“Union Convoy 51” in Dubai.. A journey of love for the homeland with a taste of the seventies

On a symbolic journey full of surprises and discoveries to the first trade union era, hundreds of women, citizens, tourists and residents took part in Dubai’s “51 Union Convoy”, which set off yesterday from lake no. one of Al Qudra lakes, to lake no. (1). ), and the attendees followed a convoy in which there were 7 camels decorated with blankets of love painted with 70s motifs, in the center of which was the Emirati flag, followed by a selection of famous classic cars from the same era, led by Emirati women wearing 70s fashion clothes , in a sign full of meaning. The unity of the Emirate of the state and its assembly under a single national flag.

This symbolic march celebrates the country’s 51st Union Day, and the celebrations that spread across the country on the occasion, with a significant female participation, which included a diverse group of women and branches of the “Al-Asouf Center” for camel riding training in the Marmoum region, certain number of students from Al-Saada State School and a group of young people from Al-Nasr sports and cultural football club.

The director of Al-Asouf Camel Riding Training Center for Women, Shamsa Al-Hajj, told Emirates Al-Youm that the “Union Convoy” started from Lake No. And his meeting under the unified national flag, then the period of prosperity and development that the UAE has enjoyed since its unification, adding: “This caravan can be considered a metaphor for a time machine that sails its visitors between the details of the first period of unification to inform them of its privacy, splendor and the aesthetics of their memories and what they represent. The transition from the difficulty of living to the stage of benevolence and giving, leading to experiences of empowerment of Emirati women and their advancement in the priorities of the local community to take the highest ranks.

Al-Hajj reflected on the calendar of events included in this celebration, saying: “The audience watched a selection of various events which included, in addition to traditional costumes from the Union period, a group of classic cars accompanying a convoy of camels . At that time, the paragraphs of this celebration revived a bouquet of the most beautiful songs sung by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and a group of songs local art pioneer and UAE’s first artist, Jaber Jassim.

A special celebration

Regarding the participation of a number of American women in the “Union 51 Convoy”, Al-Hajj explained that this participation came in the context of shedding light on the Kennedy family and their great efforts in the field of providing medical services at that time, saying: “It is a beautiful gesture and map thanks to this family that had clear imprints in the field of nursing and medical work, as many American women expressed their happiness to wear the same nursing uniforms that date back to pre-Union times. period, to remind the public of this important historical period in the march of the people of the Emirates.

coffin dance

Al-Hajj paused when describing the events and activities that accompanied “Union Convoy 51”, which lasted until sunset, to lovingly furnish the Al-Qudra lake area in the Al-Marmoum area, as it included, in addition to the camel march and classic cars, a special show of Emirati coffin dancing, as well as a special football performance presented by the participants of the Al-Nasr Sports and Culture Club, which is considered the first sports club in Dubai and the Emirates, in which its members wore club shirts dating back to in the seventies of the last century, to celebrate with the audience the experience of the atmosphere of wild excursions, and to share with them an open lunch that bore some of the characteristics of that important historical period.

“The embodiment of our pride in our origin and culture”

The director of the Al-Asouf Women’s Camel Riding Training Club, Shamsa Al-Hajj, praised the great support provided on this occasion by the Dubai Municipality, and numerous official and private agencies, after providing a number of classic car models, and a number of requirements to complete equipment of the Union convoy, emphasizing the value of this event. In embodying our pride in our origins and our local culture, she added, “I would like the new generation to get to know the privacy of that golden period in which our beloved country lived, and to experience in one way or another the atmosphere of joy and sense of euphoria that characterized our society at that time, and the simplicity that characterized society at that time, will remain stuck in our hearts whenever we recall the early days of our community.


Camels decorated with colorful covers from the design of the seventies, in the middle of the country’s flag, followed by a group of classic cars from the same era, led by Emirati women.

“Union convoy” started from lake no. (7) to lake no. (1), in the meaning burdened with referring to the unity of the state emirates and their meeting under a single flag.

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