on the walls as well as fabrics that hang on the walls in an amazing way and are simple patterns, it fills free creative ideas and is therefore suitable for all Googlers.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The headquarters was established in Kuala Lumpur in 2014 as a result of its design that reflects the local Malaysian culture, this office in Malaysia is still undiscovered as it stands out for its spacious rooms that incorporate elements of Mother Nature in the interior office environment.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Founded in 2014, each floor of this headquarters is centered around a (cave), which forms different departments, with the fact that all employees enjoy a full view of the beautiful city, mixing elements of Dutch culture with the office environment such as ceiling panels (Stroopwafel) as well as gingerbread wall coverings.

Google’s founding date

The founding of Google dates back to 1995, when Larry Page was in graduate school at Stanford University, and then a student (Sergey Brin) was assigned to work with him and while they lived together in a room, he created a search engine known as Google, at first it was called (Backrub), but the name later changed to (Google) in 1998, when (Andy Bechtolsheim) wrote a $100,000 check to start (Google, Inc) while hanging out in a garage in Menlo Park, California, Google became appeared for the first time in August 1998, and after that they started drawing the logo in a big step because one of the characters inside the logo was the one who explained the message to the visitors.

The reason for naming Google

Larry and Sean were in their office working on coming up with a suitable name for Google using the whiteboard as it was related to indexing a huge amount of data, then Sean verbally suggested the word “googolplex” but Larry responded with a shortened form, which is ” googol”, and the two words mean large, specific numbers, and at that moment Sean was sitting at his computer, so he worked out the search data in the database, to record the name of the search engine, so that you can see whether it is the name that he suggested or not, And within a few hours after that, Take the step to register the name ( for him and Sergey.

Google services

Google services were initially just a search engine, but with the current technological development they have become one of the most important companies that deal with the provision of electronic services, and among these services are the following

  • Gmail is an email service.
  • Android is an operating system.
  • Google Play The Google Play store is a service through which you can purchase various electronic products such as movies, books, games, applications, etc.
  • Google Translate is one of the most popular online simultaneous translation tools, as people use it to translate a single word or small piece of text into dozens of languages ​​around the world.
  • Google Maps, which is known as one of the most important technical services that Google strives to provide to users because it works to display detailed maps of all places in the world via satellite.
  • Google Drive is one of the necessary services that are indispensable in private daily use, because Google Drive, in addition to sharing stored files, allows storing and synchronizing files, and the owner of the file can control the segment needed for sharing, the file has .
  • Google Hangouts is one of the most popular Google services that allows users to chat instantly, as well as communicate by voice or video.

Facts about Google

Google is an American company specializing in advertising, in addition to Internet search, and in many other areas. It is also considered the world’s largest company in this field, and its website is in addition to a number of the most visited in the world facts that can be identified below

  • When a Google employee dies, his wife receives half his salary for a decade.
  • The company processes more than 1 billion search queries every day, using more than 1 million devices.
  • During 2006 AD, the word Google was added to the English dictionary, as it became a synonym for searching for any information via the Internet.
  • Every year, Google pays a browser (Mozilla) millions of dollars to make its website the browser’s default search engine.
  • Every day, Google Translate translates more than 143 billion words.

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