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Have you ever wondered what the national animal of your country is, maybe you already know that, but what about other Arab countries?

Below, “Nort” will give you a brief overview of what the national animal is in all Arab countries.

What is the national animal?

national animal; It is an animal and a national symbol that enjoys a special place in national society, reflecting its national history or culture. This animal can appear in official state emblems such as the national flag, coat of arms or even the logo of the national team.

The national animal of Arab countries

The national animal of Lebanon

striped hyena; It is the national animal of a country LebanonIt is a species of hyena native to East and North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature has classified the striped hyena as a semi-threatened animal, as the number of hyenas in the wild is estimated at 10,000 adults, living in Asia and Africa.

The striped hyena is a nocturnal animal that is active at night and rarely seen outside during the day, and is also a monogamous animal, so males and females work together to raise and protect the young.

The national animal of the Emirates

Arabian oryx; It is the national animal of the UAE and is a species of rare antelope that belongs to the bovid family and is one of the creatures that has important symbolism in United Arab Emiratesand they have laws and designated places that protect them from hunting and other threats.

The Arabian oryx died out in the wild in the early 1970s, but continued to live in private reserves and zoos, and was returned to the wild in the 1980s.

These animals can be found in many locations in the Arabian Peninsula, and one of the best places is Sir Bani Yas Island, an Emirati island located 250 km southwest of Abu Dhabi.

Apart from the United Arab Emirates, the Arabian oryx is the national animal of other countries, nominally Arab countries such as Sultanate of Oman, Jordan, two seasand the state Diameter.

National animal of Egypt

steppe or lowland eagle; (Steppe eagle) is a bird of prey from about 62 to 81 cm in length, with a wingspan of 1.65 to 2.15 m. Females are usually larger than males, with an average weight of 4.9 kg.

The steppe eagle lives on three continents, in southern Europe, western Asia and eastern Africa. The bird is the national symbol of more than one country, and it appears on the flag Arab Republic of EgyptAlso on the national flag of Kazakhstan.

The national animal of Iraq

Al-Shunnar or Al-Shukar partridge; It is a bird from the pheasant family of chickens, which is characterized by a unique shape with distinctive black and white stripes on the sides, and a black band that extends from the forehead through the eye and crosses to the bottom of the head to form a collar that surrounds the white throat.

These birds can be found in the Middle East and Asia, and in this region they represent cultural importance and are considered the national animal. Iraq and the national bird of Pakistan. This species has been introduced to many other places outside of the Asian continent, including parts of North America and New Zealand.

The national animal of Palestine

Spinner; It is the national animal of a country Palestinegraceful wild animal that lives in the Middle East, can reach a speed of 50 km per hour.

This gazelle can be found in Egypt, Iran, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Saudi Arabia, the Syrian Arab Republic, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates.

These gazelles live in a wide range of habitats, including mountainous terrain, forests, fields, grasslands, and rocky desert plateaus.

On the other hand, the national bird of Palestine is the “Palestinian tamir”, also known as the “Palestinian sunbird”.

The national animal of Saudi Arabia

Throughout history, the camel has been one of the most important animals in the world Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and throughout Arabia, where it was the only and best means of transporting things and people across the desert of the peninsula.

Camels live in deserts and in hot weather, with an amazing ability to survive for long periods without water or food, making them able to endure long journeys in hot weather. It can drink 40 liters of water at once, and it can survive more than 25 percent water loss.

The national animal of Sudan

rhino; It is a huge rhinoceros animal that lives in a number of African countries, including Sudan, where it is considered the national animal.

Rhinos are classified as an endangered animal, due to their horns which are rumored to have health benefits, prompting poachers to hunt and sell their horns on the black market for huge sums, especially in Chinese markets.

The national animal of Yemen

National animal in Whom is an Arabian tiger; It is a carnivorous mammal from the cat family. It is considered one of the largest species of Arabian cats, and can be found in very small parts of the world.

These animals live in Africa and Asia, and are listed as endangered, but despite efforts to protect them, their numbers continue to decline.

In 2006, the International Union for Conservation of Nature estimated that the number of Arabian leopards in the wild does not exceed 200 individuals, which represents a decrease of about 90 percent compared to the beginning of the nineteenth century.

In addition to the country of Yemen, the tiger is the national animal of some other countries, especially African countries such as Somalia

The national animal of Libya

barbarian lion; It is the national animal of a country Libyaa species of lion that lived in North Africa, in the countries of the Maghreb, from Morocco to Egypt.

This lion is known by many other names, including the Egyptian lion, the Atlas lion, and the North African lion; It is believed to be the largest species of lion, with a weight of 270 to 300 kg, but the data is unconfirmed.

The exact date of extinction of these lions from the wild is not known, but some estimates say that it happened in the early seventies of the last century.

In addition to Libya, the Barbary lion is the national animal of a number of other countries, especially African countries such as Dawla Morocco

The national animal of Tunisia

dromedary; It is the national animal of a country TunisiaIt is a huge species of camel known by several names, including Arabian camel, Arabian camel, and one-humped camel.

This species of beauty lives in North Africa and Western Asia, and can also be found in central Australia, where it was introduced in the nineteenth century.

Humans domesticated the dromedary after about 2,000 years, and perhaps much earlier, and even today, it is still domesticated in some areas, especially in the Sahara desert.

Apart from green Tunisia, the dromedary is the national animal of other countries, nominally Arab countries such as Kuwait

The national animal of Syria

The national animal of a country Syria is the Syrian brown bear; It is a small species of brown bear that lives in the Middle East, and stands out for its unique bright color of fur, and the more it lives at high altitudes, the lighter its color, and its legs are darker than the rest of its body.

A brown bear can weigh up to 250 kilograms (550 lb) and measure 101 to 140 cm (40 to 55 in) from nose to tail.

The brown bear is an omnivorous animal that feeds on meat, plants and fruit, it lives exclusively in Syria and the surrounding countries, but its numbers are few and in decline since the fifties of the last century.

National animal of Algeria

fennec fox or desert fox; It is the national animal of a country Algeriawhich is considered one of the few countries in the world where this animal lives, which is mainly concentrated in the deserts of North African countries.

The fennec fox is a small fox that differs from other foxes in its large ears, enjoys its ability to adapt to high temperatures and long-term life away from water.

The fennec mainly feeds on small insects, mammals, and even birds. In the wild, it can live for almost 10 years, but in captivity it can live for more than 14 years.

The national animal of Djibouti

The national animal of a country Djibouti she is evil; It is a species of deer that is considered the largest in the world and one of the largest mammals on our planet.

These wild animals live in or near forests, feeding on grass, plants, leaves and bark.

Although moose live in North America and East Asia today, in the past they lived in a wide range of habitats, including Western Europe.

In some cultures, moose have great spiritual significance, and in some parts of Asia their antlers are used in traditional medicine, while others hunt them for their meat or just for fun.

National animal of Mauritania

And finally, the state Mauritania; Which is the only Arab country that does not have an official national animal, while a group of other national symbols, including the national flower, occupy the marshmallow.

Mauritania is home to a number of large mammals, such as antelope, oryx and gazelle, and some of their subspecies are threatened with extinction.

The marine waters of Mauritania also witness a great diversity of marine animals, especially whales and dolphins, such as pilot whales and sperm whales.

As for reptiles, in general, about 86 species of reptiles from 21 families have been recorded in Mauritania, and 11 species of amphibians have been confirmed, a large percentage of which live in the southern part.

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