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The investigation was led by Hadi Al-Enezi

The FIFA World Cup is nearing its final days, after the competitions have entered their final phase amid much fun and excitement, starting with the final round of prizes, and going all the way to the final on December 18. Al-Anbaa examined the opinions of a number of athletes of different orientations, sports experiences and football careers about the most prominent characteristics of the World Cup in Qatar, either in terms of organization and management, or in terms of technical level, and what the World Cup presented to world football in general.

The words of the athletes came as a recognition of the best and most complete organization in the history of the World Cup, and praise of the hospitality of the people of Qatar to all the nations of the world, and the opinions are almost unanimous from the technical point of view that the dominant characteristic of all prominent teams in the tournament is team play, tactical discipline, and not reliance on skills. Individuality, as well as the lack of new talents in the tournament.

Anwar Yaqoub: Good organization and smiling audience are signs of Qatar’s success

National coach Anwar Yaqoub said that Qatar exceeded expectations in the organization and management of the largest football tournament in the world, and wants to be present at the world championship, and is satisfied with Qatar’s high level of hospitality and careful organization in all stadiums, which enabled an easy and smooth entry for the masses. , with a good reception, and the successes achieved by Qatar, either at the opening or in the preliminary rounds, and perhaps the smile I saw on the faces of many sports fans is another proof of the success of the tournament.

Yacoub reflected on the achievement of the Moroccan national team, noting that it had a high degree of technical stability, which allowed it to advance to the advanced stage of the tournament, adding: As for the technical level, it is considered good, not excellent, and we have witnessed many teams interested in the defensive side and excessive concern for goals, and the World Cup did not witness new talents, with the exception of the Frenchman Kylian Mbappe, who had previously started his career with the best achievements by winning the World Cup in Russia 2018 with his country.

Aggressive: “high pressure”, physical fitness and the transition from defense to attack are technical milestones

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Coach Zaher Al-Adwani confirmed that high pressure is the most prominent characteristic of most national teams participating in the World Cup, with the aim of achieving a good result, or not being relegated with a heavy defeat. minutes, adding that the tournament was good in a technical sense, and the readiness of the participating teams contributed to this, and since the tournament was in the middle of the season, the players did not reach the stage of exhaustion, and the lack of injuries, as we noticed the disappearance of talents, and the team’s reliance on team play as a constant approach in all matches, with tactical discipline as a highlight, praising Qatar’s organization which he rated as more than excellent.

Al-Adwani said: “One of the most notable gains of the World Cup from a technical point of view is the closeness of the technical level of teams that many observers classify as second tier teams. The second tier with high technical quality, and this has been a turning point for many teams, especially the Arab with the exception of Morocco, which is characterized by the presence of quite a few players with a high technical level.Al-Adwani nominated Brazil to go far in the World Cup.

Al-Sarbel: The football map has changed, and Doha has shone

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Former Al-Jahra club player and coach Salman Al-Sarbul said that the current World Cup showed that the football map has changed to a large extent, after the high technical levels presented by the Asian and African continent’s national teams. He said: “The Asian teams, for example, made big surprises, confirming their technical and physical development, and the proof of this is the victories of Saudi Arabia, Japan and South Korea in the confrontations with the best international teams, as well as Morocco leading its group with the presence of Croatia and Belgium, and the ambition is different today than it was, and the proof of that is the lack of The Saudi national team is satisfied with the elimination from the first round, emphasizing that there are no new tactical changes, with the exception of the reliance of most teams on each other’s “high pressure”. Lionel Messi.

Al-Sarbul praised the Qatari organization of the World Cup, expressing pride in the good organization that honored all Arabs, and showed the civilized face of the region as a whole, adding that the Qatari organization is a “told story”, in terms of content, transportation and the presence of the masses, so that are the elements integrated to become the most beautiful World Cup in history. Al-Sarbel nominated the victory of Brazil at the World Cup, while he wished the victory of the Argentine national team as a sign of gratitude for the great efforts made and presented by Messi.

Mahmoud: The judge’s rating is high…and most of the decisions are correct

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International referee Ali Mahmoud confirmed that the 2022 World Cup did not witness refereeing decisions that adversely affected any match and the leadership of all referees in the matches was good, as they were present near the ball and their decisions were fair and honest according to a large extent, and accordingly I think that the general score of the judges is high, although there are mistakes that are negligible and did not negatively affect the final result of any game, whether in the preliminary round or the round of 16.

Mahmoud pointed out that the intervention of video assistant referee (VAR) technology was very rare in the tournament, and we witnessed only two or at most three cases, and resorting to “VAR” was worth judging decisions that seemed controversial, and carried several aspects .

He added that the World Cup was ideal in terms of arbitration, and this was due to the professional mentality of the players, as well as the quality of the judges, the conditions imposed by the host country, and the auxiliary technology offered by the tournament. organizers, which contributed to the success of the referee’s mission.

