Jock | The Terrible Company Ltd.. is one of the most important dubbed cartoons

Watching the movie, The Company of Horrors, Ltd., dubbed, is one of the most important movies Cartoon which accompanied our childhood for a long time.

The film is in the original English version pixar Pixar, which has produced many international animated films that are firmly in our hearts.

Usually, in every Egyptian and Arab home, you will find a child attached to one of the characters from Frightening Company Ltd., either because of the character himself and his actions, or because of the actor who played the role of that character.

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Film The Horror Company Ltd. was released in its first English dubbing in 2001, and the events of one of the most famous animated films of the last two decades take place in a comic frame, and includes numerous characters that have become famous among us, children and adults, such as the characters from Company of Horrors Ltd., such as Shalaby Slovan, Mard and Shoshni and other famous characters.

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Circumstances of the production of the animated film, The Terrible Company Ltd

Betty Docter went on to develop many animated films, including Poe, Monsters, Inc. 1996, and Andrew Stanton wrote the screenplay with screenwriter Edin Gerson. The characters went through many stages during the film’s production process, which lasted several years, while the animators found a new way to depict the fur. The canvas is realistic and of the highest quality in the film.

Monsters Inc. Full HD was a box office success, meanwhile receiving critical acclaim since its release in November 2001 grossing over $577 million worldwide becoming the third highest grossing film of 2001.

It won an Academy Award for Best Original Song for the song (If I Didn’t Have You) and was also nominated for Best Animated Feature, but the film ended up not winning it, and was also nominated for Best Original Score and Best Sound Editing .

Monsters Inc. Ltd. it was re-released dubbed in 3D in theaters in December 2012, and in June 2013, a film titled Monsters University directed by Dan Scanlon premiered and a web series titled (Monsters in Action) will be released on Disney) in early 2021 .

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Watch Monsters Inc. Ltd

Director Betty Docter, Monsters, Inc. in his directorial debut, the film focuses on two monsters, James B. Sullivan (Sulli) or Shelby Sullivan, a one-eyed one-eyed and his best friend Mike Wazowski or (Mard and Shoshney), work for the Scary Energy Company Limited, energy is created by scaring people children, and the monsters begin to believe that the children are poisonous and despite that when they infiltrate, Baby Bo is back at the factory, Sully and Mike try to get her home.

This character managed to stick in people’s minds to the extent that some call the movie “The Scarab Company Limited” dubbed in Arabic.

The film received a rating of 8.1 on the IMDb platform, which deals with movie ratings by both audiences and critics.

Events from the movie, Monsters Inc., Ltd

The movie, Monsters Inc., Ltd., is about a city of scary monsters. Monsters Inc., Inc. is a power generation company for a city that uses screams. children People are a source of energy, so they try to scare them in various ways, and one of the employees, Andel, in agreement with the company manager, Abu Spider, tries to save energy.

At that time Horrors Company Ltd. she suffered from a lack of energy because children were not afraid of scary things or monsters. This employee invents a device whose task is to forcefully steal the screams of children. Shalabi opens the door after hours of work, and through that door the child enters the city of scarecrows (Bo). .

And here begins the events of The Company of Terribles Limited, where Shalaby Slovan, Mard and Shoshni seek to return Bo to her home and protect her from Andel, who wants to capture the child and test the device on her, and during this pursuit they discover that the director company, Abu Spider, involved in it, and after a series of events in the movie, Abi Spider is captured, Andel is banished to the human world, and the terrifying discover a new source of intimidation energy instead, which is laughable, and Shelby Slovan takes over the management of the company that re returns to the rise.

Movie The Scary Company Ltd. is one of the most famous films in which the Egyptian star did the audio dubbing of one of his characters, and Heneidy did his jumps in the series The Scary Company Ltd. often used to flirt with fans on social networks. to the media.

English version characters

  1. Shelby Slovan: John Goodman
  2. Mared and Shoshni: Billy Crystal
  3. Boo – Mary Gibbs
  4. Andalbox: Steve Buscemi
  5. Professor Spider: James Coburn
  6. Sally: Jennifer Tilly
  7. Rose: Bob Peterson
  8. Exile: John Ratzenberger
  9. Jaber Role Director: Steve Susskind
  10. Skaters: Dan Gerson
  11. Miss Felt: Bonnie Hunt
  12. My thanks to: Samuel Lor

Characters of the Egyptian version

  1. Shalabi Slovan: Sami Maghawry.
  2. Mared and Shoshni: Muhammad Huneidy.
  3. Bo: Yara Lutfi.
  4. Andel Books: Nasser Shaheen.
  5. Mr. Abu Ankabut: Morsi Al-Khattab.
  6. Sally: Hanan Turk.
  7. Rose: Soraya Ibrahim.
  8. Exiled: Majid Al-Kadwani.
  9. Opening the door (Fathi): Sherif Abdel Rahman.
  10. Jaber Manager role: Sayed Al-Roumi.
  11. Skaters: Ahmed Kamal.
  12. Miss Felt: Marwa Abdel Ghaffar.
  13. My thanks to: Dia Abdel-Khalek.

Quotes from the movie, “Monsters Company Limited”, dubbed

– Shhhhhhhhh.

– Do you hear this wind? These are the winds of change

Hear, hear the winds of shame

you thought of me I’m your friend, your best friend, I don’t even care about you?

It’s a terrible morning, it’s six o’clock, and the residents outside the city of terror have to keep up with the time difference.

The temperature in the shade is twenty five, which is good for reptiles, and the bed can be a great atmosphere for lazing around.

Or should I tell you the best? I’m doing exercises for the scared, aren’t I, Shalabi.

The whole world here says I’m afraid like a ghost.

We fight against caries. We fight against caries.

We hope you enjoyed the screening of The Scarecrow Company Limited, dubbed in Egyptian HD resolution, and the comedy The Scarecrow Company, voiced by Mohamed Heneidy.

Secrets of Monsters Inc

Monsters Inc. is a fictional town based on the voices of children frightened by its terrifying inhabitants.

The company’s fears are faced with the diminishing innocence of the children, and the task of kidnapping them is no longer an easy task.

Chalabi Slovan’s character during the writing of the film was a secondary character, and had nothing to do with scaring children, while Mard and Shoshni were assistants to Andal and enemies of Chalabi Slovan, contrary to what was shown.

The first basic idea of ​​the film was about a person who scares children, but loses confidence in himself and his ability to do so, and a young girl restores his confidence in him and learns to scare him again.

We hope you enjoyed watching The Scarecrow Company Limited dubbed in Egyptian HD and the comedy Boo, The Scarecrow Company on the website (Akher Metro).

The Terrible Company Limited Egyptian Dubbed HD Movie The Terrible Company Comedy.

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