Good start for the girls in Saudi Arabia.. Al-Rowad is a pro in Lebanon.. Qatar team doctor in Irbid

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Amman– We communicate with readers in the “Star News” corner to present them with this light and diverse group of breaking news about their favorite stars, along with what’s happening behind the scenes.
The successful start of a family from the Saudi East
Jordanian coach, Firas Al-Khalayleh, who oversees age group training at Al-Sharq Club in Saudi Arabia, managed to lead the 17-year-old team to win the Al-Kharj Region Championship, the first step towards moving up to the Kingdom level competition in Saudi Arabia .
This is Al-Khalil’s first achievement with his new club, which he signed a few months ago, hoping to develop teams in the category.
Al-Khalayleh is considered one of the prominent coaches who have left a mark in Saudi competitions, along with other coaches such as Khaled Sultan, Anas Sabra, Bilal Al-Lahham, Haitham Harzallah, Shadi Abu Hashhash, Ashraf Shatat and other coaches.
Pioneers are professional in Tripoli, Lebanon
Ibrahim Al-Rawad, a player of Ma’an football club, should leave Amman today, in order to play professionally in the Lebanese team of Tripoli for a period of 4 months.
The player has reached an agreement with the club to join the training of the team that is preparing for the second leg of the Lebanese league.
The Pioneers are among the standout forwards who earned accolades in the last football season.
The coming period is expected to witness the emigration of a large number of Jordanian football stars to foreign professionalism for a period of 4 months, investing in the hibernation period of local football.
A large number of players revealed in statements to Al-Ghad that they entered into negotiations with foreign clubs, asking that the negotiations not be revealed now, until they are officially finished, especially since many negotiations are being conducted without positive results.
Coaches at the World Cup supervise the training of Jordanian stars
Numerous Jordanian football stars remembered on the sidelines of the World Cup in Qatar the coaches of the Tunisian and Croatian national teams, Jalal Al-Qadri and Zlatko, who previously supervised the training of a number of Jordanian players.
Qadri previously coached Ibrahim Al-Zawahra, Hamza Al-Dardour and Sharif Adnan during their professional careers at Saudi Gulf Club, who played in the professional league, and Jordanian goalkeeper coach Khaled Sultan previously worked with Al-Qadri at Saudi Riyadh Club.
As for the Croatian coach, he previously supervised the training of players Amer Theeb and Yassin Al-Bakhit in the Saudi club Al-Faisaly.
The secretary of the Taekwondo Association performs Umrah and joins the national team
The Secretary of the Taekwondo Federation and the Federation’s Media Spokesperson, Faisal Al-Abdallat, performed the Umrah rituals before joining the delegation of the national team, which today begins the activities of its participation in the Grand Prix tournament.
Al-Abdallat invested in holding a tournament in Saudi Arabia, to perform the Umrah, and then joined the national team to cheer him on, in pursuit of the outstanding results that national taekwondo teams are used to.
Qatar team doctor in Irbid
The day before yesterday, Dr. Ahmed Al-Sharari, who has been the head doctor of the Qatar national football team for several years, returned to Irbid.
Al-Sharari found an opportunity to return to Jordan for a vacation, taking advantage of the Qatari national team’s vacation, after several months of international camps and matches, in preparation for the World Cup, from which the Qatari national team is saying goodbye. in the first round.
The Jordanian Dr. Sharairi is one of the most popular people in Qatar, especially in the Qatar national team, given his many years of experience in this field, not to mention his gentleness and good manners with everyone.
Players who don’t trust their clubs
A number of domestic players have revealed that they have so far refused to renew their contracts with their clubs, due to a lack of trust, especially in terms of financial details.
And one of the stars said in a statement to “Al-Ghad”: “The club wants to renew my contract, with promises that I will soon pay my old obligations, which I completely refused, and made it a condition that I get my obligations first, before thinking about rebuild.”
Another player confirmed that the club, which is suffering from a severe financial crisis and whose registration was revoked by the decision of the International Federation “FIFA”, is inviting him to renew his contract, which he refused until the membership fees are secured.
It is important to note that a large number of domestic clubs that play in the ranks of professional clubs suffer the penalty of banning the registration of players for the next season, which forces them to try to keep existing players and extend players whose contracts have expired.
Award ceremony for Ajloun players in front of Al Karama
The management of the Ajloun club has awarded monetary prizes for the players of the football team under 19 years of age, in case they achieve victory over the Al-Karam team, in the match played today, at the Jerash stadium, in the decisive match in which the winner will ascend to the professional ranks clubs for this category. And the president of the Ajloun club, Ragai Al-Samadi, revealed the intention to spend a large prize money, in case of victory, which will lead to an unprecedented success of Ajloun football.
Ajloun defeated Sarwat youths by decision of the Football Association, after Sarwat youths violated the instructions on recruiting players.
Sports Street is waiting for the time of the match Morocco
The local sports street lives in anticipation and anticipation of tomorrow’s meeting between the Moroccan national team and its Portuguese counterpart in the quarter-finals of the World Football Championship in Qatar.
The Morocco-Portugal match is one of the most important matches of the World Cup, occupying the local sports streets, eager for the Arab achievement represented by Morocco qualifying for advanced roles in the World Cup. The Morocco-Portugal match is expected to have a heavy Jordanian presence on television, in light of Jordan’s enthusiasm to encourage Morocco, who have an outstanding record in the tournament.

dr. Ahmed Al Sharayri – (from source)
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