FIFA World Cup Qatar deserves more praise and mentions at the regional and global level



FIFA World Cup Qatar deserves more praise and mentions at the regional and global level

December 3, 2022 at 12:35 a.m

Doha – Qena

Doha, Dec 2 (QNA) Global praise and mentions by every follower of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 have not stopped, with the success of the State of Qatar in organizing an exceptional World Cup by any standards, and the success in presenting a prominent version of football’s biggest competition with coverage of more than three billion viewers, where all opinions agree that the upper limit of the challenge presented by the Qatari authorities will make it difficult for future organizers of the competition.

Observers of the World Cup around the world assessed that what they saw in Qatar was not strange for a country that took an ambitious line and a high level of organization and optimal planning for this great event, noting Doha’s success in gaining everyone’s trust, the positive echoes of the impressive opening ceremony of the tournament they are still important on the international political, media and sports scene.

Visitors to Qatar, heads of state and government, as well as high-ranking political and diplomatic figures, praised the tournament’s impressive organizational level, huge stadiums and infrastructure that the state of Qatar enjoys, considering that this is not the only bright side of this tournament, but extends to all aspects of life in the world, the state, especially security, social peace and coexistence of all members of society.

Some international media have decided to focus on another topic in their coverage of the World Cup, which is the unprecedented presence of women in the events of the tournament, given that the security measures taken by the State of Qatar have made this World Cup the safest in the history of the World Cup. which prompted many women and families to attend matches, whether day or night, without fouls being recorded, in a precedent not seen during the 21 editions of the tournament.

In this context, H.E. the ambassador of the Russian Federation in that country, Dmitriy Nikolayevich Dugadkin, confirmed that Qatar’s hosting of this major sporting event is taking place at a high level of organization and professionalism, stressing that everything is going well.

In an interview with the Russian news agency TASS, Dugadkin added that Qatar leads an ambitious line and an active foreign policy, noting that Doha has been achieving great sporting success by hosting major international tournaments for twenty years, considering the World Cup in Qatar and the image in which Doha has appeared In front of the world, as a reflection of his leadership in the organization of the biggest events at the international and regional level.

Dugadkin also spoke about the campaigns of skepticism that have affected Qatar’s hosting of the tournament, stressing that these doubts and accusations are behind other sides with dubious agendas.

On the other hand, Germany’s DW TV prepared, in its English version, a report highlighting the safety and security of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, considering that these two elements paved the way for the unprecedented presence of women in stadiums.

The report said that “one of the features of this World Cup is the presence of women in an unprecedented way”, noting that many women usually avoid going to stadiums, but fans feel safer during the World Cup in Qatar thanks to high-quality and effective security measures and measures .

The report included an intervention by a Saudi woman, during which she confirmed that the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar had created a great sense of enthusiasm among the cheerleaders, as they were going through a new experience.

For his part, the American expert in luxury tourism services, Johnny Vegas, confirmed that the World Cup in Qatar was the most enjoyable event for him, because it touched a great rapprochement of people, despite the cultural differences between them. The food and drinking water, being impressive, reflect the image of a great welcome to the guests of the World Cup, and also reflect the ability of this event to unite nations.

In an interview with the UK’s GB News TV, Vegas spoke about the manifestations of joy he witnessed at the World Cup, noting that Souq Waqif is an attraction for all the fans who flock to it from all parts of the city, in addition to turning the Corniche into a venue for live concerts with sounds firecrackers and fireworks.

In addition, a report by Saudi Al-Ekhbariya TV states that after 12 years of preparation and readiness, under the slogan “Meeting Humanity”, and in the presence of leaders, heads of Arab and Islamic countries, international personalities and almost 67,000 fans, Qatar is opened the first FIFA World Cup in the Middle East amid an influx of global audiences and millions of visitors.

The report indicates that the FIFA World Cup in Qatar represented a real turning point in the Arab region, especially in the Arabian Gulf region, given that it will have a positive impact on the region as a global investment and tourist destination, and will contribute to highlighting the previous development and development in various fields and introducing the world to Qatar and other countries. The Gulf and its position and great achievements.

The report praised the outstanding achievement of hosting the first Arab country in the Middle East for this global event, which is held every four years, and the success achieved by Qatar in hosting this global event and in its excellent organization of its activities is undoubtedly a source of pride for all Arabs and the Gulf. citizens.

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