Why do we need the Egyptian Ministry of Awareness (4)?

Is a decision pending on the issue of Egyptian consciousness?

Hakama is aware of the seriousness of what it deals with, and its components and the minds of its companions are exposed in the sense of systematic scraping, in which the latest methodologies and strategies are used that flourished after 2011! By understanding and penetrating the emotional structure of the Egyptian mind through media influences. In the previous articles, we distinguished between (awareness and awareness), but the objective reality of the concept, degrees and components of awareness and collective awareness, to the extent that information about it is spread on the Internet and in references and Hanjur’s theories, to the extent that its everyday practicality is rarely understood influence as a common factor that participates in the thinking of the Egyptian, regardless of his location.

This brings me to the confusion of the vision of the draft law (of the National Council for Consciousness) between consciousness and awareness, and its appearance as a mechanism proposed by the House of Representatives, for the legal form in Article 214 of the 2019 Constitution, which regulates the National Councils (its new law is still not issued). And without the emergence of the need to raise awareness of the state itself, due to faith in its cause and its importance in mobilizing the consciousness of the citizen and the street to absorb the question of their existence, their challenges and their development. , we discuss deep deliberative entities that are distinct from governmental mechanisms characterized by commitment, enforcement, and control.

understand the idea better; (Military Awareness) has its own origins, rules, culture and concepts that its members understand and apply, and which represent the translation of their behavior on a professional and social level. The terms (victory or martyrdom), (spirit of October), (battle doctrine), (military honor) and others are not just slogans or banners! But it is information, concepts, experiences, education and training, with their references and goals, which gradually turn into a culture for the army, which is indoctrinated and agreed upon by everyone, especially in the higher and middle ranks and those who make decisions, so to engage in their self-awareness, to realize events, determine responsibilities and deal with challenges with the concept of homeland, defense, victory and security.

The same idea is consistent with workers in the (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diplomatic Corps) and security services. The subject goes beyond the awareness of external manifestations, to guarantees that the employee (drinks or is aware) of the diplomatic tradition and the necessary mental image of Egypt abroad, the secret industry, the culture of knowledge circles, etc. However, the fairness of the analogy requires attention that the employees of the military, security and diplomatic systems, their working circles tend to move away from (the street), the big stage on which the citizen dances (including the above employees, if not for their stimulated awareness and protective culture), where media influences play on the collective consciousness and lead it as a female black spider! No one can force us to believe what we do not want, but he can easily deceive us – even through consciousness – to believe what he wants and in accordance with his interests, based on the falsification of information on which we build our awareness of life as it is it makes us see it, and thus our will becomes dependent on the source of this false information. ! This is the real problem of Egyptian consciousness, in all fields, sectors and activities that deal with the street and are called public opinion.

By this analogy, we need to revive (aware) the new concepts of the current and future phase of Egypt, at the level of employees of all ministries, government agencies and entities in the regions before the capitals, whose working hours end in the afternoon and after which they ascend to the (street) theater as civic citizens, whose consciousness constitutes current media influences! Although the number of Egyptians exceeds 100 million, the street is directly or indirectly connected to the keys of state life, which is exhausting psychologically, economically, socially and politically. The boredom of the Egyptians from being addicted to the saying of Saad Zaghloul (no use) will not be broken except by unlocking the locks from their consciousness and dusting off their awareness of the reality of what is happening, to save their subconscious transformation into a foregone conclusion in rumour-mongering, arming, manipulating and the creation of public opinion according to the logic of Joseph Goebbels (1897-1945) “Lie Lie, so people will believe you.”

However, the addiction to the Zaghlouliya saying has adherents who are not to be underestimated! It is in the interest of every beneficiary of our survival in the circle (food, mood, entertainment and repentance) to preserve their billion investment because of their continued profits from consciousness clotting, so what if the sheep become aware that their fate is slaughtered or their consciousness is stripped? The genius of corruption is to enjoy the sheep at the expense of the pasture, as long as their wool is guaranteed to be sheared and their meat preserved!

Retirement and leaving the office for any reason to the street makes him (aware) of the crisis after it’s too late! His involvement in the collective consciousness of the street, by swallowing the media wave of his consciousness, makes him share the Zaghlouliya tragedy with his family in various media, artistic, political and economic forms! And with the lack of understanding of the importance of our need for a ministry, apparatus or governmental entity to the Egyptian consciousness, the gap will continue to widen between the leaders and consciousness of the Zaghlolis within the corridors and the government minds themselves, from them to the street, and from it to the collective consciousness dancing on the noisy to the stage set on the ground that God has set aside for a wise memorial!

The great difference in our continued awareness that we are a civilization of 7000 years for the life of Egypt, and between our awareness that we are the successors of the ancient Egyptians who are in charge of the same land and entrusted with its preservation, support and development, otherwise awareness becomes the need for awareness that begins and expands like a spiral to reach us safely.

Therefore, does the Egyptian consciousness really need an independent ministry or government entity that understands the problem, or are we content with singing consciousness in the spirit of Zaghlouliya? And we ignore the revival of awareness of the concepts of achievement, work, positivity, innovation, quality, opportunity, technology, knowledge, vision, future, transparency, leadership, income and profit, in order to gradually transform from the culture of the milker to the consciousness of the drinker?

And let’s talk about the rest.

* Egyptian jurist and writer

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