Who is Safaa Abu Al-Saud, Saleh Kamel’s wife?

Who is Safaa Abu Al-Saud, Saleh Kamel’s wife? He is considered one of the best personalities that exist in the Arab world. She presented many works of art in Arabic art. The artist, Safaa Abu Al-Saud, has received many awards and various titles during his artistic career. He said goodbye to us in the first half of the year. The past, due to the publication of his name and his wife’s name on social media platforms and social networking sites, after is his wife’s statements showing how much she was affected by her absence from the last television interview, so who is Safaa Abu Al-Saud, Saleh Kamel’s wife and what are their most important works? Here is what they will tell you through this Our article.

Who is Safaa Abu Al-Saud, Saleh Kamel’s wife?

Safaa Abu Al-Saud, an accomplished Egyptian actress and media, aged 71, was born in 1950, October 9, joined the Music Institute in 1964, during which she obtained a university degree, in 1967, joined the rank. institute, and graduated in film direction in the directing category in 1972. Safaa She has a long film career that began in the late sixties and early seventies of the 20th century. Safaa Abu Al-Saud is considered the owner of the first festive song in the Arab world, “Welcome to the Eid”, which was first broadcast in the eighties of the last century. Like this song, it expresses the most famous of the sung. To celebrate, she is married and has three children. She also hosts the famous “One Hour” program “Safa” which is shown in the Egyptian Artistic Cinema Channels Group program series where she hosts the most famous Arab artists of the art scene.

Who is Safaa Abu Al-Saud Biography

Safaa Abu Al-Saud is one of Egypt’s stars. She has a special stamp on Arab art, and has participated in many film works from her youth until today. The following are the most important personal facts about her, namely:

  • Her full name is Safaa Abdel Moneim Abu Al-Saud.
  • Pseudonym: Safaa Abu Al-Saud.
  • Date of birth I was born on October 9, 1950.
  • Age 71 years.
  • Citizenship of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Marital Status: Married.
  • Spouse’s full name.
  • Children She has three children from her husband and they are (Hadeel, Aseel, Nader).
  • Arabic mother tongue.
  • Actress and media works.
  • Years of work from the beginning of 1965 until today.
  • She and the Men debuted in 1965.

Who is the husband of Safaa Abu Al-Saud?

Safaa Abu Al-Saud’s husband is Sheikh Saleh Kamel, one of the biggest businessmen in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf. He has Saudi citizenship and converted to Islam. He was known for being one of the first Arabs to invest in this He died on May 18, 2022 after a sudden heart attack, Omar is 78, born in 1941. Saleh Kamel is considered the first founder of Dallah Al Barak, a charity team , as well as the official owner of the Egyptian ART radio and television network.

Safaa Abu Al-Saud talks emotionally about her husband

Successful Egyptian artist, Safaa Abu Al-Saud, spoke, during her last television interview, about her late husband, who suffered from heartburn and his pain, when she made a rare media appearance on Monday (July 27th), in which journalist Lamees Al-Hadidi answered her question about her husband and his memory in her heart, at the end of the meeting. In the show “Akhir Kalima” broadcast on the Egyptian “ONE” screen, she said and was affected that she could not determine in which measures her husband disappeared, because she always feels his presence in her life, and he follows her in every detail of her day, especially when she does what he loves, we are talking about his memory.

Works by artist Safaa Abu Al-Saud

The artist, Safaa Abu Al-Saud, has a long career full of film and television work. He also has many media contributions and prominent roles on stage. Among his most important works are the following:

Safaa Abu Al-Saud’s work in acting

  • In 1965. She and the boys and the taxi.
  • 1966 He and the Woman, Fawazir, Hamza Bag.
  • In 1970, the film Lala Ya Habibi, Reda Bond and Delusions of Love, with the character of Nani.
  • In 1971, she played the character of Fifi in Pleasure and Pain.
  • In 1972, he appeared in the film Amasha in the Jungle.
  • In 1973, she participated in the films “When Love Sings” and “Back Stairs” with the character of Nossa.
  • In 1974, she played the role of Laila in the film The Empire of Teachers, Girls and Love as Laila, Happy Marriage Spins Laila.
  • In 1975, he appeared in films (Light of Grimace, Devils Forever, Important Love, Kings of Laughter, Searching for Trouble).
  • In 1976, she played Gigi in the films “Bachelor Loves”, “Taxi King” and “Reckless Husbands” with the character of Hoda).
  • In 1977, he appeared in films (Music in Danger to the Amazon, My Love).
  • In 1978, she appeared in The Sweet and the Foolish, Honorable Husband, as well as the character of Najwa in The Halal Children, and played the character of Mona Abdel Qader in The Game, as well as the role of Werkh. In Desire and the Price, Guys Dancing Over a Fire, she played Hoda in Beware the Madmen.

The works of Safaa Abu Al-Saud in cinemas

  • In 1973, the play The Most Beautiful Match in the World and the play Our Children in London.
  • In 1976, Music on the East Side.
  • In 1986, Song of Colors.

Safaa Abu Al-Saud series

In her later years, she was active on television after giving up cinema and focusing entirely on series and presentation programs, and among her most important series are the following:

  • Just a tear of sadness.
  • River and crocodiles.
  • Tower of Wealth
  • Very boring guests
  • Queen of the South.
  • flow
  • bamboo.
  • This is impossible.
  • In addition to some media participation, the most important of which are the following programs (film clips, Safa one hour, evening show).

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