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The events of episode 55 of the Stelto series

Stiletto is one of the most popular series in recent times and people are looking for Stellito Series Episode 55 Full Episode.

    • Stiletto is a drama.
  • Which has spread widely through TV channels and electronic platforms.
  • It is a series adaptation of the Turkish series Cyber ​​​​Crimes.
  • It weaves similar events through the story and action of the series.
  • Therefore, through this article, we will learn in detail about the Stiletto series, the Arabic version.
  • Where this series was written by the famous Syrian writer Lubna Meshleh.
  • This series caused a great media uproar.
  • And he is the talk of the Arab streets because of the interesting and exciting events on a large scale.
  • This series includes many famous actors, such as Chris Bashar and Samer Al-Masry.
  • Qais Sheikh Al-Najib and many other artists who presented the most beautiful and wonderful works of art throughout their career.

The story of the Stelto series

The series Stellito, the Arabic version, represents a distinguished group of the brightest stars of Syrian drama and numerous Lebanese stars. It belongs to the category of romantic drama, it is adapted from one of the Turkish drama series. The story of the series revolves around a group of intertwined relationships, which vary between relationships of hatred, betrayal, love, influence and other relationships.

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The events of Stiletto begin with the fall of a person from the top floor of a mansion owned by a member of a large family, where a great party is held mixed with hatred and betrayal.

Stelto episode 55 Prestige

The story of the series tells about one of the important problems in life, which is the boredom and routine in which individuals live, and how all that boring peace can turn into noise and big problems, so after a great party full of happiness, the life of each of them turns into a volcano of crime, conspiracy and intrigue, and life says goodbye to stability.

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Stelto honor

Stelto series episode 55 includes the prestige of various Arab drama stars and their names are as follows:

  • Karis Bashar with the image of Alma.
  • Nada Abu Farhat, with the image of Nayla.
  • Dima Kandalaft with the personality of Falak.
  • Rita Harb as Joel.
  • Samer Al-Masry as Louay.
  • Badie Abu Shakra with the image of Khaled.
  • Carlos Azar as Tarik.
  • Qais Sheikh Najib with Kerim character.
  • Noor Ali.
  • Amal Talib.
  • Michel Hourani
  • Nawal Kamel

How many episodes is Stelto season 2?

The number of episodes of the Stelto series is scheduled to be 90 episodeswhere the duration of an episode does not exceed 40 minutes and three consecutive episodes are shown immediately after the show of the series on the Shahid VIP platform, and short series have recently become famous through electronic platforms, because of the excitement and tension they provide that moves away from the stretching and boredom that affects most series of thirty episodes.

Stelto series presentation dates on Iraq’s mbc

The Saudi group of MBC channels announced that the Stelto series will start airing, starting from the fifth Sunday of September 2022, and the workshops will continue to be shown on the Iraqi channel MBC, which includes 30 episodes, on a daily basis, from Sunday to Thursday, according to the following terms:

# Show time is Saudi Arabian time Display time is GMT Show time is Egyptian time Show time is local time in Algeria Show time is UAE time
the first show Twelve o’clock in the evening Six in the evening nine in the evening Seven in the evening Twelve o’clock in the evening
Replay 1 Nine in the morning five in the morning Seven in the morning six o’clock in the morning Twelve in the morning
repeat 2 Four in the afternoon 13:00 Three in the afternoon Two in the afternoon Fifth evening

Stelto Episode 55 Prestige Show Dates

The MBC4 channel also exclusively shows the work of Al-Iraqiya, and the dates of the works shown on the channel are shown in the following table:

# Show time is Saudi Arabian time Display time is GMT Show time is Egyptian time Show time is local time in Algeria Show time is UAE time
the first show Twelve o’clock in the evening Six in the evening nine in the evening Seven in the evening Twelve o’clock in the evening
Replay 1 a quarter past three in the morning 55:30 in the morning 2:15 in the morning 1:15 in the morning 4:15 in the morning
repeat 2 Three in the afternoon 55:00 in the afternoon 2:00 in the afternoon One in the afternoon Four in the afternoon

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