Steps to money and happiness

It’s easy to remember this when planning your life; You easily move from one phase to another, but when implementing a strategy, you start from the third step, then move to the first step, the order does not matter; It is important to understand that money and happiness are not mutually exclusive.

Finding happiness is almost an obsession; Our search for happiness is taking up more and more of our time and energy, but what does that mean and what can we do to be happier? Fortunately, psychologists and other experts now have evidence.

dr. Tamer Shalaby, human development expert, says Madam: Creating a fulfilling and rich life simultaneously begins with the end and ends with the beginning. The first step is to clarify your desired life outcomes and goals, the second step is to find an interesting job that you are good at and that pays well, and the third step is to diversify your skills to remain unique in an ever-changing environment.

Steps to money and happiness

Define your results and goals

Define your results and goals:

Do you know what your ideal life looks like? Unfortunately, most people do not know this, however, everyone is trying to move forward, but they do not know where, and there is a quote from the writer “Ryan Holiday” in which he says: “When you do not think about a certain goal, it becomes an achievement (More) your automatic goal.

This is how most people lead their lives, without realizing why; When you determine the outcome of your life; you are clear about the ideal life you are looking for; You define what a good life looks like, for example: you can imagine what your life will look like in 10 years; If what you imagined is far from reality, then this is your goal.

Let’s say you want to own a mansion.. Well, to do that, let’s say you need a net worth of $10 million; So $10 million will be your goal and the mansion will be your score; Most of us value goals more than results, but this is wrong. You need to know the outcome in order to set the right goal. The results help you focus and guide you as you move through life. Now that you know what your ideal life looks like and the results needed to achieve it, you can evaluate all of your actions. And your chances in relation to your results.

If setting a goal, seizing an opportunity or making a decision helps you move closer to one of your outcomes; So do it, and if it doesn’t happen; Don’t.. it’s that easy.

Finding a good, rewarding and enjoyable job:

If it were that easy, everyone is looking for a better job, but very few people actually understand what is better. Therefore, you need to determine what you don’t like about your current job, and what would be better if you worked in another profession.

Well, there is a quick and easy way to identify the elements of a good deal; If you want to get the perfect job for you; You need to find a job that is in the middle of the Venn diagram below: Real jobs – the ones that go from ‘good’ to ‘better’ – are at the center of work you love, work you’re good at, and work that pays you well, and if you can find something that connects these three things; You will be one of the most successful and successful people.

However, remember that a goal, job, decision or opportunity could bring you closer to one of your life outcomes. So, apart from earning; You want to make sure it falls in the middle of your Finn chart and also helps you achieve your life outcome.

The good thing is if you are clear about the results; it will be strong enough to direct you to the right work; Can you think of a job that you love, that pays well, and is even good at? If you try hard enough, I think you can.

You are looking for a good, profitable and pleasant job

Create a system of unique skills:

Scott Adams, creator of the comic character Dilbert, discussed what is called “systems thinking”; For him – creating a life where you systematically learn new skills was more important than trying to achieve specific goals; You may not succeed in achieving your goal, but if you create an environment where you will learn something valuable even if you fail; You won.

It shouldn’t be hard to convince you that skills are the most sought after commodity in today’s highly competitive market and you can always make more money, but you can only get one chance to learn a new skill; So; Instead of always looking for money, always try to go for skills.

Find things that interest you; You are interested in one thing, and you may be interested in many things, and your unique interests are different from everyone else’s interests; So if you follow these interests and try to learn new things about them; You will naturally increase your skills in this field.

“The key is to find two to three skills that allow you to be in the top 25% in your field, not the top 5 or even 10%,” says Adams. The idea is that while many people may be Better in one category, few people are better in both categories, and when you combine the two, there is no comparison. So, my unique combination of skills helped me get a job that falls in the middle of the threefold scheme of art “fans”, and live the life I want. As long as I want to live it.

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