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During the discussion conference of German Social Democratic Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s party in Berlin, the party’s delegates, of about 150 people, today, Sunday (November 6, 2022), unanimously approved a major demand entitled “Decade of departure, decade of social democracy.”

With this request, the Social Democratic Party intends to prepare for social transformations in the country. “Our democratic socialist conception of a good society is a society of respect,” the application states.

In the request, the party advocated for the introduction of fairer taxes on income, wealth and inheritance, except for profit and capital.

The party indicated that it considers funds such as a one-time wealth tax or a solidarity fee for the energy transition to be suitable tools for financing the necessary political measures.

Description of the request military capabilitiesThe request stated that “Russia’s attack on Ukraine clearly showed us that military capabilities and strategic alliances are among the foundations of a strong peace policy.”

Socialist Party leader Lars Klingbail again called on Germany to claim its right as a “leading power” on the first day of the conference.

The request included a call to the party to take care that the current energy crisis does not hinder the transition to renewable energy sources, a call to promote the digitalization of schools and public administration while simultaneously strengthening data protection, a call to improve working and training conditions, and facilitate the recognition of qualifications coming from abroad in order to attract personnel. Technically and in light of the lack of workers due to Demographic changes.


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