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Written by: Nayef Al-Masarouh
To begin with, it was pointed out that “oak” is a forest tree, which is widespread in the forests of the Levant, Iraq and some countries of the Mediterranean basin. It is a tree that lives for decades, and has a fruit that somewhat resembles a bullet. Its outer shell is smooth, and at the beginning of its formation, it is green. Then its color tends to brown when it is fully ripe, and its taste is bitter in the mouth if eaten raw, and less bitter if grilled.

As for the story of the parable, it is said that a villager gathered a certain amount of wild oak fruits, put them in containers, carried them on his donkey and took them to the city market.

By the way, the fruit of the chestnut is similar to some types of oak, but it is more expensive and more useful, so people started buying acorns from it as chestnuts, and after being asked about its shape, which does not resemble a chestnut at all, they know!
So he answered them: It is a wild chestnut, not like the one they know.

And while the oak merchant was in a state… calling and selling, a man came to him to buy from him, and when he saw his goods, he shouted to him: Oh man, this is oak!
This is an acorn, not a chestnut!

The seller immediately said: “At last it has come to you, O oak, who knows you or tiles you.” And it became a proverb.

This saying applies to anyone who wants to show something other than their reality, or show something other than their truth, because the hidden must be revealed once..;

Since the 1979 mullah revolution in Iran, led by Ayatollah Khomeini, who came or was imported from the West, Iran has been transformed from a secular monarchy, led by Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, supported by the United States, and replaced the so-called Islamic Republic. headed by Khomeini.

Some claim that this revolution is Islamic, but Islam is innocent of it, like the innocence of the wolf from the blood of Joseph, peace be upon him. I would like to go over this because of its ramifications and the length of its explanation, but I will summarize it in a few lines.

The purpose of this change in Iran is to establish a Middle Eastern entity, especially on the borders with the Arabs, an expansionist regime that claims Islam outwardly, but practices and spreads infidelity outwardly and inwardly.
And for the first and most important purpose, to rekindle the fire in Khosrau, and to stir up and revive the enmity between the Arabs and the Persians.

The malicious, satanic goals and objectives of that revolution, its threads were woven in the corridors of many large and small states.

Goals and ideas, including secret and open. As for the open ones, it is to show hostility towards the unbelieving West as much as they claim, to defend the oppressed, to establish justice among people and to spread the Islamic call according to their methodology and belief which contradicts the truth, externally and internally.
As for its secret purpose, its aim is to penetrate especially in Arab circles, to spread the ideology of Shiism and to raise doubts about many Islamic issues, the most important of which is the correct Islamic belief, and to raise more doubts about it, to distort the verses of the Holy Qur’an, and deleted characteristics of something that is credible from the Prophet’s Sunnah, he created more differences in some acts of worship and decisions, slandered some of the mothers of believers, insulted and slandered some honorable Companions. , may God be pleased with them all, and so on.

Is this a revolution for Islam or against it and against it?

That was enough, and whoever wants more, reality is enough for him, and what is broadcast on some visual, audio and printed channels, and what is broadcast in and through them, doubts, generated the goal of raising doubts and created. aim of reviving enmity and hatred, and kindled the fire of Khosrau.
They even gave our Arabian Gulf its Persian name, they occupied the Arabian islands and are spreading every day, fueling the fire of rebellion in the countries of the Arabian Gulf.
They have also stoked the fires of rebellion and sectarianism in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, to the extent that some sinners from some Iran-linked parties have funded the Polisario Front to drive a wedge between some Maghreb countries!
Repeated attempts to disrupt Jordanian security through frequent infiltration and smuggling of weapons and drugs.

The Houthis forged evil, in the name of Iran, so they destroyed the unity of Yemen and impoverished the Yemenis and increased their suffering, and I am haunted by the question: When will Yemen be united and happy again?

Divide and conquer approach. The only beneficiaries of all this are the Zionists and their far-right followers in Europe and elsewhere.
It is known that Iran is a country rich in oil and gas, but the revenues from these resources go into a crazy arms race, and these revenues benefit a limited group, namely mullahs, people with turbans, creators of tricks and suspicions, and some parties and militias in our Arab and Islamic world.

