The rise of the financial markets of the Gulf in the last sessions in November, with the exception of the fall of “Bahrain”

Stock markets in the Persian Gulf rose during trading today, Wednesday, the last session of November, with the exception of the fall of the general index of the Bahrain Stock Exchange, by 0.01%, losing 0.19 points, to close at 1864.91 points.

Saudi Stock Exchange

The general index of the Saudi Stock Exchange “TASI” increased by 1.35%, gaining 144.9 points, closing at 10,896.91 points, and the parallel market index increased by 2.52%, gaining 473.82 points, at closing at 19245.72 points, and the trading volume reached 169.6 million shares worth 8 billion riyals.

20 sectors rose on the Saudi Stock Exchange, led by applications and technology services, up 4.59%, followed by the investment and finance sector, up 4.02%, followed by the food retail sector, up 3.85%, while the real estate exchange traded funds sector fell by 1.36%.

During today’s trading, 148 shares jumped, led by the share “Dallah Health” by 9.87%, then the share “National Education” by 8.15%, then the share “Amlaka” by 8.11%, and 55 shares fell led by the share “Shamsa” 9.92%, then the share “Saudi REIT Jadwa” by 4.87%, then the share “Riyadh REIT” by 2.73%, while the share “Al-Rajhi” led the list of the most active by value with 895.6%. million Saudi Riyals.

Stock Exchange in Dubai

The general index of the financial market in Dubai rose, at the end of trading today, Wednesday, by 0.59%, gaining 19.57 points, to 3323.96 points, and the trading volume reached 392.6 million shares, reaching a value of of 781.7 million dirhams, through the implementation of 8522 transactions for 34 shares.

4 sectors rose on the Dubai Stock Exchange, led by real estate by 1.14%, followed by the communications sector by 1.06%, followed by services and industrials by 0.59% and 0.53% respectively, while goods sectors were broadly consumption and communal services decreased by 3.15% and 0.32%, respectively.

21 stocks rose, led by Ajman Bank by 12.70%, followed by Dar Al Takaful Company by 11.19%, and 9 stocks rose, led by Shuaa Capital by 8.87%, followed by Emirates Takaful Company by 5.17 %, while the Dubai Islamic Bank share is at the top of the list of the most traded by value, with the size of 41.8 million papers, worth 238.5 million dirhams.

Kuwait Stock Exchange

The indices of the Kuwait Stock Exchange also rose, during trading on Wednesday, as the general market index rose by 0.67%, gaining 50.78 points, to 7,584.59 points, and the first market index jumped by 0.77%, gaining 64 .53 points, on closed at the level of 8491.90 points, and the main index of the market rose by 0.30%, gaining 16.90 points, to 5681.30 points, and the main index 50 rose by 0.64%, gaining 36.93 points, to 5829.74 points.

Trading volume at the close of trading was around 262.5 million shares, worth 99.4 million Kuwaiti dinars, through the execution of 10,950 deals, and 7 sectors on the Kuwait Stock Exchange rose, led by technology by 6.43%, followed by sector consumer goods by 3.48%, followed by the industry sector by 1.66%, then the real estate sector by 1.66%, 1.25%, then the consumer services sector by 0.93%, then the financial services sector by 0.33 %, while energy, insurance, communications and basic materials decreased by 0.76%, 0.67%, 0.13% and 0.09%, respectively.

Stock Exchange in Abu Dhabi

The Vadax 15 index jumped in the Abu Dhabi stock market at the end of trading on Wednesday by 1.703 percent, gaining 176.60 points, closing at the level of 10,545.39 points, and the market capitalization closed at the level of 2.586 trillion dirhams. and the volume of trading amounted to 734.4 million shares, worth 4.1 billion dirhams. Through the execution of 18.4 thousand transactions.

On the Abu Dhabi stock exchange, 4 sectors rose, led by communications by 5.12%, then by the real estate sector by 4.33%, then by the energy sector by 2.49%, and finally by the basic materials sector by 0.23%, while consumers discretionary and utility sectors fell by 1.89% and 1.69% respectively, followed by the industrial sector by 0.35%.

And 25 stocks rose on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange, led by “ADC Corporation for Acquisitions – Permits” by 14.71%, then “Q Holding Company” by 5.63%, and “Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank” by 5.5% , and 28 shares fell. In addition, the share of “Abu Dhabi National Company for Building Materials” increased by 10%, then the share of “Insurance House” by 9.96%, then the share of “National Corporation for Tourism and Hotels” by 4, 76%, while the share of “Multiple Play Group” was at the top of the list of the most active by value, with an amount of 1.5 billion dirhams.

Bahrain Stock Exchange

The general index of the Bahrain Stock Exchange fell at the end of trading today, Wednesday, by 0.01 percent, losing 0.19 points, and closed at the level of 1864.91 points, and the trading volume was 851.4 thousand shares, with the value 484 thousand Bahraini dinars.

On the Bahrain Stock Exchange, the financial sector fell 2.04%, under pressure from Arab Banking Corporation, which fell 1.85%, while the basic materials sector rose 4.59%, led by a 0.1 gain in Aluminum Bahrain %, and the share of Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait increased by 0.41%.

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