The most beautiful prayer for my beloved wife

A prayer for my wife who is a life partner, who shares all aspects of life with her husband, shares happiness and joy with him, and shares sadness and misfortune, because a woman is the other half who completes her husband. , in order to have a stable and peaceful life, they must exchange good and beautiful words together, and prayers that can A husband can call it to his wife, and vice versa.

A prayer for my wife baby

One of the best duas a husband can offer is a dua for my dear and dear wife, who bears the burdens of life to please her husband and bring him happiness, and therefore offers the following duas:


  • O God, make my wife dear to my heart and make her one of the righteous women in whom your noble saying is true.
  • O God, make my wife a helper for me and make me a helper for her.
  • My Lord, I am asking You to keep, keep and keep my wife. Oh God, there is no god but You who created her and You know best about her.
  • Oh God, make my wife a righteous wife for me and the righteousness of security that I will attach to him despite the harshness of life on me.

A prayer for my wife

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Prayer for my wife, my love Twitter

You can learn about the best prayers for a good wife, which is a prayer for my beloved wife Twitter, which you can send through a morning tweet to a wife, and among these prayers is the following:

  • My Lord, I am asking you to make me beautiful in the eyes of my wife, to love me in her and to love her in me, and make them guides, and my path from which I do not deviate.
  • O God, I am asking you to give my husband health and prosperity, and give me a blessing, and give her her life and health, because You are capable of everything, O Most Merciful in this world and Most Merciful in the Hereafter.
  • O peace, O believer, O dominant, secure my wife from the glare of time, and grant her with every blink of an eye security, safety and security, and grant her forgiveness, happiness and steadfastness in truth and submission.
  • My Lord, make me tender to my wife like a father and a brother in obedience to her, and make me safe and secure for her, in her heart which deserves more than that from me.

Prayer for my traveling wife

When a wife is away and traveling abroad, a good and righteous husband can pray for her good return and safety on her journey, and you can choose the appropriate dua among these dua:


  • O God, maker of the hearts of your servants, make my heart and the heart of my wife a thousand for your worship.
  • O God, protect her with your photographic protection, and record for us the joy of returning to us O God, I have given my wife into your hands, so protect her and protect her from all evil.
  • O God, you who guarded Moses while he was in the sea, and you guarded Joseph while he was in the wells, protect my wife during the journey.
  • O God, open the breast of my wife to faith in You, and explain her heart to my love, and make her never forget me and never forget me as the days pass, and make her among the guardians and the fortunate.

Prayer of happiness for a beloved wife

There are many good and beautiful prayers that a husband can address to his wife, and among these prayers is a prayer for the happiness of his beloved wife, which is:

  • Oh God, make the highest meaning of love and affection is what is between me and my husband. Oh God, please respect her and forgive her and protect her from all evil.
  • My Lord, please guide us to the best of what we love and the best of what we want in our lives. O Generous Generosity, honor us and have mercy on us with your grace.
  • My Lord, I ask You to protect my wife’s heart from sin and wrongdoing, and reconcile me and her, and guide her and guide me to Your right path. Oh God, I love her and You know, so make this love a blessing. for her and don’t make it a curse on us.

A prayer for my wife

A prayer for my wife

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The most beautiful prayer for a woman

  • Oh the great one whose greatness is unmatched, oh the merciful one whose grace is unmatched, and the mighty one whose power is unmatched, I beg you with your grace and generosity to plant love in the heart of my wife, O God, unite our hearts, O God, make me her lover and make her love me, O generous one.
  • O God, give us love that makes us happy, O God, make our hearts happy with love for each other, O God, do not see me as evil or bad in this, O generous, O God, please protect my wife and save her heart and her love for me, O generous one.
  • O God, bless my wife for me, and make love and mercy between us. O God, make her the dearest of your creatures for me and guide her to what she likes and is pleased with. O God, make me happy with her closeness and gather us in the highest paradise with the prophets and the righteous.
  • O God, write for me and my wife success, payment, wealth and chastity.
  • O God, reconcile me and my wife to all that is good, O God, make me the apple of my wife’s eye, and make her the apple of my eye, and make us happy together, and unite us in goodness.
  • O God, give me a good and virtuous offspring from my wife, God, help my wife in pregnancy, accompany her in her fatigue and ease her pain and effort.
  • Oh God, bless my wife’s life, clothe her in the robe of health and heal her from every disease and affliction.
  • Oh God, what doctors cannot do, you are the Lord of doctors and nothing is impossible for you.

Prayer for deceased wife

  • O God, move her from the straits of burden, and from the brood of worms, to your gardens, eternal gardens.
  • O Allah, forgive her, have mercy on her, heal her, have mercy on her, honor her abode, widen her entrance, wash her with water, snow and hail and cleanse her of sins as a white garment is cleansed of dirt.
  • O God, she is in your protection, and the rope of your side, keep her from the trial of the grave, and suffering in the fire. You are a people of loyalty, so forgive her and have mercy on her, indeed, you are the Forgiving and the Merciful.

Prayer for a woman on Friday

  • God, on blessed Friday, give my wife a righteous life, and follow the good ones, God, keep her evil friends away from her and protect her from every eye, God, help her to listen and worship You. You good, God, multiply her good deeds, and ignore her bad deeds, and protect her with what you protect Your righteous servants, and fortify her from all evil.
  • Oh God, on this blessed day, I pray that my wife will be obedient to me, that she will stick to my coexistence, that she will help me to be obedient to you, that I will be a help that she will be obedient to you, and that she will be a good wife to me.
  • Oh God, I am asking you on this blessed day to bless us with our offspring as you blessed Abraham, peace be upon him, and to grant my wife patience for me, and to give me peace and coolness, as you made fire. freshness and peace for Ibrahim, peace be upon him, and remove Satan from us.
  • O God, on Friday I ask you to guide my wife and fix her heart, and to prove her on the right path, O Lord of the worlds., O God, forgive her sins and sins and multiply her charities, you are capable of everything.
  • (Allah, reconcile our hearts, reconcile us, guide us to the paths of peace, deliver us from darkness to light and shun immorality, apparent and hidden, and bless our hearing, our sight, our hearts, our spouses, our offspring and give We are grateful for your grace, we praise those who receive it and complete it for us).

A prayer for my wife, which is considered a grace and affection that God created between a man and his wife, and he is the one who loves her for God’s sake and begs her to improve her condition and save her from all evil.


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