Mahmoud emphasized that the World Cup in its current edition is the best tournament ever. He said: “Qatar got tired after them, and surpassed all those who preceded him, with elaborate and serious work. I managed one of the matches last August in Doha. The temperature in the stadium was below 20 degrees, while outside the stadium more than 45 degrees Celsius.”

Duhilis: The development of Asian and African football is behind the convergence of levels

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The coach of Al-Sahel Club’s first football team, Mohamed Dehelis, praised Qatar’s organization of the World Cup and its unparalleled success in all the details of the World Cup. He said: “The technical levels at the World Cup were very close, and we witnessed many outstanding results, such as the victories of Saudi Arabia over Argentina and Cameroon over Brazil, Tunisia over the defending champions France and Japan over Germany, all because of great technical development witnessed by the national teams of Africa and Asia, rather than a drop in the performance of the big teams, and many players from the two continents made their way to the European continent, where the technical levels are advanced and there is strong competition throughout the season in various competitions, and accordingly we witnessed that the technical convergence, and the results were a surprise for many, although football always brings surprises.

Duhilis stated that one of the most prominent features of the current World Cup is the appearance of the players’ strong desire to win, which was an important catalyst for many teams in addition to their technical and physical readiness, given that the tournament came in the middle of the season, and one of the most obvious technical features and in the tournament. Many teams depend on high pressure in meeting opponents.

Jaber: There are no new stars at the World Cup, and the Qataris are disabled after them

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Our former national team player and coach Nawaf Jaber indicated that the World Cup was devoid of the emergence of new stars, with the exception of the sudden appearance of the Portuguese striker Goncal Ramos who scored a hat-trick against Switzerland in the round. from 16. The tournament was dominated by team play and not by the individual skill of the players. We noticed that most of the coaches of the national team focused on the defensive side, and that was their priority, with the aim of keeping their clean sheets, and then gradually move towards attacking the opponent according to specific tactics. I am impressed by the tactical approach of the Japanese coach Hajime Moriyasu and the characteristic transformations of the team from 3-4-3 to 3-5-1, beating big teams.

Jaber stated that the culture of Asian and African players has witnessed a big change in recent years, and said: “The victories recorded by these teams are primarily due to a change in the players’ football thinking and their development from a technical point of view, and the culture of winning has become dominant among them , and the World Cup in Qatar proved that it is possible to beat big teams with hard work and forward thinking.

He pointed out that the most outstanding advantage of the current World Cup is that Qatar is the host, because the people from Doha excelled in everything, in details and in general, and they honored us in the Arab and Islamic world, after presenting a dazzling white image of Arab and Islamic civilization. , and it is almost the first tournament where the viewer can follow two matches in the same day. As well as a high professional organization that held its head high.

Gragh: An outstanding World Cup and the best ever

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Former Arab club and national team player Mohamed Jerragh confirmed that the current World Cup is the best ever, organizationally and technically, and said: “This edition cannot be described in a few words. What you have offered to present the World Cup in the best possible way, and we were delighted by the presence of hundreds of thousands of fans in love with football from different countries of the world who gladly and willingly visited and followed the matches of their teams, and the generous Qatari hospitality played a big role in the success of the tournament.

He stated that one of the nice initiatives seen at the tournament was the hosting of students from the Balat Al-Shuhada school in Kuwait, and this initiative expresses brotherhood and the desire for positive interaction with all supporting humanitarian initiatives.

Gragg pointed out that individual skills are especially present in the Brazilian national team, while the team’s commitment to team play appeared in many matches. He said of the results that many saw as a surprise at the World Cup: “There are no surprises in the World Cup. Everyone is ready and willing to give their best, so accordingly we witnessed similar levels and results.”

Al-Salamah: Qatar broke the barrier…and Morocco is the best

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Our national team striker and former Qadisiyah club player Khalaf Al-Salamah expressed his admiration for the technical level displayed by most of the teams at the World Cup, and said: “The matches were exciting and interesting in detail, whether in the (preliminary) ) group stage or the final price round, and we hope to see better levels in the rounds.” The next elimination, as well as the present surprises, either from the Arab teams that recorded a prominent presence, or the Asian and African teams that confirmed their high heels and their technical and physical development that allowed them to achieve outstanding results at the most important and most popular tournament in the world» .

He pointed out that the European and Latin teams that lost in the preliminary round to the Asian and African teams were not necessarily due to their technical decline, but primarily due to the development of the competitors.

Al-Salama stated that the Moroccan national team is among the best teams participating in the tournament, as it showed high technical performance and tactical stability in most of its matches, regardless of the technical oscillations observed in each match separately, and qualifying for the quarterfinals was deserved The Brazilian national team was impressive from a technical point of view, through the great coordination of the players.

He emphasized that Qatar achieved full marks in its hosting of the World Cup, where they: “They presented an integrated version, reaped success from all sides and broke down the barrier to open a wide field for the countries of the Middle East.”

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