The Ministry of Transport contracted the delivery of 100 electric buses for work on the Ring Road

Today, the Minister of Transport, Lieutenant-General Kamel Al-Wazir, and Eng. Mahmoud Esmat, Minister of the Public Enterprises Sector, witnessed the signing of a contract for the production and purchase of 100 local electric buses MCV, model SETIBUS C120E.V.

Between the Arab Union Land Transport and Tourism Company (Super Jet), one of the companies associated with the Ministry of Transport, and the Armored Vehicle Manufacturing and Repair Factory (Factory 200 Military) associated with the National Military Production Authority, valued at £680 million, for work on the BRT bus project on the ring road
At the beginning of his speech, the Minister of Transport emphasized that this day is a very important day for all Egyptians, because it testifies to one of the major developments in the production of electric buses in Egypt, through the contracting of 100 electric buses that will work in the first phase of the express bus project on the ring road (GRT).

He added that the first phase of the bypass project has been completed and the BRT stations are being completed, as well as the second phase of the bypass development project to increase the number of electric buses that will operate in the project along with the completion of the second phase of road construction on the entire 110 km bypass

He added that this signature comes within the directives of the political leadership to localize transport industries in Egypt, including the production of environmentally friendly electric buses, in which the percentage of local production will initially reach 50%: 60%, then the percentage will gradually increase while the full rate production does not reach 100%.

He pointed out that this signature comes in support of the results of the COP27 Climate Summit, hosted by the Egyptian state in Sharm El-Sheikh, which presented a wonderful model that reflects the state’s efforts to integrate development work with the climate agenda, given that this type transportation of green mass represents a qualitative shift that preserves the future of future generations and adds civilization Facilitate the movement of citizens quickly and safely.

He mentioned among the national projects that are being carried out within the framework of the new republic, the foundations of which were laid by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the President of the Republic Electric buses that operated in Sharm El-Sheikh are currently being distributed in Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan and Hurghada, next to Sharm El-Sheikh.

He pointed out that a transport company has been formed in the capital city, in which, in addition to gas-powered buses, there will also be buses that run on electricity from the buses that drove during the climate conference, but with a different visual identity. Motors for electric vehicles that operated in Sharm El-Sheikh

The minister explained that the contracting of these buses took place after they were approved by the commission which the president directed to all interested parties to ensure that these buses reach the highest international quality standards.

He pointed out that it meets the needs of people with disabilities, adding that by relying on the domestic product, he wants to secure a solid currency, create new jobs, meet the needs of the local market, and then start exporting to countries in North Africa and Arab countries.

He emphasized that the President instructed the Egyptian government to coordinate with the private sector and maximize its participation in all projects, including transportation projects, in order to produce the largest amount of what is consumed and move to export, as well as encouraged all Egyptian producers to start in strong export base.

He pointed out that complete buses for all mass carriers, such as superjets and land carriers associated with the Holding Road, Land and Maritime Transport and others, will not be imported, but must be produced in Egypt with a certain percentage of the local component with a percentage of the foreign component. the time of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic.

He pointed out that the president and the prime minister daily monitor the implementation plan for local production, including various transport industries, and the steps being taken on the ground to localize the industry of mobile units to Egypt for railways and metros through the NIRK, SEMAF and Military Production factories.

The minister congratulated the president and the prime minister on this contract and promised the president, the prime minister and the Egyptian people that they will move forward in the implementation of this plan. He also thanked Acta (Superjet / Transportation Egypt) and Military Production for this fruitful cooperation, pointing out that in the coming period it will follow cooperation with the Ministry of Departmental Operations in the area of ​​gas-powered buses and future cooperation in the area of ​​electric and hydrogen-powered buses

It is worth noting that the BRT project is considered one of the main arteries implemented to connect the east of the capital with its west, with a connection to the new administrative capital, in order to integrate it with other means of transport (high-speed train – LRT – monorail – metro ) in order to facilitate the movement of citizens.

As well as facilitating the transportation of employees of the state administrative apparatus to the workplace, using sustainable mass transportation powered by green energy, and that the BRT frequent bus project is on the ring road.

Around Greater Cairo, the number of its stations is 47, and it will represent the civilized pattern that the state strives to achieve in the various projects it implements. For Greater Cairo and vice versa, adding that the ring road will become 6 lanes for owners, then the inner lane intended for BRT buses, so that will be a total of 7 lanes in each direction, except for Al-Munib and Al-Warraq Bridge, where there will be a total of 8 lanes in each direction. with them
The task of implementing the BRT project on the ring road was entrusted to Acta Mass Transport Company, an alliance (Arab Union for Land Transport and Tourism Super Jet Company – and Mowasalat Misr) to maximize the cooperation between the public and private sectors in the projects of the Ministry of Transport, in the implementation of the directives of the political leadership for the expansion of partnership with the private sector in all projects of the Ministry

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