Among them are miserliness and lies. Flaws that you do not accept in a future husband

Choosing a life partner for a woman is an obsession, because a bad choice of a husband affects her present and future, and puts her fate before two decisions, either she accepts a life that is not suitable for her and carries all her addictions, or she bears the title of divorced woman in a merciless society.

Thinker Ahmed Khaled Tawfiq says, “Success in marriage does not require marrying the right person. Success requires being the right person.”

That’s why many girls wonder on what basis they choose a life partner and the qualities of a man capable of marriage, and how to know this during engagement or before agreeing to a suitor so that they can make an appropriate decision.

In these lines, the worst traits whose bearer is not capable of being a husband and founding a mentally healthy family will be highlighted, some of the effects of these traits on married life will be pointed out, and the most prominent signs that characterize the bearer of these traits.

Disadvantages do not accept a future husband

1- Narcissism

Being associated with a narcissistic person causes many problems for women, because it is known that a narcissistic person creates a state of tension and confusion among those associated with him, and also makes a woman constantly ready for any possible conflict, and makes her always wonder about the mistake she made towards to this man because he treated her so cruelly, narcissism is one of the psychological disorders that makes a person feel arrogant and arrogant towards others and demands excessive attention and admiration from them, since he sees himself as better than them and does not feel empathy towards others and try to use them.

2- Selfishness:

It is bad to associate with a selfish person, who sees only himself in everything, and his interests are always more important than anything else, because he is not ready to sacrifice his time, effort or money for your good and your happiness, as he monopolizes what does he know about himself, as he does not accept to share knowledge and experiences with you. What does he have, unlike a suitable husband who does not think of sharing with you all the knowledge he has learned in life, and prefers you to himself, because he seeks you do better than him, and sacrifices everything he has for your benefit.

3- Love of control

One of the worst types of men is a man who likes to control his wife and treats her inferiorly, does not give her a sense of independence and does not care about her wants and needs. He believes that by imposing his control, he shows his masculinity and strength and makes married life successful. In realizing her ambitions, he is not afraid of her development and supremacy, on the contrary, it makes him proud because he does everything in his power to make her happy.

4- Miserliness

A woman feels proud and satisfied when she is associated with a generous person, so a woman does not want to be associated with a man who asks her in return for every service he provides, and does not meet the needs of his home and children Nature has overcome nature, because he is stingy the man behaves more carefully than usual, so he does not give gifts, does not accompany his fiancee on trips, procrastinates on financial matters such as wedding requests and so on, and is also happy to choose anything that is cheaper, regardless of quality.

5- Addiction

A woman does not want to get attached to a big child who treats him like his own mother, so she cleans up the mess around him all the time, accompanies him to meals and the need to go to the doctor and fulfills everything he wants as if he is a helpless person. He is so dependent that she never she will not be happy, and she will feel upset because of him. She wants a responsible and reliable man, not a dependent child who does nothing by herself and needs her in everything.

6- Doubt

Although jealousy is considered a form of love, excessive jealousy leads to suspicion, and no relationship can continue and suspicion surrounds her from all sides. He prevents his wife from doing what she wants under the pretext of jealousy without any logical justification, just like his suspicions he shows things that didn’t happen, which makes him constantly jealous and repulsive and causes problems with her for no reason.

7- Lying

A lie destroys a marriage relationship and leads it into an abyss, because it works to destroy trust between spouses, and a relationship with an untruthful person is very disturbing, because a woman loses her sense of security and respect for her partner, and also prevents her from enjoying anything in her life , because she feels confused and is no longer able to distinguish a lie from the truth, just as a lying man blackmails her emotionally whenever he lies to her, because he makes her feel guilty if she shows him her feelings of disbelief, because he takes advantage of her kindness to deceive her.

8- Non-cooperation

A relationship with a man who is not ready to cooperate is painful for a woman, because she values ​​a man who values ​​her and feels tired of her, and tries to support her in everything. Cooperation between spouses is necessary because it creates closeness and strengthens the bonds of love, unlike a man who does not want to cooperate, who considers a woman hard-hearted and does not care about her feelings, tries to avoid the responsibilities entrusted to him and does not show interest in his wife or makes her feel his love. It should be noted that it is possible to get a man used to cooperation by avoiding issuing orders and prior agreement on these matters before marriage.

Finally, it should be noted that we are human beings who have almost no flaws, and a man’s possession of one of these qualities does not mean that he is a bad man. traits, then marriage is eternal life and should be lived with love and stability, and the decision should be made thoughtfully and logically, away from emotions, interference and experiences of others.

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