Game ideas for 3-4 year olds

Playing for a child does not mean spending time or joy and fun only with the game, as much as it means participating and enjoying the company of others with him while playing, because it is the most important part of their life, especially from the age of 3-4 years, since it is an ideal way to develop their skills, as well as an opportunity to teach them principles and morals. Without pressure and coercion, games bring the child a large part of well-being and happiness, and make him free and free, and our report today provides an overview of a series of ideas for children’s games suitable for the age of 3-4 years, in addition to which the child’s motor, mental, social and language skills develop, and his ideas open to innovative new things. Meeting with Dr. Fatima Al-Shennawy, professor of psychiatry and lecturer of human development.

Formation of a child 3-4 years old

A child at this age begins to grow, perceive and differentiate
  • At this age, the child begins to understand, grow and distinguish more. He can also express and pronounce the names of things. Therefore, this rule must be developed and used to give the child more.
  • This is done in a simple and easy way, without the child feeling that he is learning or that there is an educational goal behind the game. This is where the parents’ intelligence appears in choosing a game and offering it to the child. The most important thing is their participation in it, especially at the beginning of the child’s introduction to the game.
  • Diversification is needed in choosing a game for a child; It is desirable to include some educational details in every game you choose for your child. Which helps him recognize animals, fruits and vegetables, numbers and letters.

The most important characteristics of a 3-4 year old child

  • A 3-year-old child not only enjoys group play with children, but also enjoys interacting with them. Given his command of the language of dialogue, asking questions and knowing that they are real people, apart from knowing a few words of taste and courtesy, “please”, “thank you”.
  • A child at the age of four is best described as: dynamism, enthusiasm, adventure, boldness and freedom from restrictions, along with stupidity and violence, which is the age of starting nursery school, and this is accompanied by a great passion for letters and numbers and acceptance of academic methods of control and connecting the child with his teacher.

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Game ideas for children from 3 to 4 years old

Letter and number games develop the child’s mind
  1. Games with letters: At this age, the child becomes able to count from 1 to 10, so let the game introduce him to the shape of letters and how to write them.
  2. A game in which animals are first defined by their names, sounds and places of residence, and then divided into land, sea, domestic and forest species.
  3. Learn about means of transport and their classification by land, sea and air. Boys enjoy this form of play more than girls.
  4. A child at this age understands the seasons and what differentiates each season, such as the weather, fruits and vegetables and appropriate clothing for it, especially hot and cold seasons.
  5. Drawing: The child likes to learn to draw. Let’s use it and learn to draw it easily, such as open or closed line, circle, face in a simple way and so on.
  6. At this age, we can teach the child some easy songs, and connect them with some sports movements, so that he conquers singing and sports.
  7. Leave space for your child to play and role-play; You will find that he has tremendous acting ability; He empties what’s inside him, and with that we introduce him to some professions such as doctor, policeman, engineer and teacher.

Choose educational games

Playing with putty – clay – helps the child to be creative
  • Yes, make sure that the chosen game is more educational than fun. Where consciousness and awareness of the child begins to blossom. And it increases with the passage of time and the sequence of his acquisition of skills, and one of the suitable games at this time for the development of intelligence is a puzzle.
  • The puzzle is one of the games that develop children’s intelligence, because it pleases them and captures their interest, because the child gets involved in modifying, shaping and assembling shapes.
  • also play with playdough; It is cute. Clay is not an ordinary game, but a special game that helps the child to be creative and develop his mental abilities. It also develops the child’s physical abilities and strengthens the hand muscles. It is a great stage before learning to hold a pencil and write.
  • Playing with cubes, stacking and forming shapes is one of the fun games because it stimulates the imagination and helps to form the child’s unique personality, and he will develop it and add many of his newly acquired skills to it.
  • And don’t forget that the most important and beautiful way to build a relationship with children is by playing with them, even if they take a lot of your time, because those moments are what will be etched in their memory and make them creative after choosing a game.
  • Sea games, playing with sand and water are among the special games at this age, because the texture of the sand helps children understand things, strengthens their confidence and helps their physical development, through pouring, sifting and enjoying making simple shapes.

drawing and coloring

  • It is possible for a child at this age to get a set of books for blank drawings that he colors, and a set of colors that help him hold a pencil and develop muscles, recognize shapes and drawings, and differentiate colors in a simple way, and such games help form the child’s taste.

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Cubes and combinations

Many new and innovative games suitable for the third and fourth child
  • Other attractive games for children aged 3-4 are the kitchen game; As children at this age try to imitate their mother and father, especially girls, they really like to go into the kitchen with their mothers and try to imitate them.
  • Therefore, children can buy colored plastic kitchens, as it is one of the favorite children’s toys, which is widely available today.
  • Recognizing body parts, naming and explaining their usefulness. There are several games that carry disassembled body parts that the child can put in the appropriate place, which greatly helps the child in recognition.

A set of plastic fruits and vegetables

  • In order for the child to know everything, the color and the name, he has to see it in a three-dimensional form, so this is a group of prominent games suitable for children of this age.
  • Likewise, games related to the development of thinking, learning to think and move figures, as well as help in recognizing colors and shapes such as chess and letter games that combine names or shapes that are dear to the child.

Game of traffic lights

  • The game of traffic lights helps the child to distinguish and recognize shapes and colors, and how to cross the road imaginatively, and it also helps him to understand that there are rules and things that must be applied in life.
  • A child at this age can ride a bike well at home, and this game helps him move his bones and muscles and release energy. Riding a bike is important for all ages.

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Animal figurines

Dolls and animal figures are games that develop children’s knowledge
  • Among the games that stimulate the child’s imagination and shape shapes and drawings in a beautiful and stereoscopic way are animal figures and dolls of different shapes and colors.
  • Also, cars occupy part of the attention of children, especially boys, whether it is a game of arranging cars or a game with electric cars, they all arouse their interest and joy.

cartoon characters

  • At this age, the child becomes attached to the cartoon characters and each child begins to admire each character that is unique only to him, so he can play with the character’s clothes or his figures.


There is nothing wrong with reading a story on a laptop
  • At this age, the child is aware and pays very good attention to the things around him, because he can recognize the meaning of the picture and the name of the animal. He also understands the significance of the story… There is no objection to reading the story with the help of modern technology.

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