View of the mountain Hyde park New Cairo features and services

Mountain View Real Estate Development Company wanted to select the most strategic locations to establish its Mountain View Hyde Park project in the most vital areas that are a source of attraction for buyers.

He also made sure that the complex was near the most important roads and main direct axes, so that it would be easy to access.
And through this, the best geographical locations were chosen, since the project is located in the heart of the assembly, and it is one of the most important places that stands out for its close proximity to greater Cairo.

Among the most important places nearby are the following:
It is close to major roads including Ring Road, Suez Road and Ain Sokhna Road.
It is also close to Field Marshal Tantawi’s axis.
It is also located next to the most important and famous street in the assembly, which is 90th Street.
It is also minutes away from American University.
The town of Mostakbal is only 5 km away.
Close to Al Rehab City, Madinaty and Cairo International Airport, approximately 15 minutes drive.
He also added that it is close to the largest commercial centers in the assembly, such as Point 90 Mall, Down Town Mall, Fifth Settlement, Down town New Cairo.

Mountain View Hyde Park, New Cairo

The Mountain View Hyde park new cairo project based company has implemented a complex on a huge plot of land to accommodate all the features and service areas built by the Mountain View Real Estate Company.
Therefore, the project was built on a land area of ​​about 200 hectares, and the largest percentage of the area was intended for green areas, communal facilities, landscapes and recreational facilities, and is estimated at 85% of the total area. .
The remaining 15% of the area is allocated to residential buildings and buildings of the complex.
Therefore, the company worked on a wide variety of interior spaces for the project because it contains a large built-up ratio, which is what distinguishes Mountain View Hyde Park from other residential projects.

Mountain design of Hyde Park, New Cairo

Mountain View Real Estate Investment Company was involved in the implementation of the project with the latest and finest modern design, using the latest engineering capabilities and technologies for architectural construction.
The complex is also designed to combine European and classical styles, as it is similar to architectural buildings in America, which distinguishes it from others and makes it unique and attractive.
The company also designed the colors of the compound to be calm to be pleasing to the eye, and it is characterized by the presence of gardens and dense trees, along with rare flowers and their fragrant scents, and it is also designed to have artificial waterfalls that enjoy a healthy and balanced environment.
Services Mountain View Hyde Park, New Cairo
Mount View Real Estate was interested in providing a wide range of services and various features to achieve the greatest measure of luxury for the residents. It also provided public facilities and various means of entertainment to live a new and classy life and meet the needs of the residents of Mount View Hyde Park in New Cairo.
The following services and features are available:
The complex includes vast green areas and landscape surrounding the entire complex, giving a stunning scenery.
There are also apartments, water lakes and waterfalls of various shapes and colors that offer a decent and recognizable view of a healthy environment.
He also worked on the arrangement of paths for walking, running and cycling.
The wide, quiet space is also intended for recreation, practicing yoga and getting the most amount of positive energy.
Also add pools of different sizes and shapes to suit all ages.
He also worked on indoor swimming pools for women.
Providing a sports club with many different sports fields and qualified coaches with a high level of experience.
It also offers a health club, a gym and a jacuzzi equipped with the latest sports equipment.
It features a shopping mall and stores that include the most luxurious international brands.
He also worked to provide educational services through the availability of private schools and international universities.
It also includes entertainment areas that house cinemas showing the latest movies.
There are also recreational areas for children, the Kids Area, which are provided at a high level.
Providing a group of restaurants and cafes offering the best food and variety of drinks with the best hotel service.
There is also a large mosque for believers and religious ceremonies.
The composition also offers electric generators that work directly when there is no electricity.
It includes a garden garage for car parking to prevent overcrowding and congestion.
Security and security personnel trained to the highest level of physical training are available 24 hours a day.
The complex also operates using modern technology, namely surveillance cameras, to increase security within the complex.
Mountain View Hyde Park prices and locations
Mountain View Hyde Park, New Cairo, Mountain view Hyde park new cairo has made an effort to provide a large number of spaces and prices that suit all buyers and that each buyer chooses a type of unit with an appropriate area and price according to his financial capabilities.
It was one of those spaces
(Luxury apartments – duplexes – penthouses – semi-detached houses – detached villas villa Detached – finished corner, medium for sale)
All these residential units are surrounded by various types of artificial lakes and natural green areas.
The price per meter for apartments available for sale ranges from EGP 21,000 to EGP 24,000 per meter.
The area of ​​the apartment starts from 133 square meters, and the price starts from 2,937,096 EGP.
Also, each villa starts with an area of ​​230 meters and prices start from £2,937,096.
Penthouses start at 166 square meters and prices start at £4,600,630.
Payment methods and payment systems Mountain view Hyde park
Mountain View Real Estate Development Company has developed a special payment plan that gives Jamila clients the opportunity to own real estate in Mount View Hyde Park Compound, and has also developed various payment methods and payment systems, as well as the option to pay up to the longest repayment term and without annual interest.
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