Mountain View Lagoon Park Compound Services, New Cairo, Lagoon Beach Park

The company launched a new concept of modern urban development and also took care of its appearance with a beautiful and unique design.

Mountain View Lagoon Park Compound, New Cairo, is characterized by providing the highest amount of services and requirements that customers need, and the presence of the complex in the middle of attractive green nature was worked on, to arouse attention and become a source of contemplation, comfort and complete privacy.

Location Mountain View Lagoon New Cairo

Mountain View Real Estate Investment and Development Company was interested in selecting a distinctive piece of land to build the Mountain View Lagoon New Cairo complex in the most vital strategic area, so that it is located in the heart of New Cairo and is also very close to the most important place of interest, the new administrative capital, direct main axes and road ring.
Among the important areas are the following:
Just 7 minutes away from Hyde Park New Cairo and Al Rehab City.
It is also characterized by its close proximity to 90th Street and Cairo International Airport.
It is located towards Suez Road and Ain Sokhna Road, just 5 minutes away.
It is also about 15 minutes away from American University.
It is also close to the most important projects, including (Mountain View 1 – Mountain View 2).
Mountain View Lagoon, fifth settlement
The executive company of the Mountain View Lagoon New Cairo project secured a large plot of land so that all the activities of the complex could be fully adapted to the buildings and structures. Part of the total area of ​​the project was allocated to green areas and picturesque nature, and the other part containing an integrated service area while maintaining the presence of different percentages of the area of ​​different units.
Therefore, the Mountain View Park Compound is presented on an area of ​​10 hectares.
This area is also divided by 20% into the proportion of structures and buildings, and the largest proportion of the area, 80%, is related to services, utilities, green spaces and landscapes for a healthier and more positive environment.
Mountain View Lagoon New Cairo designs
Mountain View Lagoon Park, New Cairo, mountain view lagoon new cairo This complex was introduced with the latest and best engineering design, as it had strength in the quality of architectural design, and the complex was designed with innovative and modern methods that keep up with the times at a high level sophistication and distinction.
Mountain View Real Estate Company also worked to develop a building plan that would fit a huge complex the size of this unit, so it would be an ideal canvas for everyone to talk about and for different tastes.
The company presented a new vision of modern architecture that works to develop society in a better and different way.
The Mountain View Lagoon Park compound is also designed in the Greek style, designed in the form of separate and independent islands.
Mountain View Lagoon Services, fifth settlement
Mountain View Real Estate Development Company, based on the project, offered a different set of services, features and facilities in the project so that no buyer would give up his position within the complex.
It also stands out for the existence of a healthy environment that makes the complex more comfortable and quieter, and allows you to live in complete privacy.
The following entertainment services and features are available:
The complex includes wide green areas and landscape on a large area that surrounds the entire complex and makes it have a more magnificent view.
There are also water bodies, artificial lakes and crystal lagoons spread all over the place, providing a beautiful and attractive view.
Providing a group of restaurants and cafes that provide high hotel service for a variety of delicious food and drinks.
It contains a complete commercial space for shopping and stores, as well as a large commercial center with the most luxurious international brands.
It also provides a safe recreational area for children.
We also offer pools suitable for all ages and in different sizes and shapes.
There are special paths for running, walking and cycling.
Also add designated areas and large gardens for recreation and comfort
And relax as much as possible by practicing yoga
The complex includes a large sports and social club with a large number of different sports fields with qualified trainers.
It also includes a health club, gym, spa and jacuzzi. The gym is equipped with the latest sports equipment.
Providing a crystal lake of 12 hectares for swimming.
Presence of all water sports (water sports – kayaking – surfing on the waves – beach volleyball).
He worked at numerous international schools and universities to provide educational services.
There are generators that work directly when there is no electricity.
He also worked on the construction of a large mosque for performing prayers and religious ceremonies.
A private parking garage is also provided to prevent congestion for all residents of the complex.
Security and security personnel with a high degree of experience and physical training are present throughout the day.
The complex is also designed based on the presence of modern technology through surveillance cameras that work 24 hours a day to increase safety and security.

Prices and areas Mountain View Lagoon, Fifth Settlement

Mountain View Development Company wanted to offer a wide range of prices and types of space within the Mountain View Lagoon Park complex, so that the buyer can choose the type of housing unit they want and also choose the price that suits their financial conditions.
The company has secured a prominent group of spaces for sale, as there are ground floor villas in the garden and there are also villas on the roof.
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