The most famous cartoons dubbed into the Egyptian dialect

Famous cartoon works that brought a smile to the lips of many children and family members and set rules for young lovers of these arts and taught them many principles through the favorite characters who were the most prominent face of these works, but it seems that the Arab audience was very attached to the dubbed versions of some cartoons, specifically those dubbed into the Egyptian dialect, and the voices of the Egyptian stars have become a recognizable sign of these works in the minds of many and brought back many beautiful childhood memories for them. still talking.

Toy story

The movie “Toy Story” is one of the most famous cartoons that was and still is one of the most popular movies that the audience likes to watch most of the time. The movie was designed by Pixar and produced by the Walt Disney Company in 1995. .. It is considered the first integrated movie made in entirely using the computer, and the film is about Andy, a little boy who owns many toys, namely Woody, his favorite toy cowboy, Bo the shepherdess, Professor Potato, the green lurex dinosaur and Slinky the Dog. And the events begin when a child is given a toy on one occasion, and he opens the game to put it among his peers’ toys in his room, and the events begin with the belief that the game is real and not a game, and for that, Warden Woody begins the best games for a child convincing astronaut Buzz that it’s just a game, and the incidents then multiply until all the toys are collected Again, they are convinced that their primary goal of the game is to entertain the child and nothing else.

The main character in the original film was voiced by star Tom Hanks, while the dubbed version was performed by Yahya Al-Fakharani, Ahmed Badir, Mona Zaki, Hani Ramzi, Muhammad Ragab and others.


Up is an adventure comedy released in 2009. Produced by Pixar Animation Studios and published by The Walt Disney Pictures Company, the film revolves around an aging widower named Carl Fredricksen (voiced by Ed Asner) and a serious boy named Russell O. Jordan. Ngai and Carl tie up their house with thousands of balloons to set out to fulfill their dream of the South American wilderness and fulfill a promise he made to his late wife Ellie.

The Egyptian dubbed version of the famous film featured a number of recognizable voice artists, including Mohamed Abdel-Moati, Khaled Mansour, Sayed Al-Roumi, Mustafa Hashish and more.

Finding Nemo

The famous movie “Finding Nemo” talks about the problem of over-obsession with the protection that parents can put towards their children in order to protect them, and how over-protection leads to a completely different result than expected. The events revolve around two clowns or a clown fish living in the Pacific Ocean and after the female lays her eggs, he is attacked by a pinara fish and dies. Father Murhaf takes care of the only remaining egg and names it Nemo, according to his mother’s wishes.

With excessive obsession, Murhaf tries to protect his son from danger, so Nemo rebels and goes to the boat to show his father his courage, and falls into the hands of a diver who takes him to Australia in Sydney, so Murhaf begins to travel across the ocean to find him with a fish that suffers from temporary amnesia called Dory, while the son tries to get out of the aquarium that the dentist put in him, and with the help of some friends, Nemo gets out of the aquarium, and they really succeeded and the son returned to his father.

The dubbed version in the Egyptian dialect was also performed by Abla Kamel, Khaled Saleh, Khaled Al-Sawy, Sayed Al-Roumi and Mufid Ashour.


The movie “Ratatouille” is one of the famous cartoons that revolves around the mouse Remy who dreams of being a good chef, and after being separated from his family after discovering her lair, he arrives in Paris and then settles in the kitchen of a luxury restaurant. Young Linguine joins the restaurant and Remy controls him by moving his hair, making him a skilled chef and making his fellow chefs jealous.

A number of artists participated in the audio performance of the film in the Egyptian dialect, including artist and journalist Ahmed Mukhtar, Maryam Al-Khasht, Sayed Al-Roumi, Ahmed Khalil, Kamal Attia, Ahmed Zidan and others.

Lion King

The movie “The Lion King”, which was shown in 1994, revolved around Simba, the expected heir to the throne after Mufasa. His uncle plans to dethrone him, trying to banish him after the death of his father, the king. Simba meets Timon and Pumbaa, who try to help him reclaim his throne and overcome his fierce uncle and his hyena followers.

The film, which was dubbed into Egyptian, was one of his most famous productions, starring Abd al-Rahman Abu Zahra, Muhammad Huneidi, Salwa Muhammad Ali, Safaa al-Toukhi, Karim al-Husayni and Sami Abdel Halim.

Monsters Inc

The movie “Monsters, Inc” takes place inside a company of scary people who work to generate energy for the city by scaring small children and relying on their screams to generate that energy, but the entry of a little girl Bo into the company through the evil, scary Randall diverts the company’s paths, especially the scariest Popular within Soleil.

Egyptian dubbing was done by artist Mohamed Heneidy, Sami Maghawry, Hanan Turk, Majid Al-Kadwani and others.


“Mulan”, which revolves around a young girl who learns that her weak father will be drafted into the army to fight the Huns, decides to hide her true identity, disguises herself as a man and joins the army in his place, then the young Girl in the process becomes one of the greatest Chinese heroines, voiced by Al-Masrya dialect: Liqaa Al-Khamisi, Alaa Morsi, Diaa Abdel-Khalek, Majid Al-Kadwani, Ahdi Sadeq and Inaam Al-Gretli.

Photos courtesy of the movies and the Pixar Instagram account

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