Cheerleader etiquette at the World Cup

It’s a really wonderful event and filled with a lot of enthusiasm with the various sports teams participating in the World Cup, so we had to talk about the most important rules and etiquette that fans must have inside and outside the stadium, as there is no doubt that it will make the game more fun for everyone and being a Sport is a reason for harmony and rapprochement, not for discord and quarrels.

Sport spirit

While following the activities of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, I witnessed an impressive scene of two families, one from Iran and the other from the United States of America, coming together and exchanging greetings, cheering and raising flags. ), while an American family chanted the name of Iran while raising its flag. Indeed, the scene was very impressive, because this is really a real proof that sport brings people together and removes differences and quarrels between countries through the top foreign practices of its people.

Yes, it is the spirit of sportsmanship and the spirit of harmony that unites nations, so the first thing we focus on in ethics and fan etiquette in general is the need to show sportsmanship and not be intolerant towards any team, so accept winning ​​​​or lose because every match must have a winner and a loser, then this acceptance and enjoyment of that spirit is not only positive for the fans themselves, but also for the sports teams themselves so that they are motivated for better results in the future.

We start from that

Yes, as I indicated, it is necessary to show sportsmanship, whether it is a member of the team itself or the fans, which is considered the basis of the morals and etiquette that they must follow, including:

  • It is not allowed to exchange insults or insults between fans of the team, nor to use any unusual words, whether written on social networking sites or even spoken.
  • Avoid using offensive graphics or images and do not defame players, team managers or referees.
  • Not to cause any harm or damage to any public or private property.
  • Avoid quarrels and disagreements that can arise between fans of competing teams, and let’s not forget that in the end it is still a game and a sport and there must be a winner and a loser, as I already mentioned. Here I remember the story of a husband and wife who were watching the game together, but was cheering for her team representing her country, and the husband was cheering for another team representing his country, then the wife’s team won, and only the husband got angry with the wife, so a fierce fight broke out between them, which would end in divorce if some friends did not intervene between them.
  • Avoid betting and those things like swearing and other things that can cause great material and moral losses, and here is another story about that Omani citizen who vowed to divorce his wife within three years if the Saudi national team did not beat his Mexican colleagues, and the Saudi team lost in that match, so the divorce actually happened, and I am encouraged. Another Australian bet $160,000 on Saudi Arabia’s defeat of Argentina, and lost it all.

Congratulations everyone

Of course, collective viewings that can be in cafes or in front of large screens in complexes or galleries give a wonderful atmosphere of enthusiasm among fans, but it is necessary to respect public places and adhere to good behavior and morals, and not to fight or make disturbing noise. it is unusual, and to avoid ridicule or insults, violence or any sabotage that may occur in the event of defeat. But, I say again, sportsmanship is what we have to show, so it’s nice to congratulate the fans of the other team if it wins.


Here I say to the fans who flock to the host country of the event: “You are the ambassadors of your countries. Your behavior and morals reflect your countries and put you in the forefront.”

Therefore, you must adhere to the following etiquette and rules of etiquette:

  • Respecting the culture and customs of the country by following the laws and regulations it sets and not breaking those laws.
  • Read the FIFA rules carefully and abide by the laws contained therein while attending matches and inside the stands.
  • Do not litter or litter or cause any damage inside the stadium.
  • Go well before the game and show your ticket at the entrance.
  • Avoid violence and verbal exchanges between fans.
  • Avoid spreading any fake news or distorting the image of the FIFA World Cup or the host country through social media and others. Rather, convey a positive image and convey the facts as they are.

positive cheerleader

We must spread a positive fan culture that represents a civilized and sophisticated model of love, support and encouragement.

We must spread the culture of tolerance, harmony and acceptance of the other, whether he is a fan, an opponent in a match or a player of a competitive team.

Finally, we must conclude that football is only a sport and a means of fun and enjoyment, not a reason for quarrels and spoiling relationships, so don’t make it a reason to miss the happy moments we spend with family and friends.

Also, the ball is not a way to escape from obligations or to kill time and lose opportunities by simply sitting in front of the screen and interacting with them through various channels. As we watch matches and communicate with them, we engage in sports in reality so that it becomes an indispensable part of our lives and we usually practice it every day, not just watch and follow while sitting. Where we are, we don’t move.

Finally, encourage your team, encourage your team with sophistication and preparation, and at the same time try not to lose yourself, your time, or the chances of success in your life.

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