Child marriage.. Urgent action to save children from the danger of premature death.. and demands for severe punishments

The “National Council for Childhood and Motherhood” intervened to stop the “engagement of two children” in Šarkija.

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Child marriage is considered a very dangerous phenomenon that affects the stability of the family, and most of those who marry at this age enter into a customary marriage without a document, which results in the loss of the girl’s right to alimony, proof of lineage, etc., such as child marriage is legalized rape, murder their innocence and making it impossible to enjoy life.

The Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa previously confirmed that the marriage of minors is prohibited by Sharia, and is also against the law. Because this leads to many evils and harm in society.

“Al-Ahram Gate” examines the seriousness of early marriage “underage marriage” and its impact on a girl’s general health and opinion of religion and law through experts.

Underage marriage is prohibited by law

At the beginning, Dr. Ahmed Karima said that the marriage of minors is prohibited according to Sharia, and illegal, because it leads to many failures and damages in society, and she pointed out that looking at the purposes of Islamic law and the wisdom of marriage, it becomes clear to us that what some people in the matter of marrying minor girls, they commit an act that is contrary to these purposes and this wisdom, and constitutes a crime against them, due to the incapacity of a minor. the girl bears the responsibility of married life and bears the material and moral burdens necessary for its continuation, which results in great damage and corruption that leads to the collapse of these marriages and the spread of early divorces.

dr. Ahmed Karima pointed out that: “Paying damages has priority over inflicting interest.” The mother is the pillar of the family and must have multiple cultures. Awareness of the responsibility that will be on her, and she will be able to raise her children correctly.

Risks of early marriage for girls’ health

In a related context, Dr. Khaled Abdel Aziz Al-Satohi, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Faculty of Medicine, Kasr Al-Ainy, said that the health risks that can arise from early pregnancy, resulting in early marriage, cause many risks to the health of the mother and of the fetus, and it can also cause the death of the girl. He added that the girl is not finished until the age of 18, after that age the mother is physically and mentally ready to give birth. and breastfeed, because the suitable age for pregnancy is between 20-35 years.

dr. Khaled Abdel Aziz Al-Satohi added that girls who marry before the age of 18 are more vulnerable to domestic violence and are less likely to stay in school and pass an important stage of life, which is adolescence.

Early marriage causes death

A professor of gynecology and obstetrics at the Kasr Al-Ainy Faculty of Medicine added that most deaths during childbirth are among young women who married early, which affects the course of pregnancy, the woman herself and the fetus, adding that pregnancy at a young age exposes the mother to high blood pressure. pressure. During pregnancy, then pregnancy poisoning, which greatly affects the health of the mother and the fetus, because high blood pressure causes an imbalance in all organs of the body, including the kidneys. , liver and blood and a lack of platelets, among which there is an imbalance in the nervous system.

Complications of early marriage

dr. Khaled Abdel Aziz Al-Satohi pointed out that because of the mother’s youth, continuous monitoring and proper monitoring is necessary to avoid complications, stressing that pregnancy at a young age is exposed to anemia and miscarriage, because the rates of miscarriage and premature birth are increasing, either due to the imbalance of women’s hormones or because the uterus does not adapt to the pregnancy process, which leads to frequent uterine contractions that lead to vaginal bleeding and premature birth.

For his part, Dr. Wael Najm, a cassation lawyer who specializes in family issues and the Secretary-General of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, says: “If we cannot punish children for crimes under the age of 18 and they cannot enter into financial contracts , then it is better not to get married before the age of 18.” He added. Reviewing the legal texts related to marriage, we find that Law no. 143 from 1994 on civil status, amended by Law no. 126 from 2008, stipulates that it is not allowed to document a marriage contract for a person who has not reached the age of 18 Gregorian years, which means that marriage is prohibited for a person under the age of 18, but the Law does not provide for penalties for those who violate this.

Reasons for overpopulation

The cassation lawyer, expert on family issues and Secretary-General of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, said that child marriage is one of the most important causes of population growth in Egypt, resulting in problems such as child labor, school dropout and child marriage, as well as dealing with the phenomenon of human trafficking, adding that a child has rights established by international treaties and the constitution and it is not right to destroy his rights just because of his physical maturity. A girl who marries after turning 18 raises children and is denied the right to education and other rights.

Child marriage

dr. Wael Najm added that child marriage causes a number of health, psychological, social and legal risks that have negative consequences for the lives of the 14 million children who marry before the age of 18 each year, including:

1- Husband or wife cannot document the marriage.

2- If children are born, it is not possible to obtain a birth certificate for the newborn.

3- Children will not receive mandatory vaccinations.

4- In case of the death of the husband, the wife has no right to claim inheritance.

5- During the divorce, the wife does not have the right to ask for alimony and a deferred amount.

6- In the event of a dispute, the wife does not have the right to sue for separation or divorce.

7- Inability of the newborn to receive his right to inheritance.

8- The newborn will not be able to exercise his educational and health rights.

Solving child marriage

dr. Wael Najm pointed out that the state managed to deal with the marriage of children under the age of 18, although there are areas where minors are married, but on a narrow scale, and the necessary measures are being taken. when it is discovered, and the law itself is not enough to solve the problem, parents must cooperate and prevent this crime, because of its danger to the girl and society.

Early marriage exposes the guardian to prison

A cassation lawyer, who specializes in family matters, and the Secretary-General of the United Nations High Commissioner confirmed that the law punishes anyone who appears, whether authorized, with a prison sentence of at least five years and a fine of at least five hundred thousand pounds. person, spouse, witnesses or guardian in front of the competent authority in order to prove the majority. One of the spouses is of legal age for concluding a marriage contract by means of declarations. which he knows to be incorrect, or he wrote to her or delivered documents to her, as well as when a marriage contract was concluded based on those statements or documents, with the addition that he will be punished by a prison sentence of at least three years. or a fine of at least one hundred thousand pounds for each. A person who is authorized by law to regulate a marriage contract, whether it is an authorized person, witnesses, spouse or guardian, and knows that one of the parties has not reached the age specified by law.

dr. Wael Negm further said that the law punishes anyone who documents a marriage contract for a person under the age of eighteen full Gregorian years, with a prison sentence of not less than five years and a fine of not less than five hundred thousand pounds, whoever documents a marriage contrary to the provisions of the law .

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