An almost impossible mission for Tunisia in front of France

The Tunisian national team wants to achieve an almost impossible task and fulfill the dream of its fans by advancing to the round of 16 of the World Cup for the first time in its history.

On Wednesday, the Tunisian national team will meet its French counterpart at the stadium (Education City) in the third (last) round of the competition of the fourth group of the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup, which at the same time is witnessing another clash between the national team of Australia and Denmark.

The task of the Tunisian national team to reach the elimination rounds seems to be very difficult, as they sit fourth in the group standings table with one point, while the French national team are on top with 6 points, having achieved a full score so far, to secure their official promotion to the next round from the last round.

The fight is now limited to booking the second card in that group for the round of 16 between Tunisia and the Australian national team, which is second with 3 points, and the Danish national team, which is third with one point, on goal difference against them (Carthage Eagles).

According to the FIFA rules for the World Cup, the place in the round of 16 is decided first by the number of points, and then by the overall goal difference for all games in the group.

In case of an equal number of points and overall goal difference, the number of goals scored in all matches in the group is judged.

In the event of a tie between two or more teams, the points in the matches between the respective teams are evaluated, then the overall goal difference in the matches between the respective teams, and then the number of goals scored in the matches between those teams.

In the event of a tie, fair play standards will be applied in all group matches.

The criteria for fair play, according to colored cards, are calculated as follows: (yellow card that counts – 1 point), (indirect red card / 2 warnings / that counts – 3 points), (direct red card that counts se -4 points) and (yellow card, then A direct ejection counts -5 points).

And in the event that all these criteria remain equal, the draw will be decided at the end.

And the Tunisian national team had to beat its French counterpart (defending champions) at first, while waiting for the outcome of the second match between Australia and Denmark, where the victory of the Australian national team meant its official promotion, even if Tunisia defeated France.

It is possible that the national team of Tunisia, which has not scored or conceded a single goal in the group so far, would have taken the first place in the ranking, if they beat France, and Australia tied with Denmark.

In that case, the national team of Tunisia will be equal to the national team of Australia, which scored only two and conceded 4 goals, with a ratio of 4 points, but the general goal difference will then be in favor of coach Jalal. Al-Qadri’s team.

As for the victory of Tunisia over France, as well as the victory of the Danish national team, which scored and conceded two goals in the group, over Australia, it will mean that the Tunisian and Danish national teams are tied in the balance sheet. 4 points, to equalize the overall goal difference between them, the other team that will go with France to the knockout stage with this group.

The Tunisian national team, which is participating in the World Cup for the sixth time in its history and the second in a row, was satisfied with a goalless draw with Denmark in the first meeting of the group, but its hopes of progressing to the next round received a severe blow, after losing 0 in the second round -1 from Australia.

And Didier Deschamps, the coach of the French national team, may push a number of alternative elements in the match, in order to rest his main stars before entering the elimination rounds of the World Cup, especially since the tie will be enough for (the Roosters) to keep the lead in the group, regardless of the outcome of the second match between Australia and Denmark.

And in the event that Deschamps makes this decision, it could relatively ease the fate of the Tunisian national team, who have achieved two victories in the 17 games they have played so far in their World Cup career, which began in 1978, to achieve a surprise and snatch victory from fangs to the French national team.

Jalal Al-Qadri, the coach of the Tunisian national team, admitted that his team’s task became difficult after the loss to Australia, especially since its fate is no longer in his hands, but he hopes that success will stand with him in the face. of France.

Al-Qadri said after the defeat against Australia: There are no miracles in football, and the French national team holds the title of the last edition and it is a wonderful team.

For its part, the French national team showed its ability to defend the title of world champion, which it won at the last World Cup in Russia in 2018.

Despite the numerous injuries that hit the ranks of the French national team before the start of the tournament, which affected many of its prominent stars, led by Karim Benzema, the veteran Spanish striker of Real Madrid, who won the award (Ballon d’Or) as the best player in the world this year, still has retained its luster and luster.

The French national team opened their World Cup campaign with a convincing 4-1 win over Australia, before defeating their Danish counterparts 2-1 in a special European clash between them.

The French national team has maintained an unbeaten record in the last nine matches at the World Cup, in which they have achieved 8 wins and one draw, since the last defeat of the national team dates back to the edition of the competition in Brazil in 2014, losing 0-1 in the quarter-finals to the national team of Germany that broke through according to winning the then title.

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