This child is a great artist who lived through a difficult childhood and a painting that got her beaten and divorced!!… Her sister’s daughter is a famous artist!! You won’t believe who you are?

She was and still is a symbol and icon of joy, happiness and multiple talents, but her life was a series of troubles and pains from childhood until she passed away at a young age after a journey of suffering with illness.

She is the beautiful star Naima Akef, the queen of the fair weather show. A beautiful star who grew up in her father’s circus in Tanta, she lived through her childhood tragedy and years of misery after her father went bankrupt and she and her sisters were forced to move with their mother to Cairo.

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The mother refused to work with her daughters in the halls because she felt that she wanted to use them shamefully, and the four girls began to perform in the street in order to find something to satisfy their hunger and help them in life, until he saw them at the crusher , so Naima joined his band and was then hired by Badia Masabani.

While many directors did not see her and used her, she appeared as a dancer in the film “Sett Al-Bayt”, but she presented her first acting role in the film (Kleb i sol) after being admired by the director Hussein Fawzi, who hired her in several films and married her.

As soon as Naima Akef got to know the path of happiness and fame, she suffered from the jealousy of her husband, the director Hussein Fawzi, who was years older than her, and fights often broke out between them because of his intense jealousy and anger towards her.

The great writer Muhammad Badih Sarbia, who had a strong connection with people of art, wrote about Naima Akef’s journey and her tragic life story, about her divorce and her painful journey.

Sarbia said that after marrying director Hussein Fawzi, Naima Akef was a star of art societies, and with her husband she organized many evening parties for art stars, and she had good relations with everyone, so she and her husband were the first to be invited to any what a party held by all her colleagues.

But my husband’s jealousy towards Naima Akef grew day by day, until I almost affected her artistic status and success, so he made it impossible for her to cooperate with any other director or producer, and forced her to apologize for numerous films .

Hussein Fawzi’s jealousy of Naima Akef reached the point where he was angry when she laughed at a joke told by a colleague or talked to a young man, according to journalist Badih Sarbia, or even watched the films of some of her fellow artists.

On one occasion Hassan, Fawzi and his wife Naima met in Beirut with the great artist Anwar Wajdi and invited them to spend the evening in a night club. Indeed, the couple left, and according to the rules of etiquette, Fawzi sat in the chair opposite his wife while Anwar and Jadi sat next to her, and it happened that Anwar told a joke and Naima laughed.Akef loudly, meanwhile the reporter several of them painted.

After the evening ended, Hussein Fawzy blamed his wife and then severely beat him. He did not sleep until he went to the journalist and took the film he had taken from him, but one picture remained with the journalist in another film.

After her husband calmed down, Naima Akef decided to divorce her, and his attempts to apologize failed, and she persisted in her position so as not to turn to the judiciary.

Namely, Naima Akef held several concerts in Tunisia and Morocco and achieved great success at them. Hussein Fawzi’s attempts to get her to give up on the divorce decision failed. After their return, their divorce took place. After that, Naima Akef married the accountant Salah Abdel-Aleem and gave birth to an only son, Muhammad, and Hussein Fawzi married a young woman. A beautiful woman named Sherout Fahmy, who later became a star, Laila Taher.

Many do not know that Naima Akef is the aunt of the artist Sabreen, and Sabreen grew up in the Akef family, which is known for circus performances, and she started acting at the age of four, through small roles, after that she had a lot of experience with singing at the age of twelve, Studied is at the Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, but she devoted herself entirely to acting and became famous for numerous roles, and she also became famous for some film and television works.

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