Egypt.. New developments regarding the attack on nurses and comments from the defendant’s lawyer

On Sunday, Egypt’s public prosecutor’s office issued a brief statement regarding the incident at Quesna Hospital, in Menoufia province, north of Cairo.

The incident of the attack on the medical staff at the state hospital caused a lot of controversy, especially after the main defendant’s lawyer denied that one of the beaten nurses had a miscarriage, which the hospital captain confirmed in previous statements.

The State Attorney’s Office revealed that on December 1 of this year, it received a report from nurses, workers and security staff at the Quesna Central Hospital about the assault and injury of a female patient – in the gynecology department – on them, following a dispute over treatment In the statement filed against him, the State Attorney’s Office was charged investigate the facts attributed to the other defendants.

The State Prosecutor’s Office went to the hospital and inspected the hospital, and it was found that some of the medical equipment, furniture and recording equipment were damaged.

The prosecution heard the statements of the director of hospital insurance and two security guards about the fight in the gynecology department between the family of the depressed patient and the medical staff, as well as the resulting injuries to the nurses and security staff and the damage that the State Attorney’s Office investigated.

The State Prosecutor’s Office also heard the testimony of the surveillance camera officer, who stated that there is a backup copy of the camera footage that monitors the event.

The State Prosecutor’s Office decided to invite the director of the hospital and other participants in the event to listen to their statements, and the investigation is ongoing.

the scenario of what happened

Activists on social media said the gunman, who was said to be a pilot, went to Quesna Hospital to treat his pregnant wife who was bleeding.

According to what they said, due to the “almost permanent shortage of medical staff in government hospitals”, the nurses asked the policeman to wait a bit as the doctor on duty was busy with surgery.

And it seems that, according to some of those stories, that made that man angry, and he thought it was negligence and that he mostly came to that hospital because it was the closest to him and that he called in an emergency.

As a result, five nurses and three female workers were injured in the attack on the medical staff, with injuries and fractures, and a pregnant nurse miscarried.

Some activists demanded harsher punishments against the aggressors, especially since one of the aggressors appeared hitting the nurse with a “kerbage” whip, which prompted one of them to ask: “Are we still living in Pasha’s time?”

On Sunday, the protector of the first accused denied that one of the beaten nurses had a miscarriage, which was confirmed by the paramedic captain in previous statements.

The nurses’ union, Kawthar Mahmoud, claimed in previous statements, reported by “Masrawy”, that one of the nurses suffered a miscarriage as a result of the beating.

Kawthar said: “According to the confirmation of a nurse at the hospital, the women attending the case started threatening the hospital’s medical staff and threatening to beat them, after which two men entered the women’s ward and beat up all the nurses present in the ward. about her abortion .

In the latest development, the accused’s lawyer, Abd al-Hamid al-Sheikh, explained that what he said was circulating on social media platforms regarding the incident of the attack was completely different from the reality.

Al-Shorouk newspaper quoted the sheikh as saying on a TV show that the accused was not with his pregnant wife when she went to the emergency room, “because she was bleeding for 3 hours without anyone helping her or is any treatment,” he claimed.

And he continued in his interview with the Al-Hadath Al-Youm channel: “The daughter-in-law sent 3 calls for help via Facebook, complaining about the lack of interest.”

The lawyer pointed out that the husband saw his sister’s cries and immediately went to the hospital and added: “He found his family detained in the hospital’s obstetrics and gynecology department, and the security forces prevented them from going to help their daughter and save what could be saved.”

He emphasized that “the mother of the accused was beaten, if she was unfairly imprisoned and detained”, continuing: “The husband defended his family, and was not present from the beginning, but the world public accused him of attacking the medical staff.”

He declared that the abortion of one of the nurses during her pregnancy was “untrue news”, commenting: “We want to make things right and give everyone justice”.

He pointed out that his client’s wife miscarried due to “gross medical negligence”, adding: “My client lost the child he waited for two years… Who will compensate him for his loss… The Ministry of Health or some other party?”

Press release of the Armed Forces

The Egyptian Armed Forces announced on Saturday that they are “closely monitoring” the incident of attacks on medical staff and female workers at the Quesna Hospital.

Army spokesman Colonel Gharib Abdel Hafez said in a statement posted on his Facebook page that “the armed forces are closely monitoring what has appeared on social media regarding the incident at the Quesna Central Hospital.”

The statement added that the armed forces confirm “full respect for the principles of the rule of law and call on everyone to be accurate in the investigation and wait until the end of the investigation.”

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