Bartholdi’s trial.. People’s will to save the dying consciousness!

I am stopping my previous article (Bartholdi was tried… the acquittal of Champollion and the rescue of France), as a continuation of my previous series of articles on (Egypt’s Ministry of Awareness), which is interested in discussing the provision of a government mechanism to develop and update the concepts of board members on the issue (consciousness) and unconsciousness. Gradually from the citizen’s self-awareness to categorical awareness, then social, which leads to the development of collective awareness about society, surrounding events, circumstances, local, regional and global policies. Culture, media, education and religion participate in the creation of this awareness.

The different reactions of the recipients – of different ages, characteristics and works – to the idea of ​​judging the humiliating statue of Bartholdi (Champollion) in the square College de France, made me draw from the idea a practical example of the importance of the Egyptian Ministry (of awareness) to address such critical issues affecting (identity, dignity and Egyptian civilization. I traced the rough image of the defeating statue and occasionally showed it to different people! An engineer, a taxi driver, a lawyer, a plastic artist, 2 civil servants, Egyptians in the diaspora, housewives, business people, students and students, property guards, university professors, sellers of various products.Comments and reactions ranged from utter astonishment, to cold and seething anger, a flurry of questions, blaming the state for ineffective action, the beginning of open hostility towards French culture, demands for decisive action against France, etc. Passion and historical inclination was most of the comments, but what really shocked me with in two comments! One of them is a 27-year-old girl who smiled at the picture and said (really our civilization has fallen, don’t worry about it)! And the other is for a man in his forties, who frowned and said, “You left what we were in and grabbed the boot? He put it there 200 years ago, as you say. Now we’ve woken up and want to remove it – in which emirate? Put it back I would like Nefertiti and looted obelisks, and you know that no one will give you a chance)!”

My shock at the girl’s comment came from an inner defeated self-consciousness, so I put it in the shoes of Champollion with the anger of Bartholdi (a prominent Freemason), so I asked her: If your vision was like this, what will be the comment of your children in 30 years? She smiled shyly and said, “Forcing me! Pharaohs are with me and many like me. Tourism, food for a living and selling antiques for a get-rich-quick dream, but not from the rest of my family! The one who died is dead, and ours the generation got tired of the word civilization 7000 years ago and we can’t find it! What’s more to you if we dream of selling our ancestors so we can live like them? , came from a frustrated, exhausted consciousness, groaning over a robbed Egyptian woman and swallowing a mouthful of useless philosophy! The result in both cases is a comprehensive awareness of the shovelfuls of negativity and anamalism (am I financial?).

Bartholdi’s statue exploded in me, the challenge of discovering the consciousness of those around me, with the messages it presents to its viewers? The difference in comments according to the awareness of the commentators indicates that the awareness of Egyptians about the concept of public issues needs to be quickly recovered and effectively treated. The seriousness of the impact of the Champollion statue concept is no less than the seriousness of the Renaissance dam concept! Both influence Egyptian existence, one in identity and history, and the other in the present and future. The crisis of the question of collective consciousness is like a Corona virus, mutated, deadly, created and needs to be radically treated. The suspension of the forty-year-old woman and millions of others, who were wronged by the media, education, culture and state management of issues of collective consciousness. The continuous awareness that we are a 7000-year-old civilization is completely different from our self-awareness that we are the descendants of that civilization, who must triumph over it, its dignity and identity, regardless of where it was located, and the belief in the interaction that our existence is an extension of the legacy of greatness , of creativity and enlightenment, before which the world bows.

Therefore, the trial of Bartholdi’s statue (Champollion) must turn to the will of the people to regain their trust in their heritage in support of their present and to realize their future. One of the most dangerous things we lack is (the art of discord), defining the subject, determining the sides, choosing the defensive weapon, the battlefield, the defensive team, and then the timing of the attack. When the Egyptians organized their ranks in 86 to overturn the Pyramids Hill Project arbitration award against the South Pacific Company, as well as in 88 against Israel to get their land back through the Taba arbitration, they turned to the collective consciousness at that time, in which the citizen supported the administration in an influential way. Nemat Ahmed Fouad revealed the mysteries of the plateau project and the awareness of Dr. Ali Al-Ghatit, an Egyptian arbitrator, with the dimensions of legal fraud, and the wisdom and awareness of Dr. Hamed Sultan, the leading legal team in the Taba arbitration, is one of the main reasons for turning the investment project and the issue of the desert country into the will of the people who are aware of holding on to their identity and country, supported by the press and media at the time.

The case of the Champollion statue is not related to a foreign work of art that insults only the civilization of Egypt and Egyptians, but is a symbol and embodiment of the continuous defeatism of the consciousness of more than one generation that we need to awaken, gathering the Egyptian consciousness in the will to lift the humiliating shoe above all our heads. The request of the College de France to judge Bartholdi’s statue and to judge the partial destruction of the king’s head and his banishment from the shops must be the sincere will of the people of Egypt, to restore Champollion’s superiority to the artistic lie – not only – in the interpretation of the hieroglyphic language, and the preceding it is 8 centuries in the Arab world, Ibn Wahshiyya.

The lack of awareness of the seriousness of the meaning of the statue, its influence, that is, its poisonous messages that it emits daily to visitors to France (the most touristic country in the world), makes our silence a crime against the civilization whose descendants we are verbally proud of. Achieving the results of the trial of Bartholdi is a race in which the contestants compete to bring an end to the continuous affliction that afflicts Egypt and the Egyptians, while the oppressed witness of Champollion looks down on us from his height, while we crawl under his shoes, waiting for someone who understands or soothes us with a wave artistic and cultural sedatives.

Bartholdi’s trial must be… the will of the people respected by the College de France, in order to fulfill the rights of the Egyptians and save the dying consciousness, and the time has come to revive it!

* Egyptian jurist and writer

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