Russian deportation of Ukrainian children prompts accusations of genocide – The Financial Times

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Starting with the Financial Times newspaper, which published a report titled “Russian deportation of Ukrainian children prompts accusations of genocide”.

“Last Wednesday, the lower house of the German parliament recognized the Holodomor famine, in which millions of Ukrainians died in a 1932-1933 famine caused by Soviet collectivization policies, as an act of genocide,” wrote writer Tony Barber.

“Russia’s current abduction and deportation of Ukrainian civilians, including thousands of children, raises the question of whether a new form of genocide is taking place in Europe,” he noted.

For many Ukrainians, the writer explained, “the Holodomor is the most terrible national tragedy of the twentieth century marked by war, state violence and mass repression. Most of this happened after the Bolshevik revolution in 1917, and especially under the dictatorship of Joseph Stalin.”

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