The key to loose money in schools, who closes it?

The funds of production units, buffets and canteens are in the managers’ pockets

Workers rent stadiums by the hour.. And lectures turned schools into a sanatorium without a ruler!!

Experts: By investing the resources of educational institutions, we will get billions to finance the desired development

The public auction of specialized companies stops the waste of public money

Financial and administrative irregularities revealed by the monitoring committees of the Directorate of Education in Giza, which Ashraf Sallouma, Undersecretary of the Ministry, Director of the Directorate, tasked to ensure administrative and organizational discipline within the distinguished public, officials, language and official school. Principals of schools across the country, especially those with more than 2000 students!!

Monitoring commissions revealed many violations that turned into a habit and de facto situation in most schools. Failure to provide income to school groups, which turned into private lessons and centers run by school principals for their own account, and turning the produced unit into a background cause to achieve illegal entry without supplying only a few operating incomes from those Produced units are transferred to the school coffers, with the confiscation of canteen and canteen profits, which have turned into what looks like a supermarket, from which both students and professors buy, and make huge profits o which nobody knows anything about.

The question raised by this phenomenon:

Isn’t there an opportunity to close the waste of money in big schools after the monitoring commissions in Giza revealed major problems in the management of buffets, canteens, school groups and production units?

And why aren’t buffets put up for annual public auction to support schools with their money instead of going into the pockets of school principals and the handful of professors who work with them, or rather their people?!

At a time when the Ministry is looking for additional financial resources for the needs of the educational process, there are many areas that generate large financial revenues, but unfortunately it goes into the hands of the people, and the schools do not benefit from it. in anything!!

The question is also. Why are these cafeterias, buffets and canteens not put up for annual legal auction and the proceeds sent to the national treasury to be channeled to support the educational process instead of all this money being wasted and going to a bunch of corrupt people!!

The same applies to school groups that were transferred to private lessons and lectures inside the classroom. The account is kept directly between professors and school principals. At the moment, only a few are mentioned, and the largest part belongs to the corrupt.

These questions prompted close observers of conditions in schools to ask: Where did the idea of ​​Dr. Red Hijazi, Minister of Education, to entrust the management of groups to a private company come from!!

Hani Abdel-Azim said: These questions raise a very, very tricky question

How much money has been wasted due to misuse and bad conscience, and unfortunately most of it is due to the grace of my Lord..

He added: “We are confident, God willing, in light of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s instructions to fight corruption, that this file will be ended and completely closed.”

He explained that regarding the school canteen, which is a very important matter, because unfortunately there are many violations in the circulation of products that are harmful, first of all, to the health of students, and also the file of the cooperative should be considered and tenders for the school canteen should be announced, as is the case at universities without disrupting the school system or the school day, and thus the Ministry guarantees that there is no manipulation of funds, and a large percentage of this money must be allocated to schools to meet needs and deficiencies

He questioned why school pitches were not being used, as is now the case with five-a-side stadiums, from rentals and sports academies, including bringing money into schools in the evenings and also adopting sporting talent from students

Also, the walls of schools, why aren’t they being used for publicity and advertising in exchange for money

He pointed out that the places that are set aside for agriculture in schools, why are they not allocated for planting fruit trees, which are also sold for large sums of money, and their income and financial return are allocated to schools under the supervision of the ministry and according to the mechanisms of careful supervision

He also wondered why there are no sales points in technical schools such as industrial, tourist, hotel and agricultural products (furniture – clothes – food… etc.)

Mr. Khalil, a senior teacher, suggested that there should be a committee from the education administration that would monitor with great interest all these sources in kind, such as canteens or agricultural products for sale, or the use of lawns in schools.

Her monthly income is distributed for the public good

As for Abdel Mohsen Al-Othmani, the general directive in Menoufia, he said that these violations actually raise a thorny and very important issue, and it must be raised for a wide discussion, pointing out that production units, study groups, canteens, orchards, as well as schools that have cultivation and the like as part of these schools are managed in such a way that what is recorded in the official books does not exceed a quarter of the reality, and every official in these schools must bear responsibility, and there must also be a continuation of all these existing projects, as and study groups, and it is advisable to assign these projects to specialized companies

As for the educational expert, Suleiman Saeed, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Guinness Schools

It is necessary to implement the so-called profit projects through an auction in closed or official public envelopes, announcing them to those who want to educate and educate far from anyone. Easy to succeed!

Dalia Ezzat is the guardian

I support the minister’s proposal to assign school groups to private companies under the supervision of the Ministry of Education. The idea also extends to school canteens, and the financial supervision of the ministry is to avoid any manipulations by which students and parents become victims.

Dr. Atef Metwally, educational expert

There is nothing against seeing school as an investment with conditions

That this matter does not detract from the primary goal of the school is to educate students well

And that a budget be drawn up for the school in which part of the income is allocated for school expenses, part as a reward to the administration, and part to the ministry.

And that under the direct supervision of education departments, otherwise students will be exploited at work in this subject. The Ministry issues sub-legal instructions on this subject.

Khaled Elayan, a senior teacher, confirmed that there is wasted and marginalized wealth, perhaps intentionally and perhaps due to the wastage of public money, such as perishable furniture (wood, iron and fans) installed, then stored and confiscated by heads of departments under the pretext to sell them at auctions, and God alone knows whether they were sold or not, and entered the accounts or not, and I’m not talking about cooperatives that were settled on paper and are the cause of certain groups, they are wealth that must be reconsidered!!

Abdul Hamid Al-Maliki, Al-Shorouk Education Authority, said

Raising this important and dangerous issue to shed light and bring forth thoughts and opinions to devise radical solutions to counter this corruption wherever it exists, whether it occurs intentionally or through ignorance and lack of experience in order to preserve public money.

He said he fully agreed with the idea

These cafeterias, buffets, canteens and production units are offered at an annual legal auction and the proceeds from them are sent to the national treasury to be channeled to support the educational process instead of wasting all that money and going to a group of corrupt people.

He added that the same applies to school groups.

Dr. Reda Hegazy, Minister of Education and Technical Education, was in front of everyone

When he brought up the idea of ​​entrusting the management of school groups to a private company to manage it in order to eliminate corruption in order to preserve public money and achieve the greatest return for teachers and schools.

As well as the idea of ​​legalizing private classrooms

And other creative ideas that preserve public money in order to direct it to improve the conditions of schools and teachers.

There are many wonderful ideas, such as using the walls of schools and educational facilities in competition for advertising and investing in school playgrounds after the end of the school day, as well as the establishment of libraries and commercial spaces and renting them to young graduates in cooperation with the mayors of neighborhoods and cities.

I suggest that everything that brings profit to schools be managed through specialized companies, so that it is properly invested, and that professors and the school administration dedicate themselves to the educational process, with the provision that these profits and funds are directed to improving the conditions of education. schools and teachers.

Sherine Nour, a professional teacher, said

The school canteen is a great source of income from which the school can benefit, provided it is run by an expert, not a teacher or worker, and his money goes to the director. When we ask him about the worker, he answers: “No, I’m not empty.”

I was wondering why this issue is not being handled through the same mechanisms that are implemented by universities.

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