An exceptional event.. The success of Qatar at the 22nd edition of the World Cup

As the end of the world championship approaches, praise and positive comments continue to testify to the success of the World Cup in Qatar 2022, starting from the leaders of Arab and international countries and high-ranking political and diplomatic figures, all the way to sports, the most prominent of which come from Germany, France and Britain.

They praised the level of organization, the infrastructure and the huge stadiums, to go beyond admiring the aspects and aspects of life related to the atmosphere of the tournament, especially the peace and security of the community, and the special feature of coexistence that prevails between visitors and fans, at a time when the world media talked about stories of continued success, not recording impactful problems.

Positive indicators

At the center of the event were several international sports workers who expressed their satisfaction with the good organization in accordance with the global football event.

Despite the crowds of fans who flocked to watch the events of the tournament, which according to official figures were more than 2.5 million over all the days of the group stage, the organizers, led by Qatar’s Ministry of Interior and the World Cup Security and Safety Commission, announced that they have not recorded any criminal acts or incidents. Disrupting security since the start of the tournament until now.

This is a positive indicator, compared to the attendance of stadiums, their capacity, as well as crowded fan festivals. Instead, the international media chose to shift their coverage of the World Cup event to corners outside the stadium, such as focusing on the unprecedented presence of women at tournament events, emphasizing that the security measures put in place in Qatar have made this World Cup the safest in the world. history of the World Cup tournament.

Joy and satisfaction

The success of the championship did not stop at the limits of infrastructure, stadiums, preparations, reception and decorations that mixed with Arab and Islamic culture and tradition, but Doha managed to gather the Arabs and unite their word. The World Cup was the “Arab World Cup” par excellence.

Even the international media reports were clear on this point and said that the current FIFA World Cup represented a real turning point in the Arab region and that it touched the scale of solidarity that exists among the Arab nations and highlighted the solidarity and solidarity between them in the fateful issues that unite them , among which the Palestinian issue is the first.

And this situation reached its climax by participating in the joy and sharing the satisfaction in the successes achieved by the Arab teams.

Raising the ceiling of the challenge

In this context, Abdullah Al-Mulla, the president of the Qatari Al-Ahly Club, explained that the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, during the opening of the first stadium for the World Cup in 2017, confirmed that this World Cup will be the “Arab World Cup “. Today, Doha is witnessing an Arab encounter in a tournament that surpasses all expectations.

In an interview with Al-Arabi from Lusail, Al-Mulla said: The International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA), the organizing committee of the tournament and the competent authorities in Qatar have come a long way with success and admiration, after many were skeptical, attacking and criticizing, now they praise and thank Qatar for this World Championship.

He added that the World Cup in Qatar is a World Cup for Arabs and the world, as well as a World Cup for humanity, as it brought together Arab and Western societies of all their spectrums.

He pointed out that Qatar accepted criticism openly and constructively, but the figures recorded by the World Cup are the strongest response to these irrational criticisms, and prove that Qatar is an open country that hosted more than 750,000 visitors, and could dazzle the world by promoting Arab and Gulf customs and tradition, not to mention security control Security at all stages of the World Cup.

He emphasized that the presence of the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim and the Emir, Sheikh Hamad’s father and Princess Sheikha Mozah at most matches of the Arab national teams is the greatest support for these national teams, in a message that highlights the unity of destiny, religion and goals.

Al-Mulla pointed out that the success of the World Cup in Qatar will prove former FIFA president Joseph Blatter wrong when he said that “giving Qatar the hosting of the World Cup was a wrong decision”, and that the countries that will host the next editions The World Cup will suffer a lot to reach the ceiling raised by the State of Qatar in the organization. This global football event is witnessed by FIFA chief Gianni Infantino, his executive office and all football associations.

World Cup ‘closer to perfection’

On the other hand, Ronald Bischoff, president of the Club of German Football Ambassadors, expressed surprise at the World Cup, noting that he previously visited Qatar in 2010, and that he is aware that Doha can organize a very successful World Cup.

In an interview with Al-Araby from Lusail, Bischoff said that on the eve of the World Cup, he advised his German colleagues not to create prejudices, especially in light of the negative publicity that followed the start of the World Cup, stressing that all Germans who attended the World Cup were World Cup, so even journalists had very different and positive impressions.

He described the World Cup as “closer to perfection” in terms of security, organization, orderliness, peace and harmony, expressing his great admiration for the Doha-led performance at this World Cup.

He stressed that what the West has touched from Qatar is hospitality, generosity, friendship, openness, security and safety, and finally the West can only offer Doha respect for what it has provided during this World Cup.

He emphasized that the safety and security that the participants and fans feel at the World Cup in Qatar, they do not feel in their own countries.

And he believes that the World Cup in Qatar is a model for other host countries, as far as the overall logistics and organization are concerned.

global organization

For his part, journalist Abdel-Haq Sabri explained that the organization of the World Cup is “a global organization for a small Arab country, but with great ambitions and creativity in terms of advertising Arab-Islamic culture, identity and history.”

In an interview with Al-Araby from Rabat, Sabri said: This creativity was confirmed by the impressive honorable performance of the Moroccan national team and the Arab celebration of this success.

He pointed out that the Arab celebration of Arab teams has crossed borders, and what our teams have achieved gives us hope that football and sports have a great future in our country, which reminded Arabs of the importance of the federation for building a promising future.

He considered that the Moroccan achievement is mathematical, but it is much deeper in its dimensions in terms of bringing the Arab peoples together from the ocean to the Gulf.

Sabri explained that the Moroccan national team is playing a “fatal match” against its Portuguese counterpart, explaining that the “Atlas Lions” match with Spain sent a message that they will be a “strong opponent”, and a fighting performance is expected until the 120th minute, hoping for victory and a new historical success that will be the most beautiful gift for the entire Arab nation.

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