List of the most important French associations that provide support to women victims of violence

Violence can take many forms, from beatings to psychological abuse or sexual harassment, and it is not always easy for women who are exposed to such violence to protect themselves or know their rights and choices, especially in countries of asylum, where there are many administrative procedures and laws in France that different from the countries they live in. The women come from there, with the barrier of the French language. The Immigrant News team has prepared a list of some of the associations that provide assistance to women in France.

When you are exposed to violence of any kind, whether physical or psychological, it is not always easy to seek help or even to find out who provides that support in France. Women are often victims of violence by their husbands or family members and are unable to act or protect themselves, especially in countries of asylum where legal procedures differ and language can be a barrier to seeking help.

If you are married and a victim of domestic or spousal violence after arriving in France, you have the right to separate from your partner while retaining your residence permit.. And that regardless of whether the husband is French or foreign and regardless of whether you entered France on the basis of family reunification.

French law stipulates that if the husband is French:

“In the event of an interruption of joint life due to family or marital violence to which the foreign spouse was exposed after arriving in France, and before the first issuance of a temporary residence permit, the residence permit provided for in Article L. 423 -1 is issued to the foreign spouse if the other conditions are met conditions from this article.”

If the husband is a foreigner in a regular situation and you are entering under family reunification:

“When a foreigner is exposed to domestic or marital violence and a break in their life together, the administrative body cannot revoke the residence permit from a foreigner who has been granted residence on the basis of family reunification and renewal. In the case of violence committed after the arrival of the spouse in France, but before the first issuance of the temporary residence permit, the spouse is issued a temporary residence permit under the name ‘private and family life’ for a period of one year.

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The Immigrant News team has prepared a list of associations and non-governmental organizations that support women in France.

  • La Cimade Association:

Telephone service on Wednesdays: /

You can make an appointment and go there or you can ask for advice over the phone.

If there is no answer, you can leave a message on the answering machine with your name and phone number, and a member of the association will contact you.

  • Femmes de la Terre:

Telephone service is available on Mondays from 13:00 to 17:00. It is possible to request information or make an appointment.

Contact information:


2 rue de la Solidarité, 75019 Paris

Metro: Danube or Ourcq metro

  • Debut of Femmes migrantes:

Contact information: /

Address: Maison des femmes de Paris, 163 rue de Charenton 75012 Paris

Metro: Reuilly-Diderot-Rer Gare de Lyon

The association welcomes women on Thursdays from 18:30 to 20:00.


5 rue de la Révolution, 93100 Montreuil

In the building Comme vous Emoi (Metro Robespierre or Croix de Chavaux).


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Other associations that support women:

National freephone / information on violence against women: 3919

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it provides information and referrals to relevant centres.

It is the national reference number for women victims of violence (domestic, sexual, psychological, forced marriage, sexual mutilation, harassment…). This number also guarantees the anonymity of the caller, but it is not An emergency number such as 17for example, which allows you to call the police in case of immediate danger.

Family planning:

Planned Parenthood centers are located throughout France. You can go directly to the reception center or contact them by phone.

In Paris: every day from 10 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. (and on Mondays until 6:30 p.m.), except Tuesday afternoon.

To find centers in other French cities: call 0800 0 11 11 or visit the website:

Center Hubertine Auclert:

The center offers various lists of centers in several French cities and information on contacting agencies that provide assistance to women victims of violence.

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