Gulf news | Al-Kharbi reveals the shortcomings of the northern and southern governments at the present time and makes this appeal

Congratulations, O Ansari Allah!!!

Kudos, legitimacy!!!

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Written by Dr. Muhammad Muhammad Muhammad al-Kharbi, Professor of Linguistics and Translation at the University of Sana’a

Here we are finally, after many years of open struggle between you, achieving the following:

* The country is destroyed in its social, ideological, scientific, cultural and civilizational structure, its people are without salaries and services, and its institutions are without systems, laws and constitutions.

In the north, there is a primitive regime in which the Mujahideen, whose leaders are rich and enjoy the influence of tyrants. Yourself!

* In the south, a failed regime where officials control money and influence and are surrounded by security collars that protect them from humans and from the fates of the spirits and wolves among them and the language of their psychological state! Myself!

* In the North, the treasures of Qarun are stacked in the homes of those who have wronged themselves, while poverty, hunger and disease kill all segments of society!!

* In the south, privileges and money obtained from those with influence from the treasury of the Central Bank, while poverty, hunger and disease kill all groups of society!!

* In the north, one of the leaders of Ansar Allah buys a villa for a million dollars or more, or billions of riyals, and he is meticulous in accusing the citizens who deny him employment and mercenaries and…!!!

* In the south you find a child who has no power and no power in the field of business, who has a financial balance that transcends continents and is globally ranked ninth among rich children. His father, before he became prime minister, was a poor academic who had no power.

* In the north, leaders in the state, government, parliament, Shura council and ministries… However, they fail to achieve any file that touches the lives of starving people… They are full of money and outrageous wealth, and receive millions of salaries, and academics, teachers and civil servants have been denied their salary for seven lean years, and they lack even the lowest necessities for a decent life!!

* In the south, the same thing, they also have international aid, humanitarian donations and national wealth, and… then you hear about the killing of lives, indecent attacks and security persecutions!!

* In the north, the cry, lieutenant, and red eyes emptied the mosques of their pioneers!!

* And in the south, promises, revenge, advocates of rebellion and red eyes took the prestige of the state from human souls!!

* In the north, a regime that completely lacks the lowest elements of a civil state based on law and constitution.. and you feel that the people are just ashes devastated by the sectarian minds that the Messenger of God, may the prayers and peace of God be upon him, fought from the first day while calling people to Islam in a glorious position and declares that he is innocent of those closest to him.. He is well aware that sectarian belief is the first sin committed by Iblis when he said:

“I am better than him, you created me from fire and him from clay”..!!

* In the south, the regime of his people is dominated by arrogance, arrogance and transcendence over the concerns and basic needs of the people… They force their references from their seats and influence, whoever wants or refuses from my father… And they have become pharaohs over the people, but ostriches are with the strongest ruler..!!

* In the north, the thunderous fall of everything will bring calamity to this land and people without ceasing.. In the south, the thunderous fall of everything will bring calamity to this land and people without ceasing!!

* In the north, dependence on foreign programs, and in the south, dependence on foreign programs…

Indeed, the forms and means are different, but they have unique goals.. Yes, they are Shiites, Sunnis and Salafists who are burning with their sectarianism, ignorance, tyranny and corruption that is green and dry… There is no limit to their madness?!

They killed hundreds of thousands of Yemenis, stole people’s money, destroyed institutions, led people to various sects and sects, created a mind-blowing climate, confused Satan with their words and actions!!!

However, the almighty God watches every little and great; Killing lives, robbing rights, violating honor, destroying institutions, taking away science and law, abolishing the constitution, spreading terrorism, trading people’s wealth, taking away the poor and needy, distorting religion… All these and other crimes and abominations are included in the saying of Almighty God , “The most terrible of verses”:

“Whoever does a crumb of good will see it (7), and whoever does a crumb of evil will see it (8)”

Last but not least:

About two systems that will inevitably disappear one day; You will not escape your actions against Yemen and its one people, and all your leaders will go to the Lord of the Worlds, and there they will wish for mere destruction and ruin as they see that their black sheets have overtaken madness and madness. from the devil?!

The time has passed… Will you come to your senses and return power to the people, the source of power and their protector… And the Beloved, may the prayers and peace of Allah be upon him, spoke the truth when he said:

“My community will not agree with the wrong direction.”

About the Sana regime and the Aden regime:

Present the one and only solution that there is no other.. and that is the return of power to the people of Yemen, and they are the consensus referred to in the previous hadith… We have had enough of your past madness, knowing that you yourselves are the ones who slept on the streets of Sana’a during the 2011 AD revolution??!!

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