What are the psychological and social needs of your child?

Despite the mutual differences of children, most of their needs are similar and cannot be bypassed regardless of the circumstances, and parents must understand these needs and want to provide them, and the most prominent among them are the child’s need for love and emotional security, the need for stability and constancy principles, the need to acquire a good education, etc. Needs without which a child’s life cannot be harmonized… and all of them fall within the scope of psychological and social needs. Meeting with education expert Dr. Magda Mostafa, professor of education at Helwan University; For explanation and clarification.

The needs of the child… cannot be ignored

Life does not continue if the child’s needs are not met
  • A child’s needs are essential things that a child cannot do without, life cannot continue without them, and parents must distinguish between them and wishes.
  • Meeting these needs of children helps them to be mentally healthy and successful people in the future.
  • While desires are things that the child wants to have or do, but his life is not radically affected if they are not available.. and can be omitted.
  • Such as the desire to buy toys, the desire to buy a phone or tablet or the child’s desire to watch TV, for example.

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The need for love and acceptance

A child’s need for love and acceptance
  • Every child needs love and acceptance from others, and this need starts from childhood, and it depends on the mother to satisfy it, which generates confidence in oneself and others, and the satisfaction of this need leads to feelings of anxiety, tension and restlessness.

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The child’s need for security and emotional support

  • This need is considered one of the most important psychological and social needs, especially in the early stages of a child’s development. With her, the child feels warm and safe, which helps him to grow properly, in all physical, mental, social and psychological aspects.

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The need for social respect

It is necessary that the child in this stage feels valued, accepted and recognized by others, and that he is desirable in the group he belongs to, which helps him to perform his social role well.
Appreciation must be commensurate with his age and compatible with the prevailing customs and traditions of his society.

The need for success and standing out

A child must succeed and be distinguished in order to have self-confidence
  • It is a need that makes the child believe in himself and feel safe, which encourages him to new behaviors to improve his behavior. To stimulate the child’s motivation and encourage him to achieve greater success, by strengthening his efforts, no matter how small they are.

The need for self-affirmation

  • This need begins to appear in a child from childhood. Where the child needs to feel self-affirmation, that he is competent and that he can do a lot, as well as that he expresses himself within the limits of his abilities and possibilities, therefore he always seeks the reaction of parents and the environment, confirming this. a position he cherishes.

The need to practice freedom and independence

  • In his development, the child seeks independence and self-confidence, and for this he needs to take part of the responsibility in the beginning, and later bear it completely.
  • We must train the child to bear the consequences of his actions and actions, considering that he has an independent personality, while training the child to respect the freedom and privacy of others.

The need to accept the authority of the household

  • The child needs someone who will guide and see him, and reward him for correct actions in order to strengthen him, but also guide him to unacceptable patterns of behavior, in order to avoid them.
  • This is how conscience grows, and moral responsibility is formed in it. Just as a child loses his sense of security if his independence is restricted, he loses his sense of security if he lives in a chaotic atmosphere.

The need to play

A child’s need for play develops a spirit of cooperation and empathy with others

This need is not only related to physical needs, but also belongs to psychological and social needs, since the child learns social habits through play, such as; Respect for the rules of the game, respect for the roles of others and respect for their ideas, as well as the spirit of cooperation, altruism and love and empathy for others.

Other needs of children

A sense of stability and belonging is one of the child’s basic needs
  • The child’s need to feel stable. This feeling comes from the child’s environment and his family, and this feeling in the child can be made possible through the family connection that gives the child a sense of belonging.
  • The child’s need for stability. This feeling is generated from parents’ adherence to firm and organized rules in education. So that the child gets used to it over time, and uses it to organize his life or raise his children in the future.
  • A child’s need for positive role models. Parents are the first role models in children’s lives, so they must have good values ​​and teach them to them.

Steps to meet the child’s needs

Make sure you talk to your child all the time
  • Make sure you always speak to the children in a calm, loving voice.
  • Listen carefully to everything the child says; So that parents can understand and apply his needs.
  • The home should be quiet and tidy so that children feel safe.

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