To break the thorn of European pride.

The 22nd edition of the World Cup in Qatar 2022 is witnessing surprises that did not occur to most forecasters and sports analysts of football in various parts of the world, due to the huge surprises that the tournament has brought so far and the abandonment of adults.

Germany detonated a bomb in Qatar

The most prominent of these thunderbolts that struck the minds of football fans and followers around the world was the exit of the German national team for the second time in a row from the group stage of the World Cup.

Although the Germans won four to two in the last clash with their Costa Rican counterpart, he left the championship after Spain snatched the runner-up with a goal difference of the same ratio of 4 points, after the Japanese computer detonated a nuclear missile in Doha by top of the fifth group standings with a score of 6 points, from two victories against the best European Germany and Spain.

Germany is under bombing

And the German machines faced volleys of insults and attacks after the disappointing participation in that huge constellation of stars, especially after the German national team was inclined to stand for one of the unacceptable topics in the Arab and Islamic community, “homosexuality”, and distracted the team in sending letters of objection to FIFA’s decision to ban the wearing of the “Rimbo” armband, which is what was seen in a picture of the players before kick-off in their opening clash against Japan, in which they suffered a shock three-goal defeat.

Summary of the match between Germany and Costa Rica at the 2022 World Cup

– he deposited Tunis from the big door

Despite the Tunisian national team saying goodbye to the competition for the World Cup in Qatar 2022, after finishing third in the standings of the fourth group with 4 points, behind the officially qualified France, the leader with 6 points, and the runner-up Australia with the same balance. , but he collected all the praise and warm applause after He was at the height of the rise with prominent artistic participation.

video |  Victory alone is not enough.. Tunisia defeated France with a goal by Khazri and bid farewell to the World Cup in Qatar 2022. - Championship

The Carthage Eagles got off to a very encouraging start as they were held to a goalless draw against Denmark in the first round, then suffered a surprise loss to Australia in their second group stage game, before achieving another historic feat by beating defending champions France with a clean sheet. goal, and his brilliance in a game that earned the respect of all Tunisian football.

– Senegal fulfilled a dream that had been absent for twenty years

And the Teranga Lions, the “Senegal national team”, officially decided to go to the round of 16 of the World Cup in Doha 2022, after winning the last round of the group stage against Ecuador with two to one, winning 6 points after the first victory against the tournament organizers Qatar, hijacked the qualification card to the leading Dutch national team with 7 points.



The Indomitable Lions are looking to match the achievement of 2002, following the success of Hadji Diouf’s men in reaching the quarter-finals of the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan.

– Morocco embarrassed Europe and leads its group

This year, the Moroccan national team is considered a dark horse in the current part of the World Cup in Qatar 2022, after it won first place in group six with 7 points with two unanswered goals, from two victories in Belgium, ranked second in the world. , then a goalless draw with Croatia, and a 2-1 win against Canada at the end of the group stage.

Morocco and Canada correspond

Morocco and Canada correspond

Unfortunately, the Atlas Lions’ FIFA system forced them to face second-placed Group E, which was occupied by the Spanish national team, after Japan surprised to take the lead in the group.

– Naturalization destroys Qatar

The money of Qatar did not help either, which was very successful in organizing the world’s biggest football event, the World Cup, and everyone praises the success of that experience that FIFA bet on, awarding it to an Arab country for the first time in history. World Cup since its beginning in 1930.



As for the national football team, which is a major project that has received huge financial support to build a strong squad and naturalize some players with Spanish coach Felix Sanchez Basso, which now includes ten players of non-Qatari origin, they are as follows:

1- Abdul Karim Hassan Fadlallah.. Sudanese

2- Bassam Hisham Al-Rawi.. Iraqi

3- Bo Allam Jorge.. Algerian

4- Pedro Miguel.. Portuguese

5- Abdul Aziz Hatem.. Sudanese

6- Asim Madibo.. Sudanese

7- Karim Bou Diaf, Algerian

8- Ahmed Alaa El-Din Abdel-Motaal.. Egyptian

9- Al-Moez Ali Abdullah.. Sudanese

10- Akram Hassan Afif.. Yemen

However, the experience failed to turn out in a way worthy of the field organizers, land owners, the public and the biggest support, facing numerous accusations from fans and fans of Annabi in Doha.

Saudi Arabia deserves everyone’s respect

And Saudi football emerged with a brilliant, distinguished and surprising technical performance at the World Cup in Doha, after defeating the Argentine giants led by Lionel Messi in the first game of the group stage, then defeating Poland with two clean sheets, in a game in which Al- Akhdar missed numerous opportunities in front of the goal, then the final defeat against Mexico with two goals. Against the goal with a great game.



South Korea is pulling off the impossible

South Korea were one of the big surprises of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, after a goalless draw with Uruguay in the first round and a 3-2 loss to Ghana overturned a gap in the standings to qualify for second-placed groups with a win against the Portuguese. , the leader in the rankings, by two to one.



To teach football a hard lesson for football arrogance in Europe, in front of the ambitions of competitors, and strongly warn the Arab, African and Asian times, which managed to tip the scales in an impressive way in the current world. Cup, in front of the teams that enjoyed huge means of support and financing and the leaders of the FIFA classification in Europe, in front of everyone’s eyes.

Cameroon beats Brazil

The Cameroon Lions wrapped up a group stage surprise, despite a World Cup bye, with a historic win against a Brazilian side with an unanswered goal, amid huge praise for the level of African teams taking part in the World Cup.

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