And while the Iranian people live a life of poverty, oppression and humiliation, Iran spends tens of billions a year spreading the call and rebellion of Shiism, and spreading rebellion and unrest in most countries of the Islamic world, especially those countries with Sunnis. the majority, as in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and others.

The reality of poverty experienced by the Iranian people, high prices, bad government management, high rates of poverty and unemployment, high inflation that has reached about 40%, a budget deficit of about 21 billion dollars and the murder of the girl Mahsa Amini, are clearly the reasons for the spark. Popular protests that recently broke out in Iran, which spread to most cities and towns, calling for the fall of the dictator, resulting in the death of more than 450 people, approximately.

But all this is not the main reason for the current wave of popular protest in Iran, and here he recalled the appeal of the niece of the Iranian president, in which he calls on the West to further boycott Iran. Is the Iranian president’s niece living in poverty?

It is said… that whoever has money will surely find everything cheap… and expensive, and as many poor minds and hearts as possible.

I firmly believe that the main reason for provoking these protests is the cunning of the global Zionist lobby, which has inflamed Europe’s anger towards Iran’s behavior, because it has shown them .. that they order it and he does not respond, and they finish and it does not finish;
Iran is expanding into some neighboring countries, such as Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and others, with its nuclear programs and its dominance in the defense industry, including especially drones.
All this angered the Zionist lobby, and especially some policy makers in Europe, economic sanctions were imposed on Iran, including a ban on the sale of oil as an important economic tributary, which caused a paralysis of the entire economy.

According to the custom of some Western policy makers, which is based mainly on interests, one who does not follow them, and does not agree with them in what they command or agrees with them in what they want, is not one of them and will not be safe from their evil and scheming.

According to their customs, every beginning has an end, and I do not mean the end of Iran, but the end of an era in which the West no longer needs the role that Iran is taking as a method to achieve the rest of its goals, and not only that, but because it is Iranian the head has grown and matured and it is time to harvest.

Also..because there are other ideas that have borne fruit, such as the idea of ​​a counter-revolution by some Arab regimes, and the idea of ​​the existence of ISIS and other organizations, which have burned green and dry, aroused suspicion and suspicion, and banished some of the weak among the people of Islam since their conversion to Islam, especially in Europe!
This also includes the reality of Arab and Islamic normalization, which is proceeding smoothly with the occupying Zionist entity.

The most important of all is the reality of ignorance and hunger, which is faced by most countries of the world, especially Arab countries.

Which confirmed to me and others, without any doubt, that the ignorant poor are ready to burn the world with everything in it, in order to get a loaf of bread or water, or maybe a travel ticket and the possibility of employment in some European countries.
Although this ignorant person, if he thinks a little, it will become clear to him that he is able to be patient in the face of temptation, and that he is able to give help in adversity, and make gifts to misfortunes… if we think!

Do not be surprised when some Bedouins shout: Death to America, death to Israel, victory to Islam, when in fact they are the ones who kill his brother or friend, the son of his religion, his blood, his Arabness and his country. .
In reality, on the other hand, America is enjoying prosperity and Israel is expanding to realize its great dream.
Before the conclusion… A reference and a question for every smart one… Where did the media commentator Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of the Lebanese Hezbollah, hide from the reality of the normalization of some relations with Israel, which happened through the agreement to sign the recent border demarcation agreement with Lebanon?
And let no one say… that Lebanon signed an agreement with America!
Because the true reality is that America, as always, was a willing mediator for its spoiled Zionist protégé.
Or they don’t say that marking borders is not normalization!
Because, in fact, by implicit recognition of the borders of an occupied country, it was given all the rights of others, including the percentage of energy profit from the “Lebanese Qana” field.
Here I can say to Iran and all its parties and militias..and its minions..them and others.. “Who came to you, oh slip, or does he know you?”

And finally… to all followers of Iran in our Arab and Islamic world in particular, leave the money of Chosroes, the gifts of Pharaoh and the crumbs of Qarun, and return to your senses and your homelands, before the sunset takes you, because you will not find a place where you be buried, except for an atom of its soil.
And if you refuse… then hurry to find a new breast that will take care of you and provide you with money and everything you want, and beware of the traps and nets of the Children of Zion.

And I conclude by saying.. For every disease there is a cure,,, It is listed except for stupidity.

Jordanian writer and researcher.

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