You make mistakes in education without knowing it

Educational and psychological opinions have unanimously agreed that the way a child is raised, which is raised and used to from birth, is the basis on which the features of his personality are built, and continues with him throughout his life. , until he starts kindergarten or school. To clearly reveal the style of his upbringing.. Were the parents the best in upbringing, or did they make mistakes without knowing it?! The report deals with unintentional mistakes made by parents and their effects on the child’s personality. Meeting with professor of psychiatry, Dr. Fatima Al-Shennawy; For explanation and clarification.

1- Reasons for parents’ mistakes in education

Mistakes in education reflect on the child
  • Raising children is not a simple matter, as many think, every action or word of the father or mother has its own reflection on the child, and everything the mother does in front of him teaches it and affects him in one way or another.
  • Abnormal and wrong methods of raising a child are often the result of the parents’ ignorance of the correct methods of upbringing, and perhaps their following the methods of fathers, mothers, grandmothers… and adherence to it, believing that it is a model.
  • Sometimes parental error is the result of denying something to the father or mother in childhood, such as the father’s tenderness or the mother’s attention, or often watching family quarrels, and not facing human qualities.
  • Some fathers believe that being loyal to their parents and marking them by applying the same method that they followed with him, and the same goes for the mother.
  • Here, educators confirm that the way a child is treated is what creates his personality. If a mother listens to her child even when he makes a mistake, it will make him a brave person.
  • And if he always resorts to admonitions, blaming or beatings as a solution to every problem, this will make the child a coward who hates and fears conflict. For fear of punishment.

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2- Hitting a child leads to a loss of self-confidence

Hitting a child in the face affects the child’s personality
  • One of the mistakes that the mother makes, unaware of its damage and negative impact on the child, is beating in general, and especially on the face.

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3- Blaming and negative speech make him aggressive

Accusing and constantly admonishing the child for every little thing… makes him aggressive
  • Every word addressed to the child has a reflection on his personality, therefore the mother must choose appropriate words to address to him, especially in moments of anger. For example, she must not describe him as a liar or a person who is not well. Because of this, he loses confidence in himself, has no desire to take the initiative, sees himself as a weak and hesitant person… and sometimes becomes aggressive in his behavior… The child imitates what he sees and hears. .. and reflects it in his dealings with others.

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4- Excessive protection.. creates a spoiled child

A spoiled child is a product of extra attention and protection
  • A strange condition that surprises many mothers when they hear that excessive fear for their children harms them, as confirmed by education experts. A child who receives too much protection from his parents; He turns into a dependent, weak-willed person who has neither the desire nor the power to do anything, or act in anything; Because he helped his mother, that’s why we have to give the children room to act; To help them build their personality properly.

5- Domination or control.. submissive child

  • It means that the father or mother controls the child’s activity, opposes his wishes and prevents him from certain behavior. To fulfill his wishes, that is, to oblige the child to carry out tasks and duties that exceed his capabilities and capabilities, and sometimes authoritarianism is represented in the imposition of a certain specialization at the university, and the result is that the child grows up with a strong tendency to submit to and follow others, and cannot to be creative with the inability to express opinions and debate.

6- Neglect.. makes her feel hated and rejected

Neglecting a child and not encouraging him causes a feeling of hatred and rejection

That parents leave the child without incentives for any desirable behavior he does, and also leave him without responsibility if he behaves unwanted, and the problem is that children interpret this as a kind of rejection, hatred and neglect, and its effects are negatively reflected on their psychological development… and among the results, the appearance of some behavioral disorders, such as aggression, violence, aggression towards others, stubbornness or theft, or the child’s emotional dullness and indifference to orders and prohibitions.

7- Discrimination makes him feel hatred and envy

Inequality in love and attention is a pedagogical mistake
  • This means an inequality among all the children, and an advantage among them of sex, order of birth, or age, for we find that some families prefer male children to female, or the younger to the older, or one of the sons; Because he is superior, beautiful or intelligent, and other wrong methods.. This affects the children’s psyche and their personality, so they feel hatred and envy towards that favorite, and this results in a selfish personality, and he gets used to taking without giving, and likes to appropriate everything for himself. Even if it was at the expense of others, he only looks out for himself, and that others don’t care about him. In the end, he becomes a person who knows his rights, but does not know his duties.

Note “”: Before applying this recipe or treatment, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

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