A Syrian young man and his Egyptian wife seek refuge among the Arab capitals

  • Mohamed Hamida
  • BBC – Cairo

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This is the first time the couple has met in about 6 months

An Egyptian woman in her twenties, carrying a sleeping toddler on her shoulder while pushing a stroller with three suitcases in front of her, entered Cairo airport early in the morning.

She was a bit confused as she tried to put the bags on the inspection belt, before she was given a helping hand. After the normal inspection procedure, Fatima went to the passport officer, where she handed him and her son’s Egyptian passports, which she kissed and turned to face the officer so he could see them before stamping them to leave. for Beirut.

The sun began to caress the eyes of the little boy Mahmoud while he was on the bus going to the plane, and he began to look with his eyes to see many people standing next to him on the bus, while his mother soothed him and spoke to him in a gentle tone about an upcoming meeting with his father in Beirut.

photo comment,

The little boy Mahmud is on his way to meet his father from Syria for the first time

Fatima asked us to take some pictures on the plane, saying, “I want Mahmoud to share with us the memories of the family meeting after parting.”

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