The Arabs are the “footprint of the World Cup”, just ask Argentina, France and Belgium

Athletes and technical analysts confirmed that the Arab teams participating in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, especially Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia, performed at an advanced technical level and left a distinctive mark, noting that it was the best technical performance for the participating Arab teams. at the World Cup, especially the Moroccan national team, which paid tribute to Arab football after creditably leading its sixth group. And it qualified for the final round of prices, with Saudi Arabia and Tunisia making outstanding appearances, noting that with the exception of the Qatari team, the host of the tournament, who left the competition early, three teams achieved historic victories after Al-Akhdar’s victory over Argentina in the first round in its entire football history, while Morocco defeated Belgium. “The second half in the world”, and the Tunisian National Team defeated the French colleague, “defending champion”, considering that “the results of the Arabs did not come by chance, but due to advanced technical performance”.

And they said to “Emirates Today”: “The Moroccan team did not fail the hopes of the Arab masses, but failed the honor of Arab football in this World Cup, and won the qualification ticket for the final round of prices deservedly after leading its group to be the only Arab team which continues its career in the championship at the level of the national teams of Saudi Arabia and Tunisia, despite their relegation. Nevertheless, they earned respect and bid an honorable farewell to the tournament.

The “Atlas lions”, who will compete against Spain in the final, carry the last hopes of the Arabs for qualifying for the second round of the World Cup, after the elimination of Qatar, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia from the first round.

The Moroccan national team is in first place in Group F with seven points, reaching the final round of the table for the second time in its history, after it was the first time about 36 years ago in the World Cup “Mexico 86”, in which its group was also first with four points.

If we return to the results of the Arab national teams at the tournament, the national team of Morocco won two games against Belgium 2-0 and Canada 2-1, and in one they drew, goalless against Croatia and have not yet lost and qualified for the last price round after leading in Group F with seven points, he scored four goals, while receiving one from friendly fire.

While the Saudi Arabian national team achieved a historic victory over Argentina 2-1, but lost in two matches against Mexico 1-2 and against Poland 0-2, occupying the fourth place with three points in Group C.

The Tunisian national team finished third in Group D with four points, after beating France 1-0, drawing against Denmark 0-0 and losing 0-1 to Australia, while the Qatari national team exited the tournament early and finished in last place. Group A without a balance after defeat in three games. In front of Ecuador 0-2, in front of Senegal 1-3, and in front of the Netherlands 0-2.

The Arab results are not accidental

The technical director of the Al-Bataeh club and a technical expert at FIFA, Abdullah Hassan, confirmed that the Arab national teams that participated in the World Cup performed at an advanced technical level, such as Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Tunisia. This World Cup was not achieved by mere chance. but rather with a technical performance that reflects the level of development of Arab football. He added, “The mentality of the Arab players in this tournament was quite different, and the culture of effort and playing under pressure was very clear for the Arab players, despite the difference in experience and some technical aspects between them and the players from other countries. teams.”

The Saudi Arabian national team was affected by the absence of the injured

The former coach of Ajman and Al Dhafra, Abdel Wahhab Abdel Qader, believes that the Arab teams represent an honorable image of Arab football, considering that, with the exception of the Qatari team, which has good elements, but did not perform at the level that was expected of it in this tournament, the Saudi and Moroccan national teams entered strongly, as well as the Tunisian who ended his championship career with a historic victory over France. He said: “The Saudi national team, which has appeared at a prominent technical level, has been affected by the absence of its most prominent players, such as Salman Al-Faraj and Yasser Al-Shahrani, due to injuries, while the Moroccan national team includes consistent players in its ranks, so performed excellently and deservedly advanced to the second round, and that the opportunity to go far at this World Championship is ripe.” .

Morocco has proven that it deserves to play with the big boys

Former Al-Nasr team manager and technical analyst, Khaled Obaid, said that apart from the Qatar national team, which performed modestly and was not convincing in this tournament, other Arab national teams such as Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia had a notable performance. and they presented themselves at this World Cup, given that Morocco got a well-deserved lead, and they deserve to play with adults, because they have big stars. Khaled Obaid added: “The Saudi national team achieved a historic victory, despite playing in a group that includes big teams and has experienced players like Argentina, Mexico and Poland.”

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