A new system for the CFI Premier League… and the addition of “foreign” instructions

Khaled Tayseer Al-Amiri – The Interim Commission of the Basketball Federation adopted the program of matches of the CFI Premier Basketball League for men for the new 2022 season, which begins on December 26 this year and lasts until April 28 next year, in which the following teams will participate: Al-Ahly, Orthodox, Jubaiha, Al-Riyadi and Kafriuba. And Ashrafieh.
The Premier League matches will be held at Prince Hamza Hall in Al-Hussein Youth City and Al-Hassan Hall in Irbid, where the tournament will be broadcast live on Jordan Sports Channel.
The “League Train” will stop after the end of the first phase (back and forth) on January 27, when the national team gathers to prepare for the matches against India and the Philippines in the final and decisive round of the World Cup 2023 qualifiers, provided the league resumes on the 3rd. March. (March) Next, the second stage (home and away) will take place between the top four teams in the table, provided that the journey of the fifth-placed team stops at the barrier of the first round, which will determine the identity of the team (sixth in the table) that will be relegated in the first league club league.
And according to the new change in the league system, the teams with the first three places in the standings move to the newly created phase, which is the “third phase” which is held in the host-guest system. , so that the third-placed team will be determined with the “bronze medal”, with the condition that the two teams with two places pass on. victories.
CFI League Awards
The Premier League champion gets 30,000 dinars, second place 24,000 dinars, third place 18,000 dinars, fourth 12,000, fifth 6,000, and sixth 4,000. Each team will also receive an amount of 15,000 dinars for participation, in addition, each club will receive an amount of 3,500 dinars to support a foreign player, who is associated with the event.
Amendment of the Instructions for foreigners
In addition, the Interim Commission of the Basketball Association decided to change the instructions related to the replacement of a foreign player, so that each club will be able to replace a foreign player until the end of the return leg of the second phase, March 20 to be exact. , while a club that does not sign a contract with a foreign player during the season will be fined around 15,000 dinars.
And in the event that a professional is injured during the third and final stage, in a manner that prevents him from continuing to play based on approved medical reports, he will be allowed to replace him.
Clubs continue their contracts
The sports club, led by its coach Faisal Al-Nsour and his assistant Nayef Asfour, completed the contract of young player Nabil Katkhuda, thus joining the list of contracts that includes players: Youssef Abu Wazna, Ahmed Obaid, Malik Kanaan, Musa Mutlaq, Adham Dajani , Isaac Maraqa, Talal Bitmouni, Yazan Al-Taweel and Munir Idis, with the team looking to bring in promising players from the under-18 team to complete their roster, according to Anas Khashan, basketball file officer at the sports club.
Al-Ahly have signed a young player, Ali Kanaan, on the recommendation of their coach, Samer Nino, to join the players: Sami Bazia, Mahmoud Darwish, Mahmoud Al-Hazaymeh, Fadi Qarmish, Omar Abu Shrikh, Muhammad Ghoneim, Omar Nashawati and Muhammad Al-Buhairi, knowing that “White Laith” is awaiting the arrival of his new American professional at the end of this week.
The Ashrafieh team is expected to complete new deals in the next two days, to join the convoy of players: Alaa Al-Awadin, Musa Al-Satri, Muhammad Thiabat, Hussam Badr and Moaz Azaiza, while the Kafrouba team has attracted players: Ahmed Al- Momani, Ibrahim Al-Nasr, Youssef Shatat, Khaldoun Jubara, Ammar Al-Shreqi, Amjad Jbara and Ali Ziyadna, at a time when the Jubai team is still simmering its affairs, having signed three players so far, and they are: Muhammad Al-Abdallat, Khaled Thaher and Muhammad Al-Shamali.
Orthodox, led by their Lebanese coach Harry Savay and his assistant Zaid Sahouri, are betting on the scale of their success by including national team playmaker Freddy Ibrahim and giant pivot Muhammad Shaher over the next few days in their quest to restore past glory, joining a squad list that includes players: Hani Al-Faraj, Akef Al-Shayyab and Zaid Khoury, Ahmed Al-Khatib, Ashraf Al-Hindi, Khaled Abu Abboud and Ahmed Al-Hamarsheh.
Honorable Mention Champions League
The orthodox team is the record holder for the number of crowned Premier League titles with 27 titles, the last of which was in 2014, followed by the Al-Ahly club with 24 titles, noting that “White Laith” is the first team to win the League Cup, which was launched in 1951.
Zain Club (Fast Link) is the third most trophy club in the league title, having dominated the title for 6 consecutive years, from 2003 to 2008 to be precise, while Applied Sciences has 4 titles in its record, compared to two titles for each from the teams, Al Riyadi, Aramex, Al-Jazira and Al-Wehdat, while the teams Electricity Company, Al-Watani and Jordan each have one title in the championship that stopped just one year after its beginning, more precisely in 2017, with the dissolution federation and the formation of a commission, to solve the administrative and financial vacuum, restore interest in game incubators and attract fans to the stands.

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