Home Office: Half a billion pounds worth of criminal money seized in one month

The agencies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the level of the Republic continued to direct security actions, each for its own area of ​​specialization in coordination with the central security sector.

Within a month, the efforts resulted in achieving the following positive results in the area of ​​rations: (42,760) various rations were confiscated. It came as follows: 131 boxes of butane bottles were seized. Subsidized (5,954,715 pounds), and seized (90) items of petroleum derivatives… with seizures (5887009 liters of petroleum materials), and (1166) items from the field of unauthorized work in the supply and transport system (barley rice) for the current harvest. .with seizures in the amount of (12,950,970) tons of barley rice “Ainy” and (33) cases of denial of “white rice” with seizures in the amount of (510,572 tons of white rice “Ainy”).

The campaign resulted in the seizure of (130) cases of the sale of more “white rice” with seizures in the amount of (484,402 tons of white rice “in kind”), and the seizure of (25085) cases of bakery violations .. with seizures in the amount of (769,100 tons of enriched ” documentary” municipal flour – 65,470 tons of enriched baladi flour “Ainy” – 44880 enriched baladi bread “My document” – 13887 enriched baladi bread “Ainy” – 3241 smart cards) and (65) cases on the ground of retention of strategic goods with seizures in the amount of (468,297 tons of “flour, sugar, meat”, oil, pasta, salt, dill, fodder, honey, beans” – 13,344 cans of edible oil – 9,500 packs of cigarettes – 9,664 liters of cooking oil and vinegar – 255,560 tons of white flour “Ainy” – 645 cans of muesli and cheese – 250 smart meal cards (i) 346) Case of seizure of subsidized goods, with seizures, mostly (406,757 tons of “flour, meals” sugar, enriched fertilizers, oil, pasta” – 3506 packages of “edible oil – pasta” – 302 p customs cards – 1,420 tons of domestic wheat – 1,975 tons of bran – 9 A filling and dosing machine), and (1) a box in the area of ​​retention of construction materials .. with seizures in the amount of (20 tons of “cement”), and 24 cases from the area sells more than the price of construction materials .. with seizures of (272 tons of “cement”) – 11,500 tons of “reinforcing iron”).

Electrical problems

(346,250) cases were seized in the area of ​​electricity theft and breach of contract terms, and the value of the collected amounts was (295,863,135 million pounds).

Problems of tax evasion

(9189) items from the area of ​​tax evasion were confiscated: (general taxes – value added tax evasion – customs duties – protection of returned state funds and assets – real estate and amusement park tax evasion – enforcement of judgments – debt investigations and inquiry commissions) .. s monetary amounts amounting to (19,725,704,327 billion pounds) the value of hidden financial transactions that the financiers did not inform the tax administration about, and are technically checked by the competent authority in order to collect due taxes on them.

Issues of public funds

Seizure of (146) cases from the area of ​​suppression of various criminal offenses of public funds (trade in foreign exchange – trading in foreign exchange – investment of money – customs smuggling – embezzlement of public money – misappropriation of public money – acquisition and benefit of others – money laundering – illegal profit – Credit cards – fraud via the Internet).. with a total amount of money in the amount of (534,425,731 million pounds) .. first of all: confiscation of (90) items from the field of (trading and dealing in foreign exchange) with a total amount of money seized in “domestic and foreign currency” .. equivalent to (240,751,731 million pounds), and (22) items were seized, with a total number of (40) accused in the area (banking crime, fraud and defrauding bank customers, obtaining information about their electronic payment cards and taking their money by deceiving them to are customer service employees). Banks or mobile companies”)…with a total amount of seized money equivalent to (£2,050,000 million).

in the field of public security

Targeting criminal outposts in the “Manzala Lake” area in the provinces (Dakahlia – Damietta – Port Said), as well as the “Al-Sahar and Al-Jamal” areas in the provinces (Sharqia and Ismailia), during which 378 suspects were arrested, and they possessed (96 firearms – several bullets of different calibers – 190). white weapon).

(161) the object of drug trafficking was seized.

Implementation (22911) of various court decisions.

(983) various boxes were confiscated.

Examining (8507) elements of a criminal offense.

In the area of ​​targeting and control of very dangerous criminal elements

Efforts to prosecute criminal elements resulted in the death (8) of highly dangerous criminal elements and the arrest (1933) of highly dangerous criminal elements in the purview of the security administrations (Assiut – Giza – Gharbia – Dakahlia – Kafr El-Sheikh – Suez – Sharkia – Qalyubia – Qena – Alexandria – South Sinai Port Said – Luxor – Menoufia – Minya – Sohag – Red Sea – Damietta – Aswan – Ismailia – New Valley – Fayoum – Matrouh – Buhaira – Beni Suef) with a total of (905) firearms seized (machine guns – 157 automatic rifles) – 141) rifle for cartridges – rifle with a bullet – 30 pistols – 575 domestic persons – large quantities of bullets of different calibers and various narcotic materials and tablets).

