For the first time in its history, the Kingdom grants Saudi citizenship to residents of these categories, and immediately naturalizes them?

Riyadh – Mohammed Al-Atlansi – The conditions for the naturalization of the wife of a Saudi citizen, is one of the most common questions that circulate among the wives of foreign Saudi citizens, after Saudi Arabia gave the right to grant Saudi citizenship to the wives of Saudi citizens. However, there are several controls and conditions that must be available in the wife of a Saudi citizen, which is what we will cover in the following lines and article, so follow it to the end.

Saudi Citizenship Law The Naturalization Law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the approved system in the Kingdom for granting citizenship to non-Saudis, and was officially approved on 25 Muharram 1374 corresponding to 24 September 1954 to provide an opportunity for competence and creative personalities in various areas in order to get Saudi citizenship and make the most of it.Personalities, and that law includes about 30 articles, and Saudi citizenship is not granted except with the approval of the Saudi king to those who meet the conditions.

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Conditions for the naturalization of the wife of a Saudi citizen A foreign woman married to a Saudi citizen is eligible to obtain Saudi citizenship if she meets the following conditions: Proof that the marriage between a Saudi man and his foreign wife is in accordance with Sharia The foreign woman renounces her original citizenship before a judge or a Saudi notary public . There are no observations or restrictions registered for the woman with the competent authorities. The wife must be a resident of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Completing the marriage contract in accordance with the instructions that regulate the marriage of a Saudi citizen with a foreign woman.

If the wife is free from the absence of court decisions, whether in a criminal or moral crime, that at least 5 years have passed since the marriage contract, but the period can be shorter than that according to the following mechanisms: 4 years since the marriage contract are sufficient if she does not give birth, but achieves is one of the following cases: That the Saudi husband is one of her relatives. In case one of her siblings has Saudi citizenship. If the husband works as a doctor or engineer.

If the wife was born in Saudi Arabia. If the age difference between the spouses is not greater than 5 years. 3 years of marriage contract is sufficient if one or more of the following cases are fulfilled: If the woman has more than one brother or sister who have Saudi citizenship and she has no children. In case she gives birth to one male and has no Saudi relatives. Only two years of the marriage contract is enough, but on the condition that the mother has Saudi citizenship.

As for if one year has passed since the conclusion of the marriage contract, but provided that one child has been born, and one or more of the following conditions are met: If one of the wife’s sisters or one of her sisters has Saudi citizenship. If the woman was born in the Kingdom to foreign parents. If the wife is a relative of the husband. In case the husband works as a doctor or engineer. If the age difference between the spouses is not greater than five years. Saudi Arabia Naturalization Application Form The Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia has approved a naturalization application form for anyone who wants to apply for Saudi citizenship, then the following information must be filled in correctly:

Write your last name. Write down the date of birth and the place of birth as written in the passport. Insert a birth, marriage, death or divorce document. write shop

Version and release date. The mentioned faith. Write your occupation, gender, marital status and academic qualification. Write the mother’s name, mother’s nationality. Read the terms and accept them. Write the name of the husband or mother, then the nationality and the number. Write down the residential address, region, province, plot number, settlement, type of building and name of the building. Write the voucher number, apartment, floor, phone, reason for adding, then write the date. I would like to agree to the (deletion/addition) of (my son/wife) mentioned above in my citizenship file, due to (death/divorce/dismissal from another file….) on the date of…/…. / I will also be legally responsible if this information is proven to be incorrect. Full name of spouse/child: Nationality.

National number. Point system for naturalization The Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has set some points for obtaining Saudi citizenship, and these points are as follows: 10 points are awarded if the applicant for Saudi citizenship has a doctorate in any specialization. A candidate for Saudi citizenship gets 13 points if he obtains a PhD in engineering, which is the highest points. An applicant for Saudi citizenship receives 5 points if he obtains a bachelor’s or bachelor’s degree. An applicant for Saudi citizenship receives 10 points if he has resided in the Kingdom for ten consecutive years. A woman gets one point if she is the only member of her husband’s family. The wife gets two points if her father has Saudi citizenship. In case the applicant has at least two brothers who have Saudi citizenship, in that case the applicant gets one point and it is increased for those who have 3 or more Saudi brothers.

Steps to Naturalize the Wife of a Saudi Citizen In order for the wife to obtain Saudi citizenship electronically and complete all the steps, the following must be followed:

Go to the Absher electronic platform linked to the Saudi Ministry of Interior directly “from here”. Click on the “Absher Personnel” icon. Log in to the Absher platform by entering your ID number or by registering a new one. Click on the My Services icon on the home page.

Click on the appointment booking service icon on the platform, then book an appointment to apply for naturalization in Saudi Arabia. Determine the nearest branch of the Office of Civil Status that is closest to the person’s address. State the reason for the appointment, which is to apply for Saudi naturalization. Bring all the necessary papers specified by the Saudi Ministry of Interior. Enter the reservation code to enter the office. Provide request entry from serial incoming entry records.

Bring the voucher with the application number and date of application. Bring form no. 74, which is the Saudi citizenship form and fill it out. Insert Form 76 which is the data form, copy it in three copies and fill it out. Bring authentic copies of documents and papers. Signing of articles 26-22-11, after inquiring about them. Finally, the application must be submitted and then reviewed by experts at the Saudi Ministry of Interior.

When all conditions and verification data are met, an acceptance decision is issued. In case of non-compliance, the application will be rejected without giving reasons. Benefits of having Saudi citizenship for a foreign woman 1443 The foreign wife of a Saudi citizen who obtains Saudi citizenship has been granted numerous benefits, primarily the following: Enjoying all the rights that Saudi women have.

Work in government services. Access to all educational services. Providing health services in hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Take advantage of all the support programs for Saudi citizens. Acquiring all the rights of a Saudi citizen outside the Kingdom.

She has the right to leave and return without permission, even if she is separated from her Saudi Arabian husband. Conditions for granting a Saudi passport after naturalization 1443 The Ministry of the Interior of Saudi Arabia has set a number of conditions that must be met by the wife of a foreigner who has obtained Saudi citizenship and wishes to obtain a Saudi passport, and the conditions are as follows:

Solving all traffic violations recorded against the wife, if any. The presence of the naturalized wife’s fingerprint in the electronic system. Pay your Saudi passport fees through approved payment channels in the Kingdom. Pay the service fees using one of the approved payment channels in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The need for women to be present in Saudi countries. Here we have come to the end of our article, in which we answered the question of what are the conditions for the naturalization of the wife of a Saudi citizen 1444, and clarified the scoring system in naturalization, in addition to the Saudi naturalization form, and the steps for the naturalization of a foreign woman

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