What is the trend talking about?..Ecuador announces outbreak of bird flu virus..Mars reaches its closest distance from Earth..Mayada El-Hanawi set social media pages on fire after appearing with a dazzling appearance

Social networking sites have become a daily indicator that follows the most famous issues and topics that concern public opinion and the Egyptian street, and they receive constant research from social media pioneers, whether in art, sports or politics, and we will move to ” Speaking in the trend , what is it today?” Tour, today, Thursday To shed light on the most prominent issues that occupied social media.

Mayada Al-Hinnawi, with youthful radiance and indescribable freshness, where numerous pioneers of social networks circulated a new picture of her, in which she appeared with younger facial features, as if she had undergone a series of plastic surgeries. she, the yellow one, seems to have returned 20 years ago with more shine and freshness.

Meyada Al-henawy

Beautician Samer Braitea revealed the fact that artist Mayada Al-Hinnawi underwent plastic surgery after Lebanese plastic surgeon Nader Saab accidentally published her before and after plastic surgery pictures recently.

Ecuador announces outbreak of bird flu virus

For its part, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock in Ecuador declared a state of emergency for animals for 90 days, after the existence of the bird flu virus was confirmed in that South American country.

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Bird flu

Official figures show that Ecuador has about 263 million chickens and 16 million other birds, and the ministry said bird flu does not pose a threat to the health of those who consume eggs and chicken meat..

The Venezuelan channel “Tele Sur” announced that the Ecuadorian Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock is in the process of establishing an internal quarantine for livestock farms affected by the virus and threatened by the spread of bird flu..

According to Minister Bernardo Manzano, those who consume eggs and chicken meat will not put their health at risk, since the epidemic is present in barely 0.15% of the country’s population..

The Ecuadorian authorities have warned that as part of the security protocol, about 180,000 birds located in the discovered outpost will be slaughtered..

According to official data, there are about 263 million chickens and 16 million other birds in Ecuador.

Mars is closest to Earth

Today, Thursday, December 1, 2022, the planet Mars will reach its closest distance from Earth – the perihelion point – as it will be within 80 million km, in a phenomenon that occurs approximately every two years and has no effect on our planet .

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And the Astronomical Society of Jeddah revealed in a report that because the size and brightness of the planet Mars increases in the night sky when it is close to Earth, the days near its closest distance from us are the best time to observe it, besides its brightness currently exceeds all the stars and even the star Sirius. The brightest star in the night sky.

And the report continues: This effect is clear because Mars is close to Earth in the Solar System, since it orbits slightly further from the Sun than we do at an average distance of 227,388,763 km, and as a result has the largest variation of any planet in the distance separating it from the Earth depending on whether the planets are on either side of the Sun or pass by each other.

Mars reaches its perihelion point almost at the moment it passes the Earth and at that time the Sun, Earth and Mars are arranged in a straight line, with the Earth in the middle, and as a result Mars appears almost opposite the Sun in the sky – a phenomenon called opposition , when Mars reaches its highest point in the sky at midnight and is visible all night.

The arrival of Mars at its closest distance from the Earth is associated almost simultaneously with the phenomenon of convergence, but these two events usually occur within a time gap of several days due to the orbits of the Earth and Mars around the Sun, which are elliptical, not circular, and are not exactly at the same level.

Mars will be observed on the northeastern horizon after nightfall and will remain visible until dawn the next day. It must be emphasized that although Mars will be at its closest distance from Earth, it will appear to the naked eye as a reddish-orange point of light of brightness ( -1), and through binoculars it can be seen as a disc. .

In addition, this is an opportunity to search for the very small moons of Mars, Phobos (fear), which is about 22.2 km in diameter, but is 7 times larger than another moon, Deimos (horror), which has a diameter of about 12.4 km. That they are closer to asteroids than to large moons such as the Earth’s moon, and it is possible that Mars captured them with the force of its gravity.

Mars is the only planet whose surfaces can be seen from Earth, because it is very small for Mercury, while the other planets are covered with clouds, so it is an ideal event for everyone because Mars will be clearly and clearly visible all night and they are easy to recognize in the sky dome .

To see the details of Mars’ disc, an observer must use a telescope of 8 inches and larger. It is advisable to use the appropriate color filters to improve viewing, as a green or blue filter will enhance the polar dome, and a red or orange filter will enhance dark details, using a (Barlow) zoom lens attached to the objective. Telescope eyepiece to improve vision.

Dark areas and light areas can be seen on the disk of Mars due to differences in reflected light, since the light areas represent deserts while the darker areas are rocks. In addition, the northern polar dome of the planet glows brightly and there are blue clouds spreading above it that can be traced, and the reason for its blue color is composed of ice crystals of water and carbon dioxide that scatter the short, blue wavelengths of sunlight. It doesn’t rain on Mars because its thin atmosphere and low temperatures and pressure means that water can only exist there in the form of steam or ice.

Since the Earth rotates on its axis about 40 minutes faster than Mars, it is possible, during the next few weeks, to see many surface features only with a telescope, except that they are not visible to the naked eye.

The report concludes: Overall, the next few weeks will provide an opportunity to see various features of the Martian surface as the planet rotates on its axis, and unlike most astronomical events that last a short time or one night, the period of this event will provide many opportunities for frequent monitoring and improving observational skills. .

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