How do I know most people are accessing my Twitter account

How can I know the most people who access my Twitter account, Twitter is known as one of the largest social networks that allows tweeting, sharing and hashtags for many topics and phrases, so how to know recent visits to your Twitter profile and website to know who visited my Twitter account. Questions asked by employees of the Twitter social networking program in Saudi Arabia want to get extensive and direct answers to satisfy the curiosity of users who want to know the identity of secret people who visit personal accounts.

Twitter Wikipedia

Twitter is one of the most popular programs and applications for social networking in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, because it was first launched in 2066 in the United States of America, and won the enthusiasm of users and gained great popularity in 2012. AD. The number of its users has reached 100 million users, and Twitter belongs to the list of blogging and networking services Social networks specialized in posting messages known as tweets from user to user and reposting them by users, and 280 languages ​​were added to Twitter by 2022. After tweets a maximum of 140 characters is specified.

Most people log into my Twitter account

Unfortunately, users cannot see who has accessed their personal accounts even when Twitter Analytics is enabled due to the data privacy policy that Twitter enforces on the social network system for its tweets and has released several plugins and extensions for Google Chrome that claim to know who viewed Twitter personal accounts of customers, but these extensions are often used to scam and steal user data for marketing companies and they prefer not to trust these programs or extensions, and through Twitter Analytics, users can know the number of views just from the tweets and the number of impressions by following the following steps

  • Download the Twitter app for Android ““.
  • Download the Twitter app for iPhone ““.
  • Open the application on your mobile phone.
  • Log in to your Twitter account using your username and password.
  • Click the More option in the main Twitter options menu.
  • Choose analytics.
  • Click Enable Analytics.
  • Select Profile Visits.
  • Tweets created by them are displayed separately to users with options to interact and visit the user’s profile without detailed information or data.
  • Not all Twitter users can recognize profile visitors.

How do I know who is connecting to my Twitter account through HootSuite

Twitter clients and users can identify people who visit their personal accounts through HootSuite using the following features

  • HootSuite is an easy to download social media account management app for Android devices.
  • HootSuite can be downloaded on iPhone devices.
  • Open the mobile app.
  • Sign in to your Twitter account through the app.
  • See the response on the user profile.
  • Explore the most popular Tweets with your audience and followers.
  • Analyze tweets and find out how many retweets a user has.
  • Determine the number of new followers on your account.
  • Find out the top followers who viewed a user’s tweets.
  • HootSuite includes an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard for tracking account information.
  • Detection of defective areas in the profile and short reaction time.
  • Analysis of tweets from the angle of the most viewed and most popular content among followers and avoiding inappropriate content among the audience.

How can I know the most people who enter my Twitter?

Social media users can see who has accessed most personal accounts through Crowdfire with the following features

  • Download the Crowdfire app on Android devices.
  • Download the Crowdfire app for iPhone devices.
  • Open the mobile app.
  • Log in to your personal Twitter account as shown.
  • Easily view all comments on user tweets.
  • See all tweet likes and see who viewed a user’s tweets.
  • Provide the user with a weekly profile performance report.
  • Analysis of posts according to the number of likes, shares and retweets.
  • Schedule posts and tweets based on a user-selected time period.

How do I know most people are accessing my Twitter account

Users can see who has visited their Twitter profile via whotwi by following these steps

  • Enter the official website of “whotwi”.
  • Enter the User Profile ID in the required field as shown in the image.
  • Press the search button and the page will display all visitor information for the entered personal Twitter account.

Ways to increase engagement on Twitter

Twitter continues to maintain its prominence among social networks as a useful social media platform for businesses and marketers, with 330 million monthly active users and 145 million daily active users. Experts have identified ways to increase engagement on Twitter with the following

Interaction with other content

Experts have advised users who want to get more shares and retweets to take some detailed measures in terms of interacting with other content, which are

  • Post on other users’ content.
  • Exchange tweets between other users.
  • Follow profile followers and retweet content from their personal accounts.
  • Build a strong relationship with your profile followers.

Share links

Experts advise Twitter account owners who want to get a lot of clicks on their personal or brand accounts to do the following.

  • Placing links on a customer’s website to direct customers to Twitter accounts or vice versa.
  • Share the content of someone’s profile and tag the creator of the user.
  • Sharing links are a big attraction for users to follow your e-marketing content.
  • The potential for effective exchange with the future creator and increase the number of followers of the brand.

Hashtag for quick response

Experts advise quickly responding to tweets that contain the hashtag of the user’s profile or brand, as this will increase the engagement with receiving posts, and the user’s responses will appear among as many friends as possible.

Find peak times

This is done by analyzing account data and researching peak hours for engagement with account content and increasing shares and posts during peak periods to increase engagement and increase the likelihood of clicks and shares on posts as well as social media. Smart Media found that most of the peak hours explored by the analytics software were during daylight hours. Users must schedule posts to match the detected peak hours and track the increase in post engagement, activity, clicks and shares.

Twitter ads

E-marketing and e-commerce Twitter account holders can use Twitter Ads to increase the number of targeted followers in a specific category, which will lead to more engagement on tweets and more clicks over time, but at a high cost.

Use a hashtag

Using hashtags in tweets on Twitter results in the following

  • It helps you find newly created files or clouds on Twitter by their relevant hashtags.
  • Increase your Twitter audience’s engagement on Twitter.
  • Khara claimed that using hashtags in tweets resulted in a 1065% increase in tweet engagement compared to tweets without hashtags.
  • Using only one hashtag per Tweet increases audience engagement.

Share photos on Twitter

Tweets with images in their entity have a 313% higher engagement rate than Tweets without images according to analysis from social media analytics sites, and using an image per Tweet and linking to your Twitter content is recommended.

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