KUNA: The State of Kuwait confirms before the United Nations that sport contributes to building a society and a world filled with the spirit of peace – sport

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The diplomatic attache of its permanent mission to the United Nations, Mubarak Abdullah, conveys the statement of the State of Kuwait

NEW YORK, December 2 (KUNA) — The State of Kuwait confirmed that sports values ​​manifested in solidarity, teamwork, fair competition and sportsmanship are noble values ​​that not only contribute to the building of a healthy sports generation, but also contribute to the building of society and a world filled with the spirit of peace, cooperation and love.
This is stated in the announcement of the State of Kuwait, which was made yesterday, Thursday evening, at the session of the General Assembly of this international organization, during the discussion on the item (Sports for peace and development).
Abdullah said: “Kuwait’s participation in the discussion on this point comes as a result of a deep-rooted and firm belief in the role that sport plays in the development of society and the strengthening and strengthening of ties between nations, and its contribution to the formation of the youth segment in a quality educational manner because they they are the foundation for building the future of developed nations and prosperous societies.” He added that the State of Kuwait emphasizes the importance of the General Assembly’s discussions on sports for peace and development.
Abdullah continued: “My country confirms the call of the United Nations General Assembly to all member states, international organizations and civil society institutions to celebrate and raise awareness of the International Day of Sports for Peace and Development every year.” Abdullah emphasized that the best investment is investing in people, not in construction, and that young people are the pillars of the future. He also confirmed the faith of the State of Kuwait, its tireless work and its full attention to the youth category through the establishment, many years ago, of the Ministry of Youth and the establishment of the General Body for Youth and Sports, which work to develop and guide young people to improve their sports skills and activate their participation in sports tournaments and competitions. He referred to the great role of the Kuwait Sports Club for the Disabled, which for half a century has embraced every person with the iron will, firm determination and firm determination of heroes with disabilities who have given the best examples of perseverance, challenges and overcoming difficulties in achieving their sporting ambitions, “difficulty it’s not impossible and heroes have the will.” He touched on the vision of the Government of the State of Kuwait for the year 2035, especially the aspect concerning the youth, since it has developed a national policy that represents the guiding framework for the youth for the next five years, which includes all direct and indirect. policies related to youth. Abdullah explained that this comes through strengthening partnerships with the private sector to adopt or sponsor many youth programs, such as the Youth Creativity League program, the Professional Entrepreneurs program and the (Our match) program.
He added that the State of Kuwait, through its vision, aims to establish many youth centers that work to harness the energy of young people and meet the needs of all segments of society. And Abdullah pointed out that this is achieved by investing the youth’s time in developing their skills and abilities, as these centers provide a suitable and safe environment for the youth to engage in all hobbies and sports activities, as they contain many health clubs, indoor and outdoor stadiums. which are in accordance with the conditions of the International Football Association and the Olympic swimming pools. He also indicated that the State of Kuwait in its vision for the year 2035 emphasizes the pioneering role of Kuwaiti women in the field of sports, as it works to develop girls’ clubs, create an environment for the incubation of creative sports talents for girls, increase the development of awareness of women’s sports, and activate sports movement among women. Abdullah stated that this comes through increasing the social awareness of women, increasing the number of beneficiaries of sports activities, supporting efforts to empower Kuwaiti girls in society and expanding their role. He also emphasized the importance of great harmony and coherence between sport and the Sustainable Development Goals approved by the United Nations General Assembly on September 25, 2015. This harmony is visible in the third goal of the Sustainable Development Goals, which ensures good health and well-being. He added that this also appears in the fifth goal of the Sustainable Development Goals, which calls for gender equality, because sport provides equal opportunities for work, effort and cooperation among members of the same team for both sexes.
He called for sports events to clarify and educate everyone about the seriousness of the consequences of climate change and ways to deal with them. Regarding the seventeenth and final goal of the Sustainable Development Goals, which calls for the need to activate global partnerships to achieve these goals, Abdullah said: “There is no competition for sports in the field of cooperation, solidarity and teamwork, and thus we achieved our victory by achieving the highest number of goals, which are the goals of sustainable development.” He pointed out that the State of Qatar started a new era of sports diplomacy and became the capital of sports and the focus of world attention, after achieving great success in this wonderful organization, which we consider a Gulf and Arab success for the host of the FIFA World Cup in its 22nd edition.
Abdullah added: “This special edition will set an example for all sporting events in the future and will provide a practical example of the importance of sport and its role in bringing nations together, human solidarity, empowering the individual, improving their skills, boosting the economy and increasing investment opportunities, which confirms the importance of sport for peace and development.” (end) asf

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