How to deal with a stubborn and nervous woman and what are the most common reasons for a woman’s nervousness

Dealing with stubborn and irritable husbands is one of the most common problems that husbands fall into due to their inability to understand their wives.

In our society today, there are many women who are stubborn and stressed because of many pressures and problems at home or at work, which can lead to many social problems with a husband who suffers from work pressure and does not have time to adapt to his situation, which leads to problems . It could lead to divorce.

How to deal with a stubborn and nervous partner

Stubborn wife, because of her refusal to accept her condition or because of her nervous pressure that causes tension, screaming, stubbornness and excitement, and rejecting everything she is told. The nature of stress in a woman can be a genetic factor or a problem. Young people with family and friends

  • When a woman feels angry, under no circumstances should she train herself to remain calm and not speak, and for this she must take several breaths in a row and stay away from everyone, because due to excessive tension she loses the ability to deal with any problems . the situation, even if it is simple and her husband, family and friends run away from her, she feels lonely. And he falls into depression. And his mental condition is getting worse.
  • The husband must be patient and control the situation during his nervousness, and try to calm him down and always praise him because this increases his confidence and relieves tension.
  • The husband must consider that the wife is the foundation of the house, keep his spirits up, cheer him up and praise him a lot, especially in front of the children, so that they feel the love of the father for the mother and grow up naturally and treat their wives as they grow up.

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Ways to deal with a stubborn partner

There are many ways and qualities that a husband should have in dealing with his wife’s condition, and we will present the most important of these methods in the following points:

  • Show her love and attention: Love and care are among the most effective ways to control a wife, especially in cases of stress and tension between them, because they calm her down and apply what her husband wants without discussing whether he feels her love and attention.
  • Listening: Listening to her and listening to her makes her feel important to her husband, and even if the topic is simple and unimportant, as soon as you sit down and give her time to feel loved, it will make her appreciate the situation and her feelings.
  • Safety: The husband should feel safe because one of the reasons for his nervousness may be that he does not feel safe with him or something happened to him before in his life, which often scares him, so he becomes nervous and stubborn in some things. the situations he goes through.
  • Correct conversation: In order to feel its importance, there must be a mutual conversation between the two parties on all matters of their lives, and the husband must understand this and not stick to his opinion on events without convincing reasons, and this must be understood by the spouses in order for their relationship to be smooth. continued.

They must understand that their relationships are common to all areas of life. Therefore, even if the matter is minor, they must continue to strengthen their relationship and continue smoothly. In case of disputes, one should turn to one of the relatives who cannot find a solution for them or to those who have experience in these matters. Something.

  • Praise: The husband must praise him in everything, even in the simplest things, such as the shape or form of his hair or the food that is prepared for him. It helps in situations like this, a compliment works very well.
  • Helping Women: Husband’s help to wife includes many things like helping her in household chores to relieve stress and tension from various life pressures and help in practical life if she needs advice and counsel on a particular topic.

Advice to the husband to take care of his wife

My dear husband, we will give you some advice, if you apply them, you will reduce the problems between you and your wife, and you will be able to understand and be close to your wife.

  • Make time for him during the day: A husband needs to make time during the day to hear from him everything that happens during the day, even if he is under the pressure of his work, he feels loved and cares to know what is happening to him when he is away.
  • Avoid him when he is angry: You have to stay away from him, especially if both parties are angry, because it makes him stick to his idea and increases his neuroticism, which causes the problem to be exaggerated and not solved, so they have to move some distance until they do not calm down and easily solve the problem.
  • Expanding the familiar circle: the husband should keep him with many people, teach him how to listen to them and accept their ideas, limit his neuroticism and teach him to accept other people’s opinions.
  • Understanding the reasons for the wife’s stubbornness: If the husband understands the reasons for the wife’s stubbornness and her company, he knows how to deal with her or avoid her when necessary.
  • Remembering their anniversaries: One of the most important things that help the success of the relationship is remembering these events because of their importance to his wife and the joy of the memory, which puts him in a good mood and avoids stubbornness and tension for a short period compared to forgetting about him. She becomes angry and intolerant, and her husband cannot reconcile with her. And extend the discussion time between them.
  • Avoid comparing him with one of the reasons: One of the reasons that makes him intolerant is that he compares himself with someone from family, friends or relatives, and he loses self-confidence and expresses this with tension and stubbornness, so the husband should always praise him and talk about its advantages, especially in front of people.
  • Give him personal space: he must be given private space in life so that he feels his presence and does whatever he wants, and even in his absence he must increase his self-esteem by considering his husband, which makes him his trust in him and his support in an effort to protect him.