In the area of ​​control of firearms, knives, illegal ammunition and gangs

(3599) firearms were seized.. in the possession of (2972) suspects.. The most prominent of them were (2 grenades – machine gun – 328 automatic rifles – 504 “fired and empty” rifles – 170 pistols – 2594 local personnel – a large number of bullets of various calibers – 480 safes), as well as confiscation (5753 weapons).

Confiscation of (5) workshops for the production of firearms: confiscation in them (unloaded rifle – pistol – 20 domestic employees – 50 pieces of white weapons – a large number of bullets of different calibers – tools and parts for making them).

(24) groups of gangs, including (76) suspects, who committed (77) accidents were seized.

(458) accused criminal elements who are known to have committed acts of violent behavior and possessed (9 automatic rifles – 13 “unloaded” rifles – 6 pistols – 166 domestic members – 277 pieces of white weapons – a certain number of bullets of different calibers) .

in the field of execution of judgments

Implementation (2123966) of various court decisions.. as follows:

▪ (8075) verdict for a criminal offense.

▪ (659,257) partial prison sentence.

▪ (122844) appealed the verdict.

▪ (1034516) fine solution.

▪ (299,274) misdemeanor decisions.

in the field of drug control

(6,241 cases of drug trafficking) were seized, with a total of (6,971) accused.

▪ The amount of banjo drugs (4027.499 kilograms) was weighed.

▪ The amount of intoxicating hashish (1805.291 kilograms) was weighed.

▪ Amount of ice “Shabu”, weight (390,309 kilograms).

▪ The quantity of the drug heroin (307,179 kilograms) was weighed.

▪ The amount of Astrox anesthetic was weighed (162.94 kilograms).

▪ The amount of narcotic opium (2,763 kilograms) was weighed.

▪ The amount of voodoo drug was weighed (1.60 kilograms).

▪ Number (18,414,244 tablets of Tramadol – 2 kilograms of the same drug).

▪ Number (120,740 effects discs).

▪ Number (37,789 anesthetic tablets for the drug Captagon – 3 kilograms for the same drug).

▪ The number of (8) money laundering cases… amounted to a total of approximately (147,000,000) million pounds acquired through the illegal drug trade.

▪ Taking legal action against (27) unlicensed addiction treatment centers.

▪ The financial value of narcotics is estimated at approximately (2,027,000,000) billion pounds.

In the field of controlling qualitative issues

▪ Returning (28) cars reported stolen.

▪ (255) juvenile items were confiscated.

▪ seized (14,278) utility items.

▪ Unraveling the mysteries of (320) accidents (kidnapping – murder – theft under duress – arson – impersonation) with a total of (525) suspects.

In the area of ​​work control

(916) cases from the field of work and the protection of intellectual property rights were seized, namely: (463) cases from the field of combating the criminal offense of work with the confiscation of (46) units, at most (smartphone – central processing unit – laptop – routers – decoder cards for satellite channels – device for downloading code cards – antenna – access device – antenna devices for transmitting and receiving long-range wireless signals – receivers of different brands – decoding cards for signal amplification devices), as well as (453) items from the field of publications with by seizures in the amount of (57954) ) represented in (textbooks for different years and study materials – religious books of different sizes – commercial publications “without obtaining the authorization of the holder of material and moral rights”).

In the area of ​​control of traffic violations

▪ (2,613,113) were confiscated for various traffic violations.

▪ (891090) speeding offenses were confiscated.

▪ Passing by (1,037) schools, and conducting an analysis to detect intoxicating substances for (3,027) school bus drivers, and (11) positive cases were determined, (2,668) vehicles were inspected, and it was determined that (79) vehicles violated the conditions technical correctness.

▪ Analysis of narcotic substances in (11,732) road vehicle drivers, of which (655) drivers tested positive.

▪ Actions for abandoned and disintegrated vehicles throughout the country have been discontinued: (1484 cars – 162 motorcycles).

▪ Regarding motorcyclists’ misdemeanors: – confiscated (25,204) misdemeanors of not wearing a helmet.

▪ Efforts to monitor driver violations by installing flashing or audible siren warning devices for emergency vehicles, which are prohibited for installation or use except on emergency vehicles nationwide, resulted in the following: (3,671) audio device violations, (5,465) violations optical devices, (10701) violations of stained glass windows without a license, (13305) violations of posters, and confiscation of (97) stores of “audio and optical” devices. Subtracting 315 audio devices – 2301 optical devices – 823 infringing labels.

In the area of ​​safety campaigns at waste warehouses and foundries

The efforts resulted in the arrest of (298) cases, with a total of (318) accused for seizures that were heavy (35 tons and 24 kilograms).

The necessary legal measures have been taken, and the MUP authorities continue to direct mass security actions to suppress all forms of lawlessness.

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