From Cairo to Mars, kids…on a space mission!

“Science for a better life” is the slogan of the new science center, which was recently opened in the Center for Civilization and Creativity of the Heliopolis Society, with it .. because the mission of the Science Center is to arouse the curiosity of children and adults alike through different disciplines of science, after life on Earth has become endangered due to climate change..

In the Science Center, a visiting child embarks on an exciting imaginary journey from Cairo to Mars to seek new life and return to Cairo to turn it into a green heart that protects us and our planet.

On a visit to the Science Center, the first ecologically friendly science center in the Middle East for children and people with special needs, we went to Dr. Osama Abdel Wareth, director of the Children’s Center for Civilization and Creativity, to show us what the center holds. He said: First with what the visitor encounters is the group’s external exhibition, the Solar System, so that the child gets to know the planets of the Solar System stereoscopically, to choose an alternative planet where new life can arise. , then he gets acquainted with the exhibition about Mars, in order to discover for himself why and how we can live on Mars as an alternative planet and what will be the nature of life on this planet?..let’s move on. After that, to a simulation room with vibrating seats and dramatic music, for the launch of the space shuttle from Cairo to embark on an exploration adventure on Mars, and after that comes the space to build the “Rover”, which is an artificial intelligence and robot stage, which is considered one of the most important technologies that help people in exploring the secrets of Mars. In this area, the child learns how to make a three-dimensional composite model that will help him discover Mars.. The child then discovers in the next hall that Mars is similar to Earth in many characteristics more than the other planets, since both are rocky planets and have a Gambling, have atmosphere and have gravity, then the visitor begins to prepare Mars for life and build life on Mars.

A simplified scientific explanation of the climate change crisis

Through the Mars gym, the child discovers that the gravity on Mars is about a third of Earth’s, which gradually over time affects the various organs and functions of the body, so we have to do exercises for two hours a day to reduce these imbalances through cycling in the Mars gym.

Dr. Osama accompanies us to a special room inside the center to investigate climate change and global warming by applying scientific methods to find solutions. Then the visitor moves on to learning about the types of organisms that live on our planet, Earth, and how they work together in a balanced and clean ecosystem. Through the microscopic laboratory, children examine microorganisms in their various forms, so that children themselves discover how these organisms help us in dealing with water, air and soil pollution and how we can save Cairo from air, water and soil pollution for a bright future and a clean planet. .

An interactive experience of searching for solutions to climate change through flash cards

Then the child moves on to using the tools to explore various scientific principles such as the geology of the Earth, nature on Earth, the mystery of the human body, and the wondrous physics that affect the way life is on Earth. The child continues to learn the value of reusing and recycling waste by observing the life of bees and their impact on the environment. Then he starts teaching how to use solar cells to convert the energy of sunlight into electricity. Cairo is a natural source of renewable energy, and the sun is the one that gives us heat and light. Finally, the role of entertainment and interesting drama comes through various science shows, so that the child lives in an exciting experience of enjoying science, and after that the child releases creativity and innovation to implement small and various scientific projects and models that he makes with his own hands in the open air after this interesting scientific trip.

The museum includes the exhibition “Our Broken Planet”, which was inspired by the recent climate conference in Sharm El-Sheikh, considering the suffering of the planet today, as our oceans are filled with plastic and our forests are turned into farmland, leading to gradual climate change, the effects of which have begun to harm us.. and after visiting the Exhibition, the Child discovers that we can still fix what we have broken on our planet.. as he explores solutions to the challenges that our entire planet lives through through exhibitions chosen by specialized scientists in a joint collaboration between the Natural History Museum in London and the Children’s Museum in Cairo with the support of the British Center. The exhibition is divided It is divided into three main parts, the first is: “Nature for sale”, where the exhibits present some of the challenges that Egypt faces as a result of the unsystematic consumption of nature, including the Nile River and waste, since the Nile River is filled many plastic masses that harm health, water and living organisms in it.

A special program about plants and soil types

And the second part: “Eating the Earth”, where the exhibits show how every year the country loses large areas of forest to find agricultural land, which has led to a change in the geographical and climatic nature, so that cows, pigs and other livestock outnumber wild mammals in the world in a ratio of 15 to 1. The exhibition talks about these challenges and their impact on living organisms, including plants and animals.

The third part of the exhibition is: “Climate crisis”, where the exhibition presents some alternatives that can be worked on in order to adapt and limit the effects of climate change, such as work on the genetics of some crops, rationalization of consumption and replacement of impure energy with green natural energy sources . After visiting the exhibition, the visitor has a choice: Is it possible to find the future of Egypt without pollution and carbon emissions or not?

Interactive activities for learning about various fields of science and their applications

dr. Nabil Helmy, head of the Heliopolis association, to which the Children’s Museum is affiliated, confirmed that the “Science Center” is a new platform for environmentally friendly knowledge, which is based on the belief that the safety of individuals is not achieved only by government efforts, but by everyone who wants to live in an environment without pollution and damage. . Helmy indicated that the science center was established with the full support of the Banque Misr Foundation for Community Development. It is the first scientific center in the Middle East dedicated to children as part of the Children’s Museum, where the visitor embarks on an exciting imaginary journey (from Cairo to Mars in search of a new life), as an educational and entertainment platform that provides purposeful and modern education for children, focused on the future and motivating innovation and love for science, in line with the state’s vision to provide stimulating educational and entertainment programs for children.

Live interviews with NASA scientists

In the end, Nabil Helmy confirmed that the new specialized science center is the first center of its kind in the Middle East that is friendly to children of different abilities, by enabling them to move and learn in a simple way because this group of privileges also offers services that their visit to the center make the journey pleasant, and gives them free tickets. . In accordance with the guidelines of the political top, by providing full support to this segment of society and integrating with their peers.

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