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Nervous reasons for a woman

There are many reasons why women are nervous:

  • Personality: If the husband is one of those who suffer from the love of control and devotion to his own opinion and who, despite his opposition, forces the wife to submit, this will anger the wife with his opinion or will not praise the husband’s love and interest in him, due to which feels warm and fuzzy in relationships. It will be.
  • Upbringing: For some reason, she can be raised in her family’s house, if her family treats some of them this way, and her father controls her mother and doesn’t hear anything about her or accept anything from her, then that person is afraid of her repetition of the same experience and does not appeal to prove her position with her husband. She is prone to nervousness and does not know that this could end her relationship with her, or that she is used to not taking anything in the family home except in this way.
  • Lack of self-confidence: He may have a weakness in self-confidence to the extent that he feels he has to deal with stress to prove himself to his spouse, and this aggravates the problem between them and may eventually lead to separation.
  • Life pressures: Among the most important reasons why her nerves lose control are the burdens of the house and her interest in her and her endless cleaning, her jobs that drain all her energy from effort, fatigue and tension, and the burdens of her husband if he does I don’t understand them all, the pressure that inflates it. before him and do not accept anything from him
  • Lack of understanding between husband and wife: One of the most common causes of stress and tension between them, which is due to the wife’s refusal to accept the husband’s behavior and misunderstanding of the husband’s personality at the beginning of the marriage, and the husband’s non-acceptance of the wife’s behavior and personality, which leads to the creation of major problems between those who are difficult to deal with. .

Characteristics of a stubborn wife

There are two types of stubborn traits, one negative and the other positive, and we will show you them in the following lines.

Negative traits of a stubborn partner

  1. Lack of self-confidence and a constant feeling of inferiority and unhappiness.
  2. He always looks down on what people have and complains about his life.
  3. The conversation with my husband, even about the simplest things, is tense and loud.
  4. She is always suspicious and expects her husband to always cheat on her and not make excuses for her.
  5. She burst into tears to win her husband’s sympathy.
  6. He always asks for a divorce over the simplest of things.
  7. Constant criticism and complaints without understanding the basis of the matter.
  8. Underestimating and underestimating the husband in front of people.
  9. It can usually be characterized as a lie.

Positive qualities of a stubborn wife

  1. Follow your dreams in all circumstances.
  2. He is good at dealing with people.
  3. He has many feelings that make him know how to treat people.
  4. His personality is a fact and a phenomenon that should not hide something of his personality.
  5. He has a great ability to focus.
  6. Pay attention to other people’s feelings and try to help and assist them.

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Ways to get rid of stubbornness with your wife

A big role in this is played by the husband, who can do the following tips:

  1. Understanding what a woman is going through and saving her from pressure.
  2. Avoid things that bother his wife.
  3. It increases love, attention and appreciation.
  4. Listen to him, calmly discuss the matter and come to appropriate solutions that will satisfy all parties.
  5. Act in a spirit of tolerance.
  6. Renunciation between the spouses of the continuation of this marriage.
  7. Praising your wife a lot in front of people will help her gain confidence.
  8. Be smart when solving problems when your partner is stressed.

In this article, we discussed how to deal with a stubborn and angry wife, how to deal with him, the reasons for his wife’s stubbornness, the characteristics of his stubborn wife, how to get rid of this stubbornness and how to have a happy married life if the husband follows him, and we hope to do our best for you.

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