“National” approves two draft federal sports laws

Abu Dhabi: “The Gulf”

The Federal National Council, during its second session held on Wednesday, in the Zayed Hall of the Council’s headquarters in Abu Dhabi, headed by Saqr Ghobash, the Chairman of the Council, and in the presence of Dr. General Directorate of Sports, drafted two federal draft laws that regulate the General Administration for sports, and in connection with sports.

Martyrs’ Day

At the beginning of the session, on the occasion of Martyrs’ Day, Saqr Ghobash said: The honorable martyrs of the homeland embodied the noblest meanings of courage in the face of death, as sacrifices for this country and its citizens. .

He added: We all stand on this day to draw inspiration from this memory of loyalty in the best form, loyalty to the homeland that gave its citizens the best, loyalty to the people who do everything they can to maintain their country at the highest level. building in the best possible way and loyalty to the leadership which he gives without limitation and which His Highness has taken over. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, may God protect him, with his brother, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, and their brothers, Their Highnesses, the Rulers of the Emirates , may God protect them all.

And he said: “Just as this day confirms that the UAE has an army to protect them, it also confirms that the UAE does not move its army except on the path of truth and defending it. It is my honor to send on behalf of the Federal National Council a greeting of admiration and admiration for our armed forces, and their brave leadership, who write the most beautiful pages in the formation of the sons and daughters of the Emirates, so that they will always be the shield and protection of the nation.

47 Regulation-law

The Council reviewed 47 decree-laws issued during the parliamentary recess. The Council received a letter from Dr. Ahmed Belhoul Al Falasi, including his request to postpone the answer to five questions related to education until the next session.

Sports project

The provisions of the draft federal law on sports refer to sports organizations and subjects, and to all areas of sports activity in the country, including free zones.

The Council introduced four definitions: “known sports entities”, “sports institutions” and “National Anti-Doping Agency”.

According to the draft law, all agencies in the state and private sector guarantee the right to persons with disabilities of all categories to engage in physical and sports activities in school and professional sectors and sports clubs, and to form national teams to participate in various sports events.

Sports for everyone

According to the bill, all federal and local authorities guarantee sports for everyone, individually or collectively, and provide the necessary support for the establishment of sports facilities that meet health and safety conditions, and encourage the private sector to participate in this area, and all federal and local authorities they are working on allocating suitable spaces for playing sports in all buildings and residential complexes.

The article entitled “Discovering sports talents” prescribes that the National Olympic and National Paralympic Committees, together with sports federations, develop a national plan for the discovery and acceptance of sports talents in sports clubs and the school sector, in cooperation with federal and local government bodies. deals with education.

Sports holiday

The article stipulates that all parties in the state and private sector are obliged to grant sports leave to sports referees, members and players of non-professional sports teams, including students of schools, universities and centers for people with disabilities who participate in preparatory camps, competitions and official tournaments held within or outside the country.

Sports associations establish associations, and associations help associations in organizing and running the sports that concern them, and a sports club, according to its statute, is engaged in one or more sports.

sports institutions

The council introduced the article “Sports Institutions” which stipulates: Competent authorities license sports institutions, and establish a register with the competent authority for sports institutions that they issue, and sports institutions can join sports associations.

hobby and professionalism

The article “Establishment of sports associations” stipulates: Sports clubs and associations and the private sector may, after approval by the competent authorities, establish sports associations for the performance of one or more sports activities, independently or in partnership with natural or legal persons.

And the article “Hobby and professionalism” stipulates that: playing sports is a hobby or professional, according to the statutes and internal regulations of sports associations, and the sports professionalism of players, coaches, administrators and referees is considered. profession, and groups from paragraph 3 of this article are prohibited from combining sports professionalism with work in the state or private sector for the duration of the contract.


According to the proposed law, anyone who engages in organized sports activities, except through a known or authorized sports entity, will continue to be punished with a prison sentence of up to six months and a fine of at least HRK 100,000. dirhams, and not more than two million dirhams, or any of them The activity of a sports entity that has lost legal personality or had its license revoked or terminated, with his knowledge of this, and the court may decide to close the sports entity in addition to the original penalty.

manipulation of results

Any player, coach, administrator or referee who demands, accepts or takes, for himself or for another, a gift or advantage of any kind, or the promise of anything similar, will be punished with imprisonment and a fine of not less than 100 thousand dirhams and not more of one million dirhams, or with tampering with the result of the match, even if he intended not to do so, or the request, acceptance or acceptance was after tampering with the result of the match. the bribe giver and the mediator will be punished with the same punishment.

In all cases, the offender will be fined in the amount of what he asked for, received or took, and the gift that the offender took will be confiscated. The bribe giver and broker will be exempt if they have notified the judicial authorities or any other interested party of the offense after it has been committed and before it is discovered.

Organization of the General Body for Sports

The Council also established the Draft of the Federal Law on the launch of the organization of the Public Administration for Sports, and in the Draft it was stated that by the decision of the Council of Ministers, fees for the services provided by the Administration in implementing the provisions of this law are determined.

According to the draft law, Federal Decree-Law no. (7) from 2008 on the Main Administration for Sports and Sports Entities and its amendments will be repealed, and the regulations and decisions that are in force in that administration will continue to be implemented until their replacement is issued, in accordance with the provisions of this law, and in a manner that does not contradict its provisions.

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