A little lawlessness, a lot of lawlessness

Man stands stunned and helpless in front of events and problems that look like dirt that their owners pile on their heads and choose a “muddy path” that they will follow to the end. What makes a man tarnish himself with that which degrades his destiny and continues to haunt him all his life?

I’m trying to imagine the days of a husband who went public, publicly accusing his wife of indecency with a football official, and he has evidence of her infidelity, on a tape he found in her closet a month ago. How do his colleagues treat him? What are the attitudes of his neighbors and friends about him? Does he live in his mouth? Does he meet people on the street or does he lock himself in his house?

Is it normal that “marital infidelity” hurts him, that his nerves become irritable, that he loses focus, that life prevails in his eyes and that he is overcome by an overwhelming desire to take revenge for the wasted honor and dignity that his wife trampled on?

Certainly, we would have believed him if he had exposed it moments or hours after the shock of the recording, the crime, or the next day or the third day, but if he stayed a month, maybe more, and then started moving and resorting to a crying lawyer, demanding the right to to whom he kept silent for a long time, it is something that is contrary to the nature of every healthy person. Al-Tawiya, yes, he was silent for a long time, thirty days or 720 hours during which he should have ignited the fire of treason, and hit it like a huge hammer on the head. How could he not rush to the prosecutor’s office with all his might if he wanted to punish her with prison? At least he forced her to give up his rights, and he had an effective weapon. Then he divorces her with her shame, banishing him from her life. In short.. Should we accept his silence for so long without asking him a hundred questions, the first of which is why he didn’t question his only daughter’s lineage with him and try to prove her daughter’s validity to him or vice versa, which is a million times more important from exposing and punishing his wife?!

We also stop sharply at the lawyer professor to whom the husband turned, begging him to support him with the law. Indeed, the lawyer’s case raises important questions. How did he accept his husband’s story in its entirety without examining him thoroughly? ?

But the lawyer took the easy way out. He asked his husband a few innocent questions. Are you sure about the video? Have you made a report yet? Are you sincere in what you say?

As soon as the husband answered him what the truth depicted, he began his actions, and we must distinguish the actions of ordinary crime from the actions of heinous crimes of honor, for which the perpetrators pay not only the price, but also the family and relatives up to the fourth degree, and its influence goes beyond work, friends, neighbors and the wider environment in which the accused moves thanks to his work, and then also the general society that worries him with this kind of behavior, which is like throwing a stone into water whose circles last for some time, and he is confused by the question about the history of women and history men and every person they met in their life..etc.

All these repercussions required a lot of deliberation and conservative procedures that had privacy, but the lawyer professor did not take the prosecutor to the public prosecutor’s office in secret and as a precaution. If the traditions differ in the text of the hadith, and covering it up is not hypocrisy, but he advocated that “sins” should not be broadcast harshly, so that it would appear normal or a normal thing.

This does not mean that “sins” are enough for us as a reward, and that we let their perpetrators express their ugly and shameless actions in peace, but it means that we punish them without noise and slander, in order to give them a chance to repent and return. into the auspices of the good, and avoid being forever isolated from society in the “valley of sin”. !

Here we are not talking about the validity of the incident or not, but about the correct behavior in accordance with the law and faith.. The law is guided by a fundamental rule, every accused is innocent until proven guilty, i.e. defamation The accused before the judge makes a final verdict is a prefabricated conviction , a condemnation that in its essence means social execution.

And that actually happened… The lawyer was not satisfied with the report to the State Attorney’s Office, he also attached a video, which is still only an assumption that does not rise to the rank of irrefutable evidence except for the report of a specialized expert. And he brought the journalists and forwarded the video to them, so they published it on their pages, and in a few hours the scandal filled the horizons and became something that is taken for granted. In fact, some journalists on YouTube channels condemned the other side and encouraged his employer to fire him immediately without waiting for the results of the investigation.

Absolutely, society is to blame, as is the husband. Everyone who watched or accessed the video copied and posted it. He did not ask himself for a moment: Is what he is doing shameful or cunning? Does his participation in the scandal by publication affect his humanity or not? Is it morality or immorality? Ethics? We definitely do not mean to be an ideal society dedicated to the values ​​of religion and morality, but at least have a normal human feeling, a simple sense that knows what is wrong, and what is forbidden, what is wrong and what is right, and what is right and what is wrong. That we don’t swim in soot while we think we are defending dishonored honor.

How can society forgive itself after the lawyer apologized for the case and described the husband as a liar? Unfortunately, scandals are like shots when they are fired, they cannot be prevented from killing!

The role of the House of Representatives remains. We need laws that will control the unrestrainedness of Egyptians on social networks.

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