How can I let my husband love me and hear my words

How can I make my husband love me and listen to my words so that I can enjoy a peaceful life? Since married life is nothing more than a partnership between a husband and a wife, if each of them better understands and relates to the other, the life between them will develop and they will feel great peace and happiness, so how to achieve this? This is what we will present in the following lines on the Egypt Brief website.

How can I make my husband love me and listen to my words

And since the two parties in the marriage “husband and wife” are inseparable, he must express the most correct and simple, and therefore forgiveness, for the secrets of the heart, for the details of the day, the husband may sometimes encounter difficulties during the day, he comes home tired, he wants a way to rest the woman, her husband feels ignored, indifferent to her and interested in her, so that she does not respond, for example, to the way of talking that he suggests, which makes her feel that her husband is thinking of something other than herself, and perhaps does not distract from her.

It is worth noting that such ideas are a harbinger of domestic problems and disagreements that should be avoided, and for this reason, today we offer you several ways to make your husband listen to all your words, just the following steps:

Ask him to listen politely

When you feel that your husband’s thoughts are distracted and that his mind is occupied with any problem in his daily life, and when you want to talk to him about some of your private matters, ask him to look kindly at you and be sure to look into his eyes. Grab his attention throughout the conversation and keep him focused on you.

Pay attention to your tone of voice

Make sure her voice is low when you talk to your husband, because your high voice can show signs of tension or disagreement between you, and accordingly he will start raising his voice in response to you, which can make the situation worse and actually cause disagreement.

Ask your partner if he is busy

Before you start any conversation with your husband, whether he is free to do something or busy thinking about a certain idea, if he is really busy, he will buy you time and give you the necessary attention carefully and lovingly.

Give him time to rest

If you feel signs of fatigue and exhaustion as a result of what your husband has been doing during the working day, be sure to make him listen to you, it is best to give him some time to rest and rest. Her mind and body calm down and open her mind so you can talk to her about what you want.

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How to make a husband’s wish come true for his wife

Every woman wants to increase her husband’s desire for her, and for that we advise you to keep the element of tension as an essential and important element in your relationship as much as possible, so always try to surprise and protect her. In addition to pleasant things that will surprise him, your future life plans are unprepared or unexpected projects that allow you to bring the two of you together, always keeping everything new and innovative from you. Continue to miss and love you.

remain mysterious

Leave some doubts in your daily activities and movements, do not increase the number of daily contacts with him, once is enough, do not immediately respond to his text messages, this will increase his interest in you and increase his thinking. About you, except that she always looked forward to questioning you about all your affairs and circumstances, the moment she came home to see you with empty patience.

Seduce him if necessary

Beware of tempting your husband in any way and hesitation, because he changes your appearance from time to time, which increases your husband’s desire to meet you. It is worth mentioning that this point is one of the things that increase your husband’s desire to stay with you. . The tallest. Time is possible and look at you, his eyes are full of looking at you.

Enjoy your time away from him

Take advantage of his absence from home, for example, go to work, go out shopping, go for a walk with friends, talking about the kindness that time spent with your friends will increase his desire for you. And even the desire to have a nice and wonderful time with you, another.

Improve your marital relationship

The marital relationship should be constantly and continuously improved so that it is not apathetic and boring, therefore it should always be developed as concretely as possible and work on the way of communication, which together increases the strength of your understanding. Listening is one of the most important things you can do to improve your marriage relationship, as well as calmly and understandingly paying attention to conversations on various topics, in order to reach satisfactory solutions for both parties and avoid differences of opinion. .

Set boundaries in your marriage

Be careful not to marginalize the boundaries of the relationship between you and your husband, but always be careful to draw those boundaries to ensure that each of you can fulfill your rights and fulfill your responsibilities without infringing on each other’s privacy or freedom. It is worth noting that this point is useful in avoiding many problems that make each of you think that they cannot fully exercise their freedom as in the case of premarital marriage.

I feel lucky to be able to take advantage of the opportunities

Do not miss opportunities to improve your relationship with your partner, such as showing admiration for a recent act, praising the pleasure of choosing anything, expressing love and interest in it, and waiting for more attention. Take a step back, as this increases the feeling of happiness, security and comfort in the relationship for both partners, in addition to constantly improving and improving the relationship.

Interest in sex

A successful marriage is one of the pillars of enjoying a successful marriage, because the safety of marriage depends on the success of sexual relations, and that’s why you must always develop and renew it so that you don’t become indifferent and boring to everyone who is with you. Others, paying attention to the role of physical intimacy and foreplay with each other, and its role and importance in renewing, strengthening and intensifying the passion between you, get rid of the boring routine that spoils him if the relationship continues quickly. depth of relationship.

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How can I increase my husband’s love for me?

Love is one of the things that brings couples together in a successful marriage, but some women try to attract their husbands to them in order to maintain the love between them and to ensure that the feelings are present and not lazy, so you need to:

  • The husband’s calm, cheerful smile after returning from work.
  • Give him compliments, compliments and kind words, express gratitude to him, his efforts and efforts for your marriage.
  • Take care of personal hygiene and grooming, even if you never leave the house.
  • Style your hair and use a different perfume that your husband prefers.
  • Surrender to the good news that saves him from the burden of his difficult day.
  • Prepare his favorite food and gently serve it to stimulate his appetite.
  • Keep your tone of voice calm, soft and sweet so that he will like your voice and talk to him.
  • Increase the hugs and gentle caresses between you so that she feels how much you love her.
  • Be patient and do not increase the demands so that your husband does not protest and get angry.

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How can I make my wife love me and hear my words that we present to you today? I believe that a successful marriage is one of the things that must be acquired and I am constantly working to protect it, and we have explained this to you as well. You can leave a comment below the article to know more about what you need to do to win the love and attention of your husband and we will answer you right away.

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