From one day to five years, a program for youth sleep regulation

Different and sometimes contradictory advice that the mother receives from the first day of the child’s birth with every Tarik and visitor to congratulate her, between the advice “Let him sleep at the time he chooses”, “Don’t let him sleep for a long time”, “Don’t let him sleep in the morning to sleep at night”, a contradictory current Never ends, making mother and child a field of experiments for inherited advice that usually has nothing to do with science.

Yasmin Qadis is a young woman from the city of Luxor who, as we are all used to when a new member enters the family, listened to these tips as one of the rituals of visiting the family.

Yasmin Qadis, pediatric sleep specialist, says that it started with the suffering of my older sister, “Nardin”, with children’s sleep and her search for someone to help her take care of her little daughter and know the right way to regulate her sleep, so that Yasmin lived that experience with her sister and her child, and witnessed the extent of the changes in each of their lives after her sister’s death. She got an assistant specializing in children’s sleep, and from here she decided to start her journey to become one of the first workers in the field of “children’s sleep consulting” in Egypt.

On her way to enter this relatively new area in Egypt, Yasmine faced many challenges, and she says that the first challenge I faced was a few years ago. Limited, so I joined the Faculty of Politics and Economics, but a great development that happened in the world of communication and social communication made the matter more verifiable, so after my sister’s experience I decided to join one of the American institutes specialized and accredited in the field of children’s sleep and studied there for a full eight months until I obtained an international certificate to become a certified pediatric specialist in sleeping.

Other challenges were represented in the social culture and acceptance of the idea and its importance. Sleep regulation is not an important matter for everyone, and many mothers and fathers find it difficult to organize a sleep schedule in their lives, which is an important thing in controlling a child’s sleep, just as it harms they also have our habits of staying up late and sleeping late. The extreme in the regulation of the child’s sleep, which also affects the children, is of course in addition to the wrong advice that the mother receives from the environment, and the suffering of many mothers due to the interference of others in their lives, and Yasmin says that every child is different from others and that there is no one-size-fits-all advice. the matter depends on developing a program that is suitable for the condition of each child and the age they are going through. In fact, it is the opposite of the usual inability to control children’s sleep. When the child is prepared in the appropriate conditions, the child’s sleep can be organized in a way that somehow contributes to his sleep. True, and in providing enough time for the mother to rest and sleep at the appropriate time. Unfortunately, many parents do not realize how important it is to have a certain routine for their children. For example, one of the elements that can have a very negative effect on a child’s sleep is constantly changing the sleeping place. This is one of the causes of sleep problems in children, because it is very important for children to establish a fixed routine, especially at an early stage of their life, in which the child should sleep between seven in the evening and seven in the morning, in addition to obtaining a period of nap every certain number the number of hours, which varies from child to child, and it is necessary to prepare a place proportional to the child’s age. Each age stage has special requirements, and each child is a special case for itself, which requires the full awareness of the parents, so that both the child and the parents can get a good night’s sleep. Quiet, comfortable and healthy. As the sleep expert explains, a child’s healthy and solid sleep requires parents to understand many things, the most important of which is understanding the sleep needs of each age stage and its exact dates, as well as the methods used to prepare the child for sleep.

Jasmin Svetac

A child between the ages of one day and 4 months is in a phase similar to the transitional phase between its presence in the mother’s womb and between its emergence into life. the child sleeps whenever he sleeps.”

The first is the child’s need for sleep in the evening period, which starts from seven in the evening until seven in the morning, along with the organization of breastfeeding time so that the child is in accordance with the sleep cycle, which must go through its four stages in full so that the child gets his full dose of sleep every time .

As for the second rule, it is the child’s need for an adequate number of sleeps during the day, which is known as naps, and varies in number and duration depending on the stage of development the child is going through. the number of naps needed by a child between the ages of one day and three months ranges between 5 to 6 naps, and decreases to 3 to 4 between the ages of four and five months, and continues to gradually decrease until there is one nap in age group from three to five years.

The fact is that lack of interest in establishing a child’s sleep system will cause many problems, the most important of which is the imbalance of the child’s biological clock when bedtime is delayed after eight or nine hours. no later than the evening, which causes the secretion of the hormone cortisol in the child’s body, known as the stress hormone, which can cause disruption of the child’s growth process and a negative impact on his digestive and immune system, so the child is in real need of early sleep.

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