Today’s episode 66 of the series Stiletto, Episode 66 Stiletto

Stiletto Episode 66 Stiletto..Watch the full episode of Stiletto Episode 66 66 on Box News Newspaper, and tonight we watch Episode 66 Prestige, which started the Syrian drama “Stiletto”, which received a great response due to its constellation. Syrian movie stars, including Dima and Bashar Karis Kandalaft, with the participation of actors and others, and we can enjoy watching today’s episode of the series Stelto, episode 66, watch for you in full now.

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Watch Stiletto Episode 66

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Nevertheless, the 66th episode of the Stiletto series witnessed a number of important events that will completely change the course of the series. The events of yesterday’s episode of the series have ended, during which we followed many exciting events. The director of the complex calls Alma and tells her that he left the position of president of the complex, and if she wants to run for office, she is tired. She can no longer manage things from the president.

Falak comes to the board of the association and tells the director of the complex that he is running for office again, but the director refuses because he is starting to feel tired, and also informs her that Alma could run for the board of the association.

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In addition, we will follow the episodes according to what we will meet with you, with the official follow-up dates attached, according to what the official Shahid platform provides after the conclusion of Stiletto Series Episode 66, which was well received by the audience, and tonight we offer the series Stiletto, episode 66 Stiletto.

Today’s episode of the series Stelto, episode 66

Shahid VIP website and platform, formerly Shahid Net, presenting the Lebanese series “Stiletto”, starring Karis Bashar. MBC, and has received a strong following in Gulf dramas since airing as a result of the series’ exciting storyline on the Box News website.

The series “Stiletto” revolves around 4 girls who are friends during their studies. Days have changed that, and events have moved so fast that some old files have been opened.

And now we suggest you to watch the series Stiletto in all its episodes from here. Now we will remind you about the notes related to the series, including ..

Stiletto Episode 66

The Stiletto series has surpassed many series in terms of viewership after the broadcast of the Stiletto series, as Syrian drama fans are waiting for the Stiletto series all over the world, especially in Syria and Lebanon, and now you can watch the Stiletto series episode 66 Stiletto.

In addition, the Stiletto series is expected to become one of the most watched series in the Arab world and the Middle East, and has a following in many parts of the Arab countries.

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Stiletto Episode 66 Dailymotion

However, the popularity of popular and controversial series in the Middle East and Arab countries has greatly increased in the recent period, so the series Al-Hiba Jabal has fans on various social networks, and the series Stiletto episode 66 surprised .

Presentation date of the Stelto series on mbc 4

The production company started broadcasting the Stelto series in the Arabic version on MBC4 every day from Sunday to Thursday at 9:00 a.m. in Saudi Arabia and Palestine and at 8:00 a.m. in the Arab Republic of Egypt, except Saturday and Friday. . And while it is As for the number of episodes, the production company has decided that this number will be 90 episodes, and the duration of one episode will be 49 minutes. At the time, the production company explained that the first two episodes of the series were broadcast on MBC4 and from the series. is started. She was admired by many fans, but also by a large number of viewers.

In addition, the series will be shown daily from Sunday to Thursday in the following timeslots:

stiletto GMT Algerian time Egypt Time of Saudi Arabia Emirates time
offer 3 in the afternoon 16 hours 17 hours 23 hours 7 in the morning
initial repetition 2.00 in the morning 3.00 in the morning 4.00 in the morning 5.00 in the morning 11:00 a.m
The fourth replay 11:00 a.m 12.00 hours 13:00 14:00 hours 3.00 in the afternoon

After that, we bring you the most important details about Stiletto Episode 66, a romantic drama series that contains excitement and suspense:

  • Company name: style .
  • Rating of the series: Drama, romance.
  • Country of origin: Saudi Arabia.
  • Production company: MBC Studios.
  • Language: Arabic.
  • Number of episodes: 90 episodes.
  • Episode Duration: 49 minutes.

Heroes of the Stiletto series

In addition, a group of stars from the artistic community participated in the new Syrian series Stiletto, where the Stiletto series began to gain great popularity throughout the Arab world after the announcement of the cast based on the series as follows:

  • Karis Bashar.
  • Dima Kandalaft.
  • Where artist Samer Al-Masry participates
  • Where Leighton Abu Farhat participates.
  • Qais Sheikh Najeeb.
  • Rita Harb is also included.
  • Badi Abu Shakra.
  • Carlos Azar.

Stiletto Series Episode 66 Stiletto

aside from We show you our esteemed followers everywhere through the Box News newspaper and new events from Stiletto Episode 66 Stiletto, which achieves consecutive successes day after day and episode after episode with the stars of Arab art